Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt is another one of those women that sort of sneaks up on you. One for the reason is that she isn’t your archetype Hollywood star with looks like they came from components mixed together after a trip to a hardware store. Also, because she is one of those child stars that actually became a star later in life.

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She started her career early, working on sitcoms and as a pot smoking friend of one of the main characters on The Facts of Life. However, most of us know her from the long running sitcom Mad About You. Playing opposite Paul Resier, she won Emmys for her role on that show on four separate occasions. Since then and in between she has been in several movies that have gained a great deal of critical acclaim.

Now, as I said before you may look at Helen Hunt and not immediately think one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. You’d be an idiot not to think so. She may not look like she is made entirely of plastic, but as far as we know she still has all of her original parts. It’s a very rare thing in Hollywood now to find a woman that hasn’t seemingly undergone some kind of plastic surgery.

As she has gotten older she has aged very well, looking damn near the same as she had in previous years.

Recently, she played a sexual therapist in the film sessions where she had to play a great deal of the scenes nude, or at least seminude. Anyone who saw her in that film and thought she didn’t still look good is just a flat out, stone cold idiot.

Face it, she’s been around for a long time and she’s showing no signs of going anywhere. So you might as well admit it to yourself, Helen Hunt is a sexy woman.

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