Lynda Carter

This entry might cause some of you to have to pour a glass of ice cold water all over your face. It’s going to remind you of many a dream you may have had when you were younger. If you’re a younger reader, you’ll soon understand why.

Lynda Carter almost seemed like the Wonder Woman suit on the iconic 70s TV series was made custom for her. Either that, or they liquefied her and poured her into the damn thing. The journey she had taken to get to the role was a tale in perseverance itself. Starting out as a beauty contestant in Arizona, it’s a surprise she just didn’t have the winners of every beauty contest ever held to mail their trophies and tiaras to her home in shame for having accepted them.

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She like most good looking women, moved to Hollywood to make it big in acting. However, she found it a lot harder than people naturally think it is and ended up almost having to return home to Arizona. Then came that call where she was told she got the part of Wonder Woman. For four years she ran around our TV screen in that iconic Wonder Woman costume, no doubt causing many a teenage boy to have something to say while sitting in that little confessional box at church.

Ever since Wonder Woman wrapped many years ago she hasn’t really don’t anything that you could call nearly as iconic as the show that made her famous. However, in 2008 she did assist in the recovery of a body from the Potomac River. See guys, Wonder Woman really will come and save you. No real scandals that she was directly involved in aside from her husband being acquitted of his involvement in some bank fraud. But that notwithstanding, she’s one of those women that a hundred years from now people will still be marveling at how hot this D.C. Superhero is.

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