Kirstey Alley

Despite her battles with her weight in recent years, Kirstey Alley has always been one hot, attractive and sexy woman. You can go all the way back to her movie debut in Star Trek 2, where they played a Vulcan Starfleet officer. Many a young man who saw the movie at the time immediately began wondering what it would be like to have sex with a Vulcan.

She’s one of those people that no matter what the number is on the scale on her bathroom you would always ask for the number on her phone. That’s partly due to her bubbly personality and her seemingly violent refusal to get old. Sure, she is in her sixties. But I would defy anyone to look at a current picture of her and say that she is in her sixties. Most people would call you an out and out liar.

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Aside from the role on Star Trek, she spent five years on the show Cheers; remaining a member of the cast right up until the very end. Ever since cheers ended, she has bounced around from series to series, always making her stay a lengthy one.

About the only thing that would really make people shy away from her is her stance on religion and her very active role in the Church of Scientology. Partly due to her membership in a group that many folks regard as a bunch of kooks, she is often made fun of for her beliefs. Most notably during the Scientology welcome video Orientation, she clearly stated without Scientology she’d be dead.

That’s a little up for debate, because even if she had a steak tied to her neck in a field of dogs she would be able to pass through unharmed mostly due to her charming nature alone.

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