Jodie Sweetin

There are some women that guys are attracted to when they first see them in a movie or a magazine. There’s also that attraction that could more commonly be referred to as puppy love. Jodie Sweetin is one of those people that personifies that whole theory.

Anybody that grew up on the 80s or 90s knows exactly what I am talking about with her. From 1987 to 1995, we literally grew up with her. When we lost a tooth, she lost a tooth. When a friend of hers moved away, we felt it because we felt a connection. Of course, this is her character on Full House that we’re talking about. But when you’re a little kid you don’t realize that shit anyway.

The thing with her, is that we really don’t have that large of a body of work to judge her on. Being almost typical of child stars, when Full House ran its course, she damn near fell off the side of a mountain.

Ever since departing the iconic role of Stephanie Tanner, it’s almost like you had to put out Missing posters to get anyone to say they may have seen her. Outside of a couple of guest spots on TV shows and things like that, she’s largely been out of the public eye.

Her personal life is one that Elizabeth Taylor could almost be proud of. Since 2002, she’s been married three times. That we know of. There may be one or two that aren’t being counted due to them being the result of her paying off a gambling debt or something. All conjecture mind you.

She almost went down the road of several child stars, and turned to a life of drugs. By her own admission, after Full House wrapped she turned to meth use because she was bored. She must not have had the greatest support system around her. You would think that somebody would have at least suggested parasailing or a safari for her to go on before she automatically turned to Walter White for ideas on how to pass the time.

While we applaud her ability to stay clean for the length of time that she has, one might have to wonder if she could find a better choice in men. Three different marriages in ten years or so, the longest lasting just four years. Her agent must be doing most of her matchmaking because she’s getting about as many successful roles as she is successful husbands.

Either way, most people will remember her for who she was to most of us. That middle child of the Tanner clan that we grew up with.

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