Courtney Cox

When Courtney Cox was first thrust onto the public scene, there wasn’t some big rolling out of the red carpet. At first, everyone thought that she was just some chick that wandered onto a stage.

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For those that aren’t aware, the first time anybody really became of Cox was during the Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark video. Near the end of the video she is the girl that’s brought up onstage to Dance with Bruce. While most people may have thought and justifiably so that she was just some random person picked out of the crowd; it was actually a very calculated decision. Somebody knew from very early on that she was going to be a head turner.

Romantically, she hasn’t exactly had the best taste in men. She may have been a shrewd businessperson when it came to helping negotiate the largest salaries in the history of television for sitcom actors, but love must truly be blind for the poor girl because the men in her life have all suffered from terrible cases of paper bag syndrome.

Let’s look at our first case, Michael Keaton. While he may be an accomplished actor in his own right, he’s about as dog ugly as a person can get. Poor Courtney must have had to go out with him on a bet, because no woman would reasonably date Keaton with no money being involved unless he wore the Batman mask to cover up the fact that he looks like The Grinch.

And someone must still be laughing somewhere in the hills from the time they set Courtney up with David Arquette. David, who two of his three big claims to fame were his appearances in the Scream films and being Courtney Cox’s husband; isn’t exactly the guy women go to bed dreaming of. Well, if nightmares count as dreams but that’s beside the point. All the stars in Hollywood and he’s the one that doesn’t get any plastic surgery.

As bad as she is with picking men that look like they’ve had their faces set on fire and the flames put out with a hatchet, she’s been great at picking movie roles. Since 1987 she has been consistently in movies or television and to this day countless youths entering their teens now are going to have their expectations of what a woman they will be able to get with sorely skewed by the fact that Courtney Cox is still on TV every night when Friends shows up on reruns on just about every channel but CNN. Which she is thinking of buying and renaming the Courtney News Network.

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