Joan Collins

Everybody at some point in their life has always looked at a woman that was older than they were and thought to themselves, “Jesus would I like to have a few rounds with her.” For many, Joan Collins was that woman.
In 1955, she was signed by 20th Century Fox to be the answer to another studio having Liz Taylor under their employ. And the battle of the attractive classic Hollywood chicks raged on. If you lived in the United Kingdom during the Fifties and Sixties, chances are there was a time or two where a mother walked into her son’s room and quickly had to figure out what their little boy was doing so close to that picture of Joan Collins. When it came to pinup girls of that time, she was definitely one of them.
She’s done more television than most women could think of doing in several lifetimes. Just a few, because we could go on forever here are the classic version of the Batman series, Star Trek and Mission: Impossible. If it’s had a woman in it, chances are Joan Collins was that woman.
In the 1980s, when you would think that most pinup girl’s careers would have been long over, she debuted in the second season of Dynasty playing the beautiful, yet vengeful Alex Carrington. She played that role to a tee, making many a man that watched the episode wonder if Alex Carrington came up to them with an indecent proposal whether or not they would actually accept.
When we said that she was sort of thrust into competition with Liz Taylor in the 1950’s, we weren’t just talking about movies. She, like Liz has been married several times with Taylor edging her out by just a few. As of this writing, she has been married a paltry five times. But there’s still time for her and if she plays it right she might just be able to beat Taylor’s record of a dozen or so marriages.

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