Betty White

When it comes to women that stand the test of time, leaving out Betty White would be a great wrong that would take a lot of ass kissing to correct. The proof is in the pudding and there is no mistake about it, Betty White belongs on a list of all time more awesome women simply for one reason, she’s lived through everything.

She may actually be America’s Oldest Living TV star. People have been wanting to put her on television since the 1930’s. This was after the actress was forced to take jobs on radio programs because somebody told her that she was not photogenic enough to be on television. You have to wonder what that person would say if at the age of 92 the actress was on at least two television shows at the same time and getting photographed every day of her life!

One of the great traits of an amazing woman is the ability to carry on a conversation for great lengths of time. In 1952 she became possibly the first female host of a television program when she assumed sole hosting duties of a popular Los Angeles variety show. Every week, she had to be able to hold the attention of the audience for five and a half hours. That’s without the exhaustive pre-show production process we have today and no cue cards. She was stuck for answers during a conversation with a guest that show went out live. Everyone that was watching saw it. You can’t give someone that kind of ability, even if they are more photogenic than Betty White.

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That’s not to say that Betty White was not attractive in her younger days. Most of the famous women have advantages over the female stars from the early days of television that are akin to the use of performance enhancing substances in baseball. They’ve got plastic surgeries and all kinds of tubes and needles to put things in their bodies or take them out. Betty White had to rely on what god gave her, not some doctor. And she parlayed that into a career that’s been going on literally for decades.

As far as scandals, some weather-beaten scrolls were checked and we found that the only thing that came up with Betty White was that she actually helped Moses write the Ten Commandments. Alright, we’re kidding. Honestly, the only thing that can be found and this is an impressive feat because you’re having to go back to the 1930’s here, is that a brief half a scandal erupted over something she was reported to have said about American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. This would have been a much bigger deal had it not quickly been found out to have been sent from a fake Twitter account. Be that as it may, Betty White has stood the test of time and will continue to do so for as long as she wants to.

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