How To Approach Women

This is the manliest page on the internet that show’s you how to approach women. Mr Manlyhub wanted to make sure that every guy on this earth would have the weapons they need to counter female weapons of mass seduction – their looks. So he got on his war chariot which was dragged by unicorns and commanded his legion of manly soldiers to go out there and collect the best routines and openers they could find on the internet. The result?

We have compiled what we believe to be the biggest and most comprehensive list of openers, routines and tricks that you can use to approach a woman. Remember, before you approach a woman, keep this in your mind. The beginning of any battle decides how it ends. That’s why first impressions last. It’s also true in dating and seduction, so make sure you get into the girl’s good books within the first minutes of meeting her.

As a general rule of thumb, make some eye contact with her. If she looks back, then it’s pretty much a green light to proceed and use one of the lines. These are not “pick up lines” because most of the pick up lines you see are stupid and retarded. Instead, the routines we gathered below have all been field tested and proven to work. The delivery is probably the most important thing when it comes to approaching a woman. Your body language and how you present yourself says much more than the words coming out of your mouth. So make sure you go with a big smile, unless the routine requires you to put on a serious face to make it work.

Although Mr Manlyhub is omnipresent was actually there on every occasion when each of the following routines were created, he is generous enough to give the authorship and props to other people. As such, none of these routines are not ours, and we have assembled them from so many sources that the original authors have usually been lost.

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However, we do want to give credit to where it’s due, and we have included a list of great seduction resources for you to get more knowledge from. Also one more thing, we want to make the biggest online free resource for manly seduction routines available for everyone. So if you have any routines yourself that you found useful, please submit them as a comment below, we can then vote up the most helpful routines or contact us and we’ll this page and add  your contributions as well. You can submit your routines here.

The Importance Of An Opener

What is opening? Essentially, it’s the first 3-90 seconds of an interaction with a woman, whereby you begin a conversation. With opening, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that opening can be very scary. Men are biologically predisposed to be incredibly nervous when starting a conversation with a woman that we don’t know.

There are good evolutionary-biological reasons for this (in prehistoric times, approaching an unknown woman without permission or an introduction could lead to violent retaliation from her extended family), but that’s probably not a lot of Comfort. So, that nervous feeling you get and the little voices that pop into your head looking for excuses NOT to talk to that beautiful woman are NORMAL. You need to learn to suppress them, but they are normal, and everyone have them.

We not only need to open, suppressing our built-in emotions, but we need to open well. Opening poorly can doom the rest of your interaction with a woman, and any other women who see it; making everything else you do a waste of time.

False Time Constraints

When you first approach a woman, you want to give her the feeling that you’re going to be going away very soon. That way she’ll feel safe talking to you. Also, it gives you a good exit to leave the conversation if you run out of things to say without looking like an idiot.

A false time constraint is saying something like “I got to go real quick”. Make sure you always say something like that before you start approaching a woman. It will make her response to you more positive. However, if the conversation turns out to be really good, you don’t really have to go, you just said you have to go to give her the impression that you’re not going to hang around and harass her. Here’s a list of false time constraints you can use:

  1. this will be really quick
  2. I can’t stay for long
  3. I got to get back to my friends in a minute
  4. I can only stay for a second
  5. I am going to the toilet soon, but I got a quick question
  6. my friends might come by anytime soon, but I got to ask a question
  7. I have to go soon, but before I do
  8. I’m a bit busy in a moment, but I got to ask you

Once you inject this at the start of your approach, your success rate will increase. You’ll also have a valid excuse to eject yourself form the conversation if you can see things aren’t working out the way you want it to be. It’s like your parachute. You have it just in case you crash and burn, it’ll carry you to safety, but if you’re awesome, you can land on your feet like a ninja and keep things rolling!

All Routines Can Transitions into:

You: Say anyways, this might sound TOTALLY random, but I think you look kind of cute and I wanted to talk to you to see if you’re a nice person. Because I know if I didn’t I’d hate myself for the rest of the day.

Manlyhub Needs Your Help!

We hope you have enjoyed this list of routines to help you approach women. Remember, this isn’t comprehensive enough, because we spend most of our time being manly and awesome, we don’t have enough time to do research constantly to find you the newest and most up to date routines all the time (although we try).

Our goal is to make the biggest and most useful page on the internet for seduction routines that everyone can use for FREE! We started this big list already, so we took the initiative to kick start this project, but hopefully you can be manly enough to help us out. If you have a kick ass routine that you know, why don’t you submit your routine either as a comment (so others can vote for it) or contact us and submit yours using this form. That way everyone can benefit and you’ll be even manlier!

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