Anne Hathaway

When you are talking about attractive women, a lot of the time they tend to fall into one of a couple of categories. One of them is the type of woman that’s is attractive, but looks like the result of several years of genetic experimentation. The second, is the type of good looking that will translate well after the woman in question gets a little older. This is your girl next door look. It’s natural, and in some cases it is the preferred paradigm of hot.

Anne Hathaway falls into this category due to the fact that if you ran into her on the street and she didn’t have a big sign over her head (and several years of movies under her belt) saying that she was Anne Hathaway, she could conceivably be any random girl walking down the street.

Starting with her first big film role in The Princess Diaries, she has become the exception to the rule when it comes to some of her peers of the day. She didn’t turn into a perpetual mug shot of the week award winner like Lindsay Lohan. Far as we know, she isn’t drugged out or completely batty which ratchets up the attractiveness. Yeah, a lot of guys will publicly say that they want the crazy person like Lohan. Eventually you’ll have to bring that mental patient around to your parents.

This is where Hathaway rises head and shoulders above some of her peers. She really has no blemishes on her personal record to speak of. You’ve never really going to hear a story about her going into a salon during a drug binge and ask the stylist to shave her head completely bald.

Aside from her attractiveness landing her several breakthrough film roles, other companies outside of Hollywood have sought her out as a spokeswoman. In 2008, the Lancome cosmetics company made them their spokewoman on television. You want the true mark of a girl that’s attractive, it’s when a company tells a person that they want them to be the public face of a company that’s whole purpose is to sell products that make other people look better.

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About the only scandal that can really be brought up on her was sort of a screw you to the paparazzi that seemingly follow her and scores of other celebrities around. At the premiere of the 2012 film Les Miserables, she apparently flashed photographers. That’s it, that’s the only thing remotely resembling a scandal. Now, while some of you that cater to the women that are completely out of their minds crazy musty be weeping at the lack of scandal; we are quite pleased to hear when something like this is the only bad thing you hear happening with any famous person.


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