Drea De Matteo

Drea De Matteo is one of those women that seemingly snuck up on guys without warning and guys immediately afterwards noticed “hey, this chick is pretty attractive”. Not in the classic Hollywood sense of the word. More like the “will go out and get hammered with you and then throw shit at the tourists” sort of attractive that was later made famous by the women on Jersey Shore.

Her earliest role that anyone has ever bothered to mention is playing Adrianna on the show The Sopranos. One thing howeve,r that people don’t fully realize about that is that she was never really intended to have more than a cup of coffee on the program.

She appeared briefly in the pilot, as a hostess in a restauruant scene without a line of dialog to her credit. However, in the amount of time between the pilot was shot and the show was greenlit for its first season; the producers of the show all sat down and were like, “hey, who was the hot chick in the restauruant scene? We need to get her on the show regular”.

And thus was history and her character became a very important part of the program until she was shot dead in the woods for being a informant for the FBI. She played almost the antithesis of equally sexy Edie Falco’s character Carmella. For those that have never seen the show, Carmella’s role was what like Drea’s character would have been had she gone to a charm school. Or at least passed by one on the way to work.

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The reason why it’s belived that most men that watched the program gravitated towards loving her character is the combining of her natural sexiness and her “I’ll fuck shit up” attitude. She was the quinticcential North Jersey party girl, only stopping the party when her boyfriend went too far and ended up in rehab.

But enough about Ade. In personal life, she is sort of the opposite of what her character on The Sopranos was supposed to be. In fact, from 2001 to 2013 she had been with the son of country legend Waylon Jennings. Maybe she is wilder than we thought. I can only imagine the wiskey bottles in that house.

Seriously though, the couple has two children together and perhaps the having two children has settled down whatever wild streak she had.

Since The Sopranos ended its run on HBO in the middle of the last decade she has bounced around from sitcoms to roles in movies. Whether or not she will capture lightning in a bottle once more and find an iconic role that she played in that lovable program about a New Jersey crime family remains to be seen.

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