Jessica Biel

The first many of us had heard or seen of Jessica Biel is when she was cast as one of the what seemed like a million and one members of the Camden family on the show 7th Heaven. This was the big break that most young actresses look for due to the fact that despite being part of an ensemble case, you can stand out because every once in a while the camera will be focused in your direction.

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Ever since 1997, it has for Jessica. That’s not to say that all of her career decisions have been ones that the upstanding, moral Camden family would have been proud of. In 2003, she played the top lead in the highly anticipated yet terribly reviewed remake of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Now, it must have been a little bit of a shock going from one set where you’re the daughter of a preacher to somebody that’s being chased around the Texas countryside by a family of marauding inbred cannibals, but she held her own quite nicely.

Ever since then she has been several features, notable the 2012 reboot of Total Recall. You could almost say that she is the queen of the reboots, having starred in at least three or four of them that I can count off the top of my head.

As far as scandals go, she’s only had to deal with one that I can think of. In March 0f 2000, she posed topless for the magazine Gear, which apparently pissed the producers of 7th Heaven off quite a bit. It must have been a shock to their system to see one of the seven Camden children posing half naked on the cover of a magazine. She must have gotten things out of her system because no scandals other than that has arisen from her camp, going so far to say that she actually regretted the shoot itself.

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