Angela Lansbury

From a modern perspective some may not look at Angela Lansbury and think attractive. Anyone who has only seen her work of the past thirty or so years may just think of her as the lady from Murder, She Wrote.

However, to pass her off as unattractive would be a complete and total disservice to this woman. Yes, she is well into her eighties. Guess what, everyone else, including you is going to get old at some point in time. So it would be completely unfair to not include her in any list of attractive women.

It almost seemed that Angela was destined from birth to become famous. The daughter of an Irish actress, she first was thrust onto the silver screen in 1944. A product of the Hollywood studio system, was signed to a seven year contract by MGM for five hundred dollars a week. She’s been on TV and in movies ever since.

Although later in life it seems like most actresses end up being dragged kicking and screaming into more matronly roles or cast into the abyss of Lifetime movies, she seemingly embraced this and became a worldwide sensation long after the traits that people normally associate with attractiveness had been taken away from her.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. While most of us may know her as Jessica Fletcher, early on in her career Angela was definitely a woman that could set an entire room on fire from her looks alone. You don’t get regular work in a business where people are going to pay to look at you unless you have something going for you in the looks department.

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After that was eventually taken away from her, she landed the iconic role on Murder, She Wrote and to this day there are children only born in the past ten or fifteen years that know who Angela Lansbury is.

Scandals are no stranger to her either. In the 1940’s she entered into a relationship with an actor who had just ended a relationship with Joan Crawford. This definitely took a great deal of guts due to the fact that it’s now widely known how absolutely bat-shit crazy Joan Crawford was. Most woman would have hired personal security around the clock for fear this crazy person would have tried to beat them up with a wire hanger.

Lansbury said, “piss on you and your coat hangers”, and went onto living with Crawford’s ex before getting married.

One of the marks of a person is how long they can last in their chosen field. Some only last a short amount of time, attaining one hit wonder status if they are lucky. Angela Lansbury has been going strong since she was seventeen, and being damn near ninety years old; she has proven the test of time.

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