Eva Longoria

There’s not that many women that have been television in the past twenty or so years that can be considered as universally recognized as Eva Longoria.

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Of course, that’s not exactly a tall order when you are cast as one of the leads on a hit ABC program. Eva had been on a couple of shows here and there, mostly in bit parts and one offs until she landed her role as Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives. She played, much like every other woman on the show, one of those catty bitches that seemingly was always scheming and having sex with any guy that was moving or not.

She’s a very attractive person, make no mistake about it. You don’t get to be the face of a hit tv show on a predominantly female cast if you’re a member of the paper bag society. However, she’s one of those people that even though you know her from that show, that may be the only thing you know her from.

Despite her looks, she hasn’t exactly been in any movies or shows on television that could qualify for any sort of award outside of a Razzie. Desperate Housewives excluded, just looking at a list of some of the movies that she has starred in reeks of straight to DVD or even worse.

She’s directly involved with a number of charities which helps drive the public away from the thought of screaming for her head because she’s not that great of an actress. You may disagree, but the straight to five dollar bin in Wal-Mart doesn’t lie. The charities she is involved with do make up for it. One that I would be remiss in not mentioning is the charity Eva’s Heroes that helps developmentally disabled children. You have to love the fact anytime somebody that doesn’t have to do something good for somebody else does it. She’s helping kids, which is good. It’s just a shame that she can’t use to get herself out of the hole of movies she’s dug for herself.

She, like most females in Hollywood has not been unaffected by a bite of the scandal bug. She married and divorced an NBA player within a span of a few years; which might actually be a new record for marriages between a famous female and a professional athlete. It was also alleged by Longoria that she had discovered a litany of text messages in between her husband and the wife of a former teammate. Assuming they weren’t exchanging tips on foul shots, this was a bit of an ugly affair with Longoria’s husband. It’s about the only scandal that one can come up with, aside from her being a terrible actress. Perhaps they have lessons for that.

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