Judy Gold

Alright now, one may not think of bombshell when the average guy sits and looks at Judy Gold. Remember something very important, as a proud member of the LGBT community she really doesn’t care whether us guys find her attractive. So that’s one of those things that sort of makes her attractive is that she really doesn’t care.

She also happens to be as funny as hell. She has been active in comedy for well over twenty years now and chances are if you’ve laughed at something a woman has said on television in that time it’s been Judy Gold’s words coming out of somebody else’s mouth.

She’s got a great deal of guts which also adds to her attractiveness. She performed her first standup set on a dare. Think about this for a second, for anyone that has done standup comedy you have to think how nerve wracking it is to go up on a stage in front of people that you don’t know and try to make them laugh. Apparently, it worked the first time and she’s been doing it ever since.

The woman is as clean as a whistle when it comes so scandals. If you look up Judy Gold and scandals into a search engine the only thing that you might come up with is scandals involving other people named Judy Gold.

She’s busier than hell, despite having two children. If you’ve turned on your TV the past few years and seen any of those world’s dumbest shows, she’s been on poking fun at the people that think it’s a good idea to try and turn their neighborhood soda machine into a jetpack and then look surprised when it falls on them.

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So yeah, there’s nothing bad to say about Judy. And perhaps that is usually the best thing that somebody that somebody can say about you is that there’s nothing bad they can say about you.

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