Geena Davis

Geena Davis is one of those women that in the past decade or so it seems like she has dropped off the face of the earth. However in the eighties all the way into the nineties she was probably one of the most well-known actresses in the world.

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She doesn’t have the looks that most of the Hollywood actresses have. By no means am I saying that she is not absolutely beautiful. I’m saying that she has that natural beauty that people that seem to age gracefully have. In short, even now well into her fifties she certainly does not look like a melting candle.

Most of you may remember her for her iconic role in the move A League of Their Own. She was a perfect fit for the job, playing somebody that looked athletic enough to be able to portray a woman who was playing pro baseball, and good looking enough that you wouldn’t exactly recoil in unbridled horror if you woke up next to her after a night of injecting tequila into your eyeballs.

She’s been in quite a few great movies and has got what I like to think of as a quirky sort of beauty. You can almost look at her and get the feeling of a Bond villain about her; as if she’s always up to something.

What she isn’t up to is being married to one guy for too long. While technically not a scandal, it’s certainly worth mentioning. Because those of you that are worried that you’ll never have a shot with Geena Davis; don’t feel bad because four famous people have tried and failed.

She was married to a restaurant manager for the length of time it takes your appetizer to get from the kitchen to your table. In what almost seemed to be an act of charity she married Jeff Goldblum. He must have given her some sort of Shallow Hal concoction that made her think he was somebody that wouldn’t make entire villages leave their homes, fleeing for safety because of his looks. Third, she was involved with director Renny Harlin. Lastly, she has found herself with plastic surgeon Reza Jarrahy.

This last marriage is sort of ironic in the sense that Geena Davis, a woman who honestly doesn’t need one stitch of plastic surgery married and had kids with a man whose sole purpose in life is to nip and tuck many of the women that she has vied for roles against in the past.

She’s beautiful, she can act and she’s got enough grace to not purposely get involved in most of the garbage that most actresses seem to get involved in.

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