Jean Stapleton

In May of 2013, the world lost it’s mother. By that I mean the absolutely amazing Jean Stapleton passed away. Many of the younger readers may not know who the hell she is and it’s quite honestly a crying shame. For about ten years on the iconic show All In The Family, she played Edith Bunker. Despite coming across on screen as somewhat of a dingy New York housewife, was probably the smartest one out of the whole bunch.

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Though she is best remembered for her role on the classic American sitcom, it’s by no means the only thing that she’s ever done. Like most great actresses of that time, she started out in small roles in the various television shows of the day; when everything was either sponsored by a dish soap or cigarettes or something of that nature.

Her iconic character of Edith Bunker also holds a unique distinction. Edith is one of the few fictional characters to have her obituary printed in the New York Times. Sure, it may have been a piece to help drive viewers to the episode of Archie Bunker’s Place that she died. But it wouldn’t have been without Jean’s endearing charmingness.

She was never the bombshell that Hollywood seems to go after. She was never the type that you were going to put on a poster and tack to your wall. One thing that can be said for Jean and most of the characters that she played throughout her illustrious career, you could always count on her to deliver a smile at the end of a really crappy day. And in a world where people for the most part care solely about how much silicone a woman can inject into their body, sometimes you just need a woman that will bring you coffee at the end of a long day.



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