Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen is one of those people that seems like they have been in the public life forever. Because the truth of the matter is she has been. Even well into her sixties, she exudes a grace and charm that accentuates her attractiveness like few people can do.

One of the things that a great deal of men find attractive in a woman is if the girl has got guts. Bergen’s iconic character on the “seemingly running for longer than the ten years it actually did” Murphy Brown displayed guts on TV like few women had up until that point. She played a bulldog news reporter that wasn’t about to take shit from anybody. In the early 90’s when the Vice President said that her show portraying a single mother as a good thing was a bad idea, the writers of the show had her character dump a truck load of potatoes on his front lawn. This was by the way, the Vice President that couldn’t spell potato correctly. Not the one that said he invented the internet.

Despite her high status as an upstanding famous person that is involved in a lot of social activism, that’s not to say that she doesn’t have some “holy shit” moments on her record. In 1967 her and get boyfriend at the time lived in a home on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles. This fact would have no meaning to history if it had not been the house that later residents Sharon Tate and others were murdered by members of the Manson family in.

It’s got to be a pretty spooky feeling to know that you might have been the intended victims of one of the most violent and bloody murders in American history. However, even as crazy as he was, confidants of Charles Manson have all stated that he knew that Bergen and her boyfriend didn’t live there anymore.

You can often gauge how good a person is by the way they treat others. Aside from being a naturally attractive person on the outside, Bergen is also a very attractive person on the inside and it shows from her charity work alone.

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Her most notable cause that she donates a great deal of time to is the American Cancer Society. Of course, that’s not limited to just the fighting cancer. She’s also involved in causes related to animal abuse, children, human rights, slavery and human trafficking just to name a few. At first glance she’s involved in so many charities you would think that she’s actually a humanitarian that acts on the side.

Based solely on a scale for people that wouldn’t have known her earlier in her career, I would give her a high score when it comes to being attractive. It’s because she has aged well, gracefully, and you don’t hear too many stories about her driving drunk on the freeway.

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