Glenn Close

Glenn Close is one of those women in Hollywood that almost seems like she stepped out of a time machine from the 1940s. Just by her looks and the way she carries herself in the public eye, one can feel like she has been transported from a time when ladies actually acted like ladies.

Aside from a few marriages that have gone awry, nothing can really be said about Close that’s remotely bad. She is universally accepted as one of the greatest actresses of her or any generation.

Most people would know her from her batshit crazy performance in the Michael Douglas film Fatal Attraction. In that movie she played a woman that Douglas’ character had an affair with and then was to put it lightly, not happy when he decided to break things off.

You know how some women will key your car, leave angry messages on your Facebook wall or the like when you decide to break things off with them. Her character took it several steps beyond that. In that movie alone, she tried to hospitalize his husband, break into his house, cook the family pets and eat them for supper.

Despite the character nearly being killed near the end of the movie, she emerged after being submerged in a bathtub like she was god damn Swamp Thing and made one last effort to get her man back. By that we mean attempt to chop him up into little bitty pieces.

Most of her roles weren’t ones where she played deranged lunatics that were pissed off that their lover was now rejecting her advances. Most of the time she played your typical Hollywood leading lady roles and has been running hard and strong at it for several decades.

Aside from her countless movie roles in recent years she played a no bullshit from anyone police captain on the crime series The Shield. One can imagine the rabbits her character wanted to cook up from any officer that crossed her path.

As was stated earlier, there aren’t that many bad things to say about her. It’s quite the relief really. You don’t see too many actresses over the course of the number of years she has working with such a clean person record. Hell, she may not have even gotten a speeding ticket. No parking in front of fire hydrants or wheelchair ramps. Nothing.

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It’s not because of her clean record with the law or paparazzi that Glenn Close is such a beloved actress. It’s because that despite being well into her sixties, she still exudes a confidence that says she doesn’t have to have anyone tell her she’s sexy. She knows it. We’ll still tell her anyway.


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