Meredith Baxter

For what seemed like forever, Meredith Baxter was the mom of America. Secretly, people wanted to be the son of her character on Family Ties. Could be that because of what Alex Keaton was able to get away with. Beyond that, guys around the United States wanted more to be the friend of Alex Keaton. That way they’d actually have a shot at her.

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It almost seems like the path for Baxter’s stardom was paved long before she was even born. She was the product of a marriage between a former actress turned director and a radio announcer. Hell, even after that marriage broke up one of her stepfathers was a noted comedy writer.

People probably look at her now, as they do with older actresses and wonder how she can be included in any list of attractive women. Well, any guy that’s had to sit through a Lifetime movie with their woman definitely has seen her playing the role of Betty Broderick. Real quick, Betty killed her husband and his mistress. Aside from pulling off the whole batshit crazy thing very well, Baxter almost made you think for a second about whether or not you’d go to bed with Betty Broderick. Before checking the house for weapons of course.

No real scandals to speak of other than she has been married four times. This is one of the few times where it isn’t a case of the woman being picky. On the contrary, her situation was actually a case stemming from being terribly confused about her sexuality. After her fourth marriage, she entered into a same sex relationship and came out in 2009. Although we applaud her for this courageous move, part of you thinks that after four failed attempts with men women might give other women a shot too.

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