Lucille Ball

It’s almost sad that in this day and age people automatically think of silicone fed bombshells when they think of the sexiest women of all time. There was a time when for a woman to be sexy they actually had to rely on the looks that God gave them and maybe a little bit of makeup, humor and charm.

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Lucille Ball is one of these women. Starting in 1929 as a model under the name Diane Belmont, she started out doing many small movie roles as well as a contract player for RKO Radio Pictures. Despite what the companies name may lead you to believe, she certainly did not have a face for radio. Blessed with a radiating natural beauty, she had a face for movies, television and pretty much anything she damned well pleased.

After spending a good deal of her early career as a star of several B grade movies, her and her then husband Desi Arnaz created a small show that you may have heard of called I Love Lucy. For 180 episodes she played the housewife of a bandleader who wanted nothing more than to just be part of the show. If you watch the show even today, it feels as if any other person that appeared on screen with her was nothing more than a prop so she could use her natural sense of humor and charm to help make television the powerful medium it was.

Had she been born a few decades later than she was, Lucy is definitely one of those that would have been a Playboy model for certain. Despite having to play the role of a housewife on I Love Lucy, she had a natural sexiness that often made you wonder exactly what was under the uniform she had to wear to the candy factory.

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