Elizabeth Berkley

Let’s face it, nobody has gone from potential star to Elizabeth Berkley faster. She’s one of those actresses that was seemingly on top of the world, on a show printing money and then one decision changed all of that. But we’ll get to that in just a moment.

Many of us first became aware of Berkley on the hit TV show Saved by the Bell. She played the stereotypical bookworm who also happened to be dating jock A.C. Slater, who appeared to be the one guy on every sports team. Perhaps it was Jessica Spano’s cunning that was able to allow him to win football games all by himself.

For several years American boys fell in love with Jessica Spano. Young men thought she was pretty in a bookworm sort of way, yet always sort of wondered what she was like if you ever got her into the backseat of a car or the filthy bedspread of a pay by the hour hotel room.

Well, in 1995 we got our answer with the film Showgirls. Berkley is almost known for this movie as much as she is for Saved by the Bell. However, it’s not because she put on a masterful performance that led to many awards nominations. What was apparently supposed to be the vehicle that sped her onto the mainstream Hollywood scene crashed and somewhere in between straight to video and one week in the theater.

She played a down on her luck exotic dancer that more or less resembled somebody having a seizure after forgetting to take her anti psychotics that day. The film, despite still being shown today on subscription channels is more or less remembered as one of the worst movies of all time and literally nobody watches the film with the purpose of taking it seriously. It was damn near a career killer.

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So what has our Mrs. Spanno being doing with herself the past decade or so? Well, she has been milling around picking up bit parts here and there and any starring role she has picked up has either been straight to DVD or one of those Lifetime movies that no guy would watch unless accompanied by their woman for fear of looking unmanly.

She’s also been tossed into the chasm of reality television on one occasion. She hosted a competition show called Stand up and Dance, which must have been extremely ironic to anyone that saw what it was she called dancing in Showgirls.

Having recently given birth to her first child in 2012, since the acting roles are certainly not keeping her busy it must be a godsend that a child is there so now at least somebody other than her husband will pay attention to her again.

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