Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch may not be the type of woman that you think of when you immediately think of sexy. Sure, some people on the surface probably look at her and think that she could probably crush them with her bare hands; but they’re not seeing the big picture. Part of attractiveness is the ability to be and come off as charming. And Jane Lynch is one charming ass woman.

You may know her as the hardnosed gym teacher Sue Sylvester on Glee, but she has actually been around for quite some time. She first appeared in the 1988 film Vice Versa. You may not remember the movie but it’s where she got her start. Over time, her unique look and charming nature has gotten her many roles on television in just about as many series as a person can count without the aid of a calculator.

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One of the other things that makes her so likeable is that she is so openly lesbian that she has rainbow flags coming out of her ears. Aside from her and Ellen Degneres you really can’t think of any more high profile or successful lesbian actresses in Hollywood. She isn’t one to hide it either. She’s damned proud of who she is and really doesn’t give a rat’s ass what anybody thinks about it. The thing is, despite being an open lesbian she has played a few straight roles here and there.

In 2010, she married Lara Embry and had divorced after three years of marriage in 2013, proving that homosexual couples are truly as equal as heterosexual ones.

Aside from her charity work for various LGBT charities she does a great deal of work for animal charities. Bottom line, she doesn’t look the way that most actresses are “supposed” to look, but she’s still attractive in any right thinking person’s book.

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