Mayim Bialik

When you think of women whose looks sort of sneak up on you, you have to think of Mayim Bialik. Sure, she does have a bit of a nose but it’s not exactly like that fellow that Steve Martin played in that movie.

She’s got a mix of a girl next door combined with geeky chick that you never notice until it’s too late how attractive she is.

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Mayim is actually one of those child actors that has had a relatively interesting series of events happen to her, and none of them followed stints in rehab or run ins with the law. In a world where you hear that most child actors end up in shitty situations with no backup plan, Mayim came up with the ultimate backup plan. The woman has got three degrees. One in Hebrew studies, one in Jewish studies and a doctorate in neuroscience. Yes, that girl from Blossom is an honest to God doctor.

In 1990, she also faced a particularly interesting set of circumstances when she was cast for two pilots on competing networks that both got green lit for six episode runs. One being Blossom and the other being Molloy. Nobody remembers Molloy but it had to have been pretty interesting to have been on two separate networks at the same time at such a young age.

As far as scandals go, those of you looking for one with her are going to be sadly disappointed. Partly due to the fact that she was studying her ass off for most of her twenties and getting married and having children; Mayim literally did not have the time to get in any trouble. Hell, if she wanted to jaywalk she probably would have had to pencil it in at least six weeks in advance!

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