Anne Heche

Short hair on a woman is often a polarizing feature. There are generally two camps of guys in this regard. You’ve got the one that would welcome Anne Heche with open arms. You’ve got the second camp that would be more than happy to drive her to the nearest mental institution. However, that’s not the only reason why Anne Heche may eventually be sent for observation. Let’s face it, the girl is a little on the crazy side.

Her life before acting was one of turmoil to say the least. She lost her father and her brother due to illness and an accident respectively within a three month period of each other.

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Her first role that we can find of any substance was on the daytime soap opera another world. Alright, that’s the first sign of crazy, being on a soap opera.

Personally, she’s had one deviation from her normal course of relationships. Despite exclusively dating men, she became the first public relationship Ellen DeGeneres after she came out as a lesbian on her TV show. We host no ill will towards Anne for this, aside from the sudden spike in amounts of interpretive dance that have appeared on American television in the ensuing years.

If she was the one that suggested to Ellen that she dance every single time she’s on camera, it might be due to her well-publicized psychological issues. One of the more famous incidents stemming from these issues occurred in 2000 when Heche, drove down to an area near Fresno, California and walked for nearly two miles through the desert barely clothed until she stopped at the home of a local rancher.

What happened next is one testament why you should never let a crazy chick in your house, even if they are famous. The rancher opened the door and immediately recognized her from a film. He let her inside and offered her a glass of water. He even let her take a shower to clean the sand that had covered her from her complexly sane walk through the desert.

After that we got a display that could only be equaled by somebody coming home from work and finding Tom Sizemore sleeping peacefully on their couch. After the shower, Heche changed into some clothes, sat down on the living room couch and proceeds to watch a movie. Realizing that she wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon the rancher who immediately called the police.

You know something, it may just be a hunch but if a woman stumbles into your house at random and then informs arriving officers that she is God and is going to take everyone back to heaven in a spaceship, it’s probably a good bet that she is well in the running for being the craziest person in Hollywood.

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