Margaret Cho

Most guys when they think of women that are sexy tend to think of women that they might have a shot at. Now, despite the fact that most of the famous women in Hollywood are usually surrounded by a plethora of guards and are pretty much way out of their league; they think of the women that are usually on the covers of magazines or leading women in movies. They tend to overlook certain women just because of their sexual orientation. Which means unfortunately, Margaret Cho gets overlooked.

It’s a crime against nature to be perfectly honest. Sure, she may like women but that means nothing on the scale of overall sexiness. One of the things that makes Cho stand out in the book of sexy Hollywood actresses is the idea that she is one that seems to have gotten better looking as the years go on.

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At the age of forty five, she barely resembles the woman that we first became aware of when she first appeared on the ABC sitcom All American Girl. Despite only lasting one season, it got her some much needed face time with mainstream America.

One thing that I have never totally understood is that an ABC network executive criticized her appearance which in turn caused Cho to starve herself to the point of near kidney failure. Now, while she isn’t the bombshell that everyone thinks of when they think of Hollywood actress, even in 1994 she certainly wasn’t anything to sneeze at.

An author of several books and an outspoken supporter for LGBT rights, Margaret has certainly made waves in various forms of entertainment. That and she’s got that quirky sort of attractiveness that makes you think that you could actually get with her. No real scandals to speak of.

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