Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is one of those actresses in Hollywood that has a very unique look. It’s one that says, yes I am damn sexy; but screw with me and I will probably kill you in her sleep. She’s one of those people that makes you wonder exactly what the hell Hugh Grant was thinking.

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You could almost do a whole book on the scandals that have been attached to her name. In 2000, she went across the picket lines during an actor’s strike to film an Estee Lauder advertisement, which no doubt pissed a lot of people off. She ended up getting fined around a hundred thousand dollars for that little no-no, which I would assume she was paid a hell of a lot more than that.

Then of course came the big one in 1995. Her then boyfriend Hugh Grant was arrested after soliciting a prostitute in Hollywood. It wasn’t even a high class one. From what memory serves, it was a common streetwalker that even a garbage collector could afford. When Grant appeared on Leno a couple of weeks later, we all knew what he meant when he asked what the hell he was thinking.

He was of course asking why the hell somebody would go out and consort with common streetwalkers when he had an amazingly sexy woman like Elizabeth Hurley at home. She’s one of those women that has been able to use her stunning looks to her advantage in roles such as She-Devil, where she played the lord of darkness and made plenty of guys think to themselves whether they’d trade their soul for a night with her.

Recently she has called off an engagement with an Australian cricket player which leaves the door open for anyone that might be lucky enough to be in the same room as her. Good luck gentlemen!

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