Jamie Lee Curtis

It seemed almost from the moment of her birth that Jamie Lee Curtis was destined for stardom in Hollywood. Her parents were Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. You might remember both of them from classic films of the fifties and sixties. So to say that she had a bit of a head start in Hollywood would be a bit of an understatement.

That’s not to say that she didn’t have to pay her dues. Her first appearance on screen was the 1978 slasher film Halloween. You might remember it as the movie whose theme song spawned several good and a lot more bad dance remixes in the ensuing years. She played the main character in the film, perpetually being chased by knife wielding maniac Michael Myers.

Despite her very natural look that almost borders on gawkiness, she has been the victim of several rumors and urban legends that are on the level of that thing with Richard Gere and the gerbil. Most notably is the long standing bullshit story that she was actually born a hermaphrodite and had her penis chopped off.

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Whether or not this is true is a moot point. Most of this story probably germinated because when she first appeared on screen you could tell at that point that she was not your typical Hollywood leading lady. Partly due to the fact that she had somewhat of a tomboyish way about her appearance, it was quite wonderful watching her in roles as the years went past and it seemed like she just got better looking with age.

Even though some of her film roles have dwindled in recent years she has taken on somewhat of a second career. Chances are in the past three or four years if you’ve turned on a television and seen a commercial for yogurt you’ve seen her sitting there with a spoon, smiling and telling you to go buy the yogurt.

One thing about her that displays her remarkable intelligence is that she is one of the few actresses in the history of motion pictures that can also be called an honest to god inventor. For those of you that say intelligence is sexy, listen the hell up. Sometime in the 1980s she invented a diaper with a moisture proof pocket that contained those little wet wipes so you wouldn’t have to get both of your hands covered in baby shit when you were changing a diaper.

If you want a movie where the displays full on the physical sexiness that people had been saying was lacking from her in earlier roles, check out the film True Lies. There is a scene partway through the movie where she has to do a very provocative dance that goes on for some time and some critics say was the only thing that made the movie watchable.

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