Claire Danes

It seems to most children of the nineties that we have grown up with Claire Danes. If you’re in your mid-thirties and are reading this right now it stands to fair reason that this applies to you. The fact of the matter is this, Claire Danes has grown up with a good portion of us.

She started acting at age thirteen, around that magical time when every teenager was being shown “that” film in school and when most of us had to resort to using alcohol based pads to cover up our blemishes. Starting in bit parts and a TV on in her career, Danes was afforded a luxury most of us didn’t have as teenagers; there was someone hired to brush out the blemishes on her face for her.

She was one of those girls that if you were around the same age you could almost see yourself going to the school dance. Her breakthrough performance was on the cult hit My So Called Life. The first scandal, if you could call it that actually had nothing to do with sex; a rather rare feat for a female actress. Also rather reassuring since she was only in her teens at the time.

The story goes is that Claire and some of the other child actors on the show essentially revolted and Danes the loudest, saying that she flat out didn’t want to do the show if it went to a second season. So, she basically hijacked the show she was a star of and forced the creators to run the ship into the rocks like the Costa Concordia.

Of course, she was able to bounce back. Her first leading role as a female was in the modernized adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Anyone that’s seen the film knows that while it is based on an absolutely classic tale of tragedy and romance; it’s actually a fairly trippy film to watch. In one sentence, it’s all the dialogue straight from the original play script but done in a modern setting. Told you so.

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Anyway, she’s continued on in the ensuing years doing plenty of film and theater. However, her role as home wrecker may have been her most impactful to date.

Now, this is all conjecture she was dating Billy Crudup around the time he split from other actress Mary-Louise Parker. Big deal, split-ups like this happen in Hollywood all the time. However, Parker was pregnant at the time of the split and there has always been a shred of doubt as to whether Crudup was cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with Danes before the split was announced.

That’s not to say that she is a good looking woman. That’s not to say that she wouldn’t be someone you wouldn’t have wanted to take to the dance in high school. However, she may have ended up dancing with your best friend after you got there.

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