Lorraine Bracco

When you talk about women that people generally regard as sexy, often times you’re talking about women who are generally photographed wearing next to nothing most of the time. They leave literally nothing to the imagination. With Lorraine Bracco, you’re given the wonderful yet arduous task of letting your mind wonder.

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She’s not an actress that you were ever going to see do a nude scene or really strip down and appear naked or close to it on camera. This was proven in her career cementing role as Doctor Melfi on the Sopranos. The closest you ever really came to any skin on her was if she wore something that maybe exposed her legs up to her knee. Let me tell you, there were a lot of people watching The Sopranos that literally obsessed over Dr. Melfi’s legs, often having the same lurid sexual fantasies that Tony Soprano had.

Of course, it isn’t the first time she’s played a part where she was closely involved with a member of the mob. Her first real big break came when she played the wife of Henry Hill in the mob classic Goodfellas. For those that haven’t seen the movie I’m going to spoil the ending to the film. She is so subtly sexy that the only logical way to end the movie was to put her and her entire family in the Witness Protection Program and move her to the middle of nowhere so people would stop asking her to go to bed with them. Or at least that’s the way I remember the movie ending.

The only thing that can come close to a scandal with her is the fact that she is set to appear as a main character in a Fox sitcom where she is one half of a lesbian couple. Maybe if this was thirty years ago, but good for her!

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