Ellen Degeneres

No pun intended, few women have caused more straight up talk about themselves in the past twenty years than Ellen Degeneres. It’s not just because she seems to have to dance literally from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. It’s not because she’s a pretty funny comedian in her own right. It’s the fact that something she did in the mid nineties was about as brave as brave can get.

People may not realize with people literally coming out by the carload in this day and age that it wasn’t too long ago that being a celebrity and saying that you were gay or lesbian was a big deal. It was absolutely moon landing huge.

The way Ellen came out was actually pretty genius. She was ready to come out, but I suppose that she figured that people would just totally dump on it for some inconceivable reason. So she came out on her sitcom at the same time that her character came out in front of her on screen friends. Guess what, it worked!

The way she did it was sort of like putting a bit of sugar in the medicine to help it go down easier. People really didn’t give too much of a hoot about it.

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Ever since then, Ellen has basically become a media dynamo. The sitcom has long since passed into obscurity, but for several years she has hosted a very successful daytime talk show and has been a champion for homosexual and transgender rights. Even though it’s a world that is a lot more accepting, as it should be; there’s still some stigma to being gay that people like Ellen are doing great work in terms of tearing down that wall.

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