Fran Drescher

For some reason, in the annals of beautiful and truly sexy women it seems that most guys tend to leave Fran Drescher out of the conversation. They are of course complete and total blithering idiots. She is one of those women that seems simply like she doesn’t age.

Her first role in a movie came in a blink and you’ll miss it appearance as a dancer in Saturday Night Fever. While this didn’t exactly garner her the international acclaim that some of her later roles might have; it certainly get people looking in her direction and saying, “Hey, that chick is hot.” They’ve been saying it ever since.

She was never one of those women that was given the physical features of some figment of a pervert’s imagination. Matter of fact, she looks more like a non-Hollywood type than anything else. Her beauty, grace and charm has made her a favorite among many.

It’s a good thing that she has the beauty, grace and charm I just spoke about. Because, let’s face it, as good looking as she is the women has the voice of a goddamn foghorn. Anyone that turned on an episode of The Nanny during the show’s six year run on American television can certainly attest to being hit with a bit of aural discomfort anytime she laughed. That’s not to say she’s a bad person by any means, just if you heard her voice before you physically saw her you would probably go running for the hills.

But perhaps her voice is also one of the things that makes her so endearing to people. She doesn’t have an extremely velvety sounding voice like some of the other ladies in Hollywood. It may be what makes her seem like more or a normal person.

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The closest thing that Drescher has been involved in that could be considered a scandal. After her and her husband’s divorce, he came out as a homosexual. Where some women would have gone on a rampage setting things on fire or tearing him a new asshole, the love that the two shared for each other stayed strong despite not wanting to remain together physically.

Quite the opposite of what people would normally think would happen in that situation happened. The Nanny became a very outspoken supporter of LGBT rights. She and her ex actually remain good friends and business partners to this day. That’s actually a very attractive traits in the day and age where it seems that every Hollywood divorce ends in a knife fight that she was able to look at the parts of her relationship that she enjoyed and held onto them.

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