Loni Anderson

You know that a woman is attractive when the producers of a movie ask her to play another iconic attractive woman in a movie. It happened when Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra and it happened when Loni Anderson played Jane Mansfield.

Of course, her most famous acting role came as the receptionist on the show WKRP. The way she got the role was actually pretty interesting. She did one of those posters of her in a red bathing suit similar to the iconic one by Farrah Fawcett. The producers of the show saw it and hired her literally on the grounds of her having the body of Jane Mansfield and the sex appeal of Marylin Monroe. Think about that for a second, they thought she was so hot she could have split off and been two completely separate women.

Although she doesn’t have the lengthy list of film credits that most actresses do, she certainly has been in her share of work; seemingly doing more made for TV movies than anyone else on the planet. Can’t fault her for that.

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One thing that is interesting that she does rank pretty high on the Liz Taylor Maximum Number Of Marriages Possible Scale. She has been married a whopping four times. The most notable one has been to iconic actor Burt Reynolds. One has to wonder whether some of Burt’s less appreciated work in the late eighties and nineties led to the breakup of the marriage. I certainly wouldn’t want to have been married to the guy from Evening Shade.

Like most famous people, she’s involved in a great deal of charity work. Most notably, she’s involved in a charity involving lung health. So as sad as it is to say guys, if you do manage to get past husband number four and get in bed with her; no chance on the post coital cigarette.

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