Julia Louis-Dreyfus

When we talk about groups of women that just seem to get better looking as they get older, one simply cannot leave out Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Julia is one of those people that in many different forms and on many different shows you can literally see her on TV every hour of the day it seems.

Most notably known for her portrayal of Elaine on the iconic show Seinfeld, she had the air that she was a person that really didn’t know how attractive she was. She didn’t exactly have that girl next door quality. However, she did possess enough quirky charm to make you think that you could get with her if the timing was right, and the restaurant reservation was good enough.

She’s been involved in entertainment almost right from her late teens and gained her first real notoriety as a cast member of Saturday Night Live at the tender age of 21. Yes, at the age when most people in show business are first getting their first roles as busboys or extras, she was on live television in front of the whole world.

If the Elaine Dance proved one thing, it’s that she’s got the guys enough to make her look silly for the sake of entertainment. She’s stated publicly that one of her acting idols was the iconic Lucille Ball, who as everyone knows damn sure wasn’t afraid to look silly for the sake of entertainment.

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As far as scandals go, you might have to watch an episode of her show Veep to find one. She’s clean as can be in that department, marrying former SNl cast mate Brad Hall in 1987 and having two children together.

She’s definitely one of those women of whom there must be a painting of themselves in a closet getting older, because she’s one of those rare women in Hollywood who don’t seem to fall apart at the seems looks wise as the years go on.

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