Gillian Anderson

There’s several types of sexy in the world and Gillian Anderson covers one of the most often overlooked ones. She is the epitome of the sneak up on you when you least expect it form of sexiness. You may have watched her on television probably didn’t think about it for a good while about how absolutely sexy she was.

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It’s not like you didn’t have plenty of time. She was only on your television screen very week as agent Dana Scully for nine seasons. If you are one of the five or six people that hasn’t seen at least one episode of the X Files, she exuded that type of sexiness that seemed to come off as very guarded in public but could turn into a tiger that would rip you apart the second the door closed.

Off screen, she’s really at the height of the Hollywood actress good behavior food chain. No real scandals to speak of. Closest thing that could be regarded as one would be that she’s been married a couple of times and in an interview with Out Magazine in 2012 intimated that she had a same sex relationship with a girl while in high school. This is nothing really high to merit a big rating as far as scandals go due to the fact that it happened before anyone knew who the hell she was and it’s not like we don’t find out about this sort of stuff every day now.

She’s also been involved in a great deal of charity work which always ratchets up the attractiveness of a person. She’s been very active for her work in the LGBT community, as well as women’s rights in countries where they are otherwise suppressed. She’s one of those women that many feel will never get old, no matter how much she ages.

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