Laura Prepon

When it comes to particular classes of sexiness, Laura Prepon almost invented her own category all on her own. Well, with the aid of the writers of the long running comedy That 70s Show, she became a category in entertainment that nobody had really seen before. She had every quality of being that girl next door that you could actually get with if you tried hard enough. She would also sit in your parent’s basement and smoke pot with you.

While on the outside her character on that show may have been somewhat gawky as stated above, Laura herself is anything but. You don’t get named one of the hundred hottest women in the world by several different magazines if you look like you belong locked up in a dungeon somewhere.

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After That 70s Show wrapped in 2006 she hasn’t really done all that much, as it seems to be the case with actors who end up on series in their late teens early twenties. Unlike some of her contemporaries who find themselves in the same position, she didn’t bother to take a deep breath to enjoy what she had been doing for the past eight years.

She also served as the executive producer of a Texas Hold’em show on the E Network in 2005. Yeah, she was already lining up work while her sitcom was still going on. Aside from that, you may have blinked and missed her in one off appearances on several different shows.

As far as scandals go, if you were reading this hoping to hear something juice about Laura, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Far as we can tell the woman hasn’t even gotten a speeding ticket. Which means she just hasn’t been caught.

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