Katey Sagal

When people think of Katey Sagal, they must instantly think of her role on the classic show Married, With Children. In the role of Peg Bundy, she played the sex starved wife of a shoe salesman who would almost rather sit around on the couch all day than help her beleaguered husband improve their situation.

In contrast to her role on that show, Katey is one of the busiest people in entertainment even if you don’t realize it at a glance. If you’ve got kids or have watched a cartoon in the past twenty years chances are you’ve heard her voice.

The god daughter of fellow TV icon Norman Lear, she was almost destined for stardom. Before landing her legendary role as Peggy Bundy, she played in small roles on several other TV shows before landing the big fish that Fox had tossed out in the 1980s.

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Despite the seemingly hideous red wig that she had to wear as part of the Peggy Bundy character, many a man often wished that they could magically remove that thing from her head and take her away to somewhere more romantic than the Bundy’s living room. There never seemed to be a moment on the show where she wasn’t wearing something almost too tight to allow a breath to pass into her body.

When it came down to her and Kelly Bundy, there was often a debate of who was more doable, Peg or Kelly. More times than you would think people would go for Peg just because of the fact that she had been cooped up in that house for so long while Kelly was basically whoring herself out to every man in town. With the Peggy Bundy character, you got the sense that she would pounce upon you and tear you apart.


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