Cindy Crawford

When any guy that hasn’t been living under a rock for the past couple of decades that is asked to come up with a list of the five hottest women of the past twenty years, Cindy Crawford is always high on the list if not at the top. She’s been on more magazine covers than glossy paper and has generally been that one woman that guys would have given their arm and everything they own for a night with.




Technically starting her career at the age of 16 when she was discovered at a summer job by a photographer for a newspaper, she has been in the public eye ever since. By the way, the job in question was detasseling corn. We should all raise a glass and give thanks to whoever it was that thought corn was interesting enough that day to bring a camera along. Without that, Cindy Crawford might still be in that cornfield.

At last count, she’s been on the cover of about four hundred or so magazine covers. Not appearances in a magazine, that’s the cover. You know, that first thing you see when you walk up to the newsstand. She’s been in enough magazines that you could take two copies of each of them and use them to build a fairly comfortable two bedroom home.

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She’s had a handful of television and movie appearances, but her main job which she is absolutely amazing at is to look pretty. That’s not to say that’s all she can do as she has proven in the past ten years or so since she retired from modeling. However, I’m relatively sure no guy has ever gotten turned on because of how well Cindy Crawford can design furniture.




Cindy has been fairly clean in terms of the scandal department. The only major thing on the record is a plot by a German man in 2009 to extort her and her husband out of money in a matter concerning a picture of their daughter.



Personal Life

As of this writing, Cindy has been married two times. One, to fellow attractive person Richard Gere. They were only married for four years, as a Special United Nations General Assembly meeting was called to petition for their divorce. In the partial declaration, the Secretary General stated that their potential offspring would make other people far too ugly looking by comparison and they were ordered by international mandate to divorce.

Of course they were asked nicely to make it look like they weren’t getting along so nobody got suspicious. Since 1998 she has been married to Rande Gerber, who it is assumed is not as mutually attractive as either Cindy or Richard Gere because there haven’t been any secret government meetings calling for their divorce.




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