How To Approach Women During The Day

1. How Are You Routine

This one works because it’s under the radar. You start it like this:

You: How are you!?

Her: I’m ok.

You: Awww… did you know that it’s rude to not ask someone how they are back when they asked you?

Her: ok fine, how are you?

You: Today was AMAZING! I was out with my friends and we had the best time of our lives! We had so much fun! But why are you so gloomy? Then you have to remember to
 plough through the beginning and 
then make sure you provide most 
of the conversation upfront. You 
just have to realize that it’s going
 to take some time for her to open up to you and you have to get past the initial stage of being strangers, but after you plough through asking her open ended questions you should be able to find a topic that she really well get into.

2. The Smiley Opinion Opener

You: Hey there, I need your opinion on something.

Her: what is it.

You: what do you think of this smile? (Do a huge smile) Don’t you feel good after someone just walks up to you and smiles at you?

3. My Father Beats Me

You: Hey there, sorry but my father beats me, so can I have your number?

4. Time Compliment

You: Hey, has anyone ever told you at (look at your watch), that at 3pm you look gorgeous! I just had to tell you that. Oh it’s 3.01pm now. Well you’re still stunning, but only for that minute… just joking!

5. Do Me A Favour

You: Hey, there, can you do something that’s really important to the people around you?

Her: huh?

You: Just smile, it looks good on you and it makes other people smile too.

6. What Time Is It?

You: Hey, do you have the time?

  • Answer 1 – Her: It’s 3pm.
  • Response 1 – You: Oh, you know that’s funny, most people would see that I have a watch and refuse to answer. You’re one of the 10% that told me the time right away, so you must be a nice person.
  • Answer 2 – Her: You have a watch already.
  • Response 2 – You: Oh, you know what’s funny, most people would still tell me the time. You’re the 10% that wouldn’t help a stranger when needed. You must be a skeptic.

7. Plant And Stare

From Tyler Durden

The idea is to use curiosity and a bit of acting to build up intrigue. You walk up in front of a girl, look at her in a curious way, like there’s something wrong with her face, but you smile at the same time. You then pretend to say something, then giggle, then turn around to pretend to walk away, but then turn back around again. You’ll build up a lot of intrigue because she’ll think there’s something wrong with her face, then you start:

You: Hey, I had to come and say this, because I have to go soon. You have the weirdest looking smile, it reminds me of my goldfish. It was so cute, I didn’t know if I should have told you.

8. Day Time Openers

This works for any where during the day, but best in places where girls are relaxing. Either at the park or in a university campus.

You: Hey there, I know this might sound a bit weird, but I just saw you and had to tell you that you give off an amazing energy when you walk!


You: Hey there, there’s something really interesting about you for some reason. Do you do yoga?

You: Hey there, quick question. Do you think I look better with my sunglasses on or off?
You: Hey there, this is kind of strange, but there’s so many animals in this park. If you could be a dog or squirrel, what would it be? I need to do a survey for a project.

9. Dating For Dummies

Dating.for.dummiesFrom Herbal

Get a copy of Dating For Dummies or another book about dating that is written clearly for idiots. Then open up the book and find a random line from a page, then walk up to a girl in a really blatant way holding the book in front of you then do this.

You: Excuse me but (hold up the book and look at it), in page 85 it says I should speak to women like this “Hello my name is XYZ”.

Her: (probably laugh)

You: Wow, I can’t believe this book is working!

10. Hey Nice XYZ…

Use this when you see a girl wearing an interesting garment or playing with her phone.

You: Hey nice phone! I was thinking about buying one of those too, but decided against it. Why did you buy yours?

Her: Well… blah blah

You: Wow that sounds really interesting, can you show me the camera function? Can you quickly take a photo of me? I want to see the picture quality. Her: Umm.. I guess?

You: Great, but I don’t like taking any photo, can you help me think of cool poses I can show my friends?

11. Item of Clothing

You: Hey there, I got a quick question. Where did you buy that [insert clothing here]. My friend who’s around your age wears the same stuff as you. Can you tell me where you buy that from? She’d totally love me for it!

12. High Heels

You: Quick question, this might sound random but… is it really hard for you to walk in heels?

13. Random Question

You: Hey there, this will be really quick. I don’t have long and this is going to sound totally random but… I saw you over there and thought “wow I want to get to know her better” because I know if I didn’t I’d hate myself for the rest of the day. There’s something confident about you and I can see it. Do you have a really good sense of humour? Because I just heard a joke and need an opinion.

14. Laptop Any Good?

You: Hi there, I have a quick question for you. Is your laptop any good? I wanted to buy one just like yours but wasn’t quite sure. Do you like it? Tell me what’s good about it?

15. A Picture Says 1000 Words

You: Hey, do you know which phone has the best camera function? They say that a picture says 1000 words. Your phone looks cool. Can you show me the quality of the pictures? This is perfect as when she shows you her photos you can make fun of her as she browses through them.

16. Are You Friendly?

You: Hey there, I got a quick question.

Her: ok?

You: Are you friendly? Because I need your opinion. I want to buy my mom a present, but I don’t know what I should give her. What do girls like that aren’t shitty presents?

17. Big Fluffy Hat

You: Random question. Did you see a guy walking around with a big fluffy hat? You see, I was walking around and some guy said he liked my hat and asked if he could take a photo with it. I lent it to him and he ran off in this direction! Who the hell steals big fluffy hats anyway? I know it’s really stupid, but have you seen a guy wearing a big fluffy hat running over here?

18. Cell Phone Opener

The idea is to use your cell phone and look like you’re confused so you don’t look like a sleazy pick up artist.

You: (looking at your phone), hey there, I got a quick question. I’m a bit lost, I just moved here and I don’t know where I can do the laundry. Do you know where I should go? Do you have like 5 minutes to show me around quickly?

19. Girlfriends & Earrings

You: Hey, I got a quick question. Where did you get those pair of earrings? I’d love to buy a pair for my girlfriend too.

If she answers then you have successfully opened up the conversation. Proceed to transition the conversation to something that will generate attraction and build rapport. If she asks about your girlfriend, tell her that you really don’t have one and that you said you did as an excuse to talk to her. Say this with a big grin on your face and it normally works.

20. You look familiar

Normally the “you look familiar” opener doesn’t work because the guy doesn’t actually name in specific detail where he supposedly met the woman he’s trying to pickup. So make sure you actually describe the situation in detail so it looks genuine.

You: Hey you look familiar. You are working at a dermatology clinic last Friday, weren’t you? What’s your name… Claire wasn’t it?

Her: Huh. no I’m not. Sorry.

You: Oh come on! Do they make clones nowadays? Claire, I’m gonna tell your boss that I saw you drinking at a bar.

Her: I’m sorry but you’re referring to another girl.

You: So if you’re not Claire then show me your deep-thought face because Claire does this really cute thing with her nose when she sits at the desk and thinks deeply.

21. Celebrity Look Alike

You: Quick question, I want your opinion on something. This past week three people told me that I look like (famous celebrity). Do you see any resemblance?

22. Direct Approaches

You: I just saw you and thought to myself, If I didn’t come and say something I would be kicking myself all day


You: If I let this day without meeting you and getting your number, I’d hate myself for the rest of the day.


You: Normally I don’t like to talk to strangers, that’s why my name is XYZ and nice to meet you. We’re not strangers now so it’s safe to talk to me.


You: Hi I saw you girls sitting here and sensed a positive energy so I had to come and introduce myself. I’m XYZ.


You: Hi, you might be the most gorgeous girl I’ve seen today. I had to come and say hi or I’d be kicking myself later.


You: Hi! You’re way too beautiful to be sitting alone here. I’m XYZ.


You: Hi, I’m XYZ, I have a very urgent and pressing question for you. Please answer seriously or God may kill puppies…

Her: Ok?

You: What will it take for you to love me?


You: I thought you were terribly cute over there so I had to come here and get a better look.

23. Nice Hat

From Bad-boy

You: Hey, nice hat you got huh! My grandpa has one exactly like that.

Her: (Starting to look mad.)

You: What are you talking about? I love my grandpa!

24. Neutral Openers

You: Are you guys in line?


You: Are you guys ordering together?


You: I love how they have two bartenders who serve over 500 thirsty people.

How To Approach Women At The Gas Station

1. Friendly Advice

If you’re at the gas station and you see a girl.

You: Did you know you shouldn’t ever wait for your fuel gauge to go below 25% before you fill it up. Otherwise dirt and grime will build up inside your engine and it’s not good for your car. It’ll save you more money in the long run. Make sure you take care of your car! Hi, my name is Ben.

How To Approach Women At The Mall

 1. Mall Openers

You: Hey there, quick question. Do you know where I can get a gift for my little sister? She’s actually your age. Do you have any good ideas?


You: (in a clothing store), hey I need some advice. What do you think would look better, this or this?


You: (hold up an expensive shirt), hey, I got a quick question. This shirt is $300. Would you be impressed by a guy who wore this?

2. Underwear Opener

From XMander

Use this only if you’re in a clothing store that sells underwear. Pick up a pair of boys shorts and a thong. Then approach a woman.

You: Hey, I need a girls help here. I am shopping for my friend because he doesn’t know what he should give to his girlfriend as their anniversary. What would you rather have? Boyshorts or a thong?

Her: Blah blah. (Doesn’t matter which they say.)

You: Great! That’s what I thought too! Now, maybe you can help me out a bit more. She’s probably your size, maybe a bit smaller, so what size are you?

3. Can I Borrow You?

This is great for during the day at the mall

You: Hey there, I need a quick female opinion on something. Can I borrow you for like 30 seconds? I need to find a present for my sister and she looks like your age and has your physique. Help me out will you?

4. Can You Be My Pitbull

This is great if you are saving seats.

You: Hey there, I got a random question. Are you able to be my personal pitblls and attack anyone who tries to steal these seats? I need to go to the toilet real quick and you look like you’re mean enough to mess with anyone who tries to steal my table.

How To Approach Women Buying Groceries

1. Grocery Store Openers

You: Hey, you look like you have a good diet plan. I am trying to get on a low carb diet, do you have any recommendations on what I should or shouldn’t eat?
You: Hey there, did you know, if you look at someone’s food cart, you can instantly determine how much they weigh?
You: (stand in front of food that girls love, like cereal) Hey there, quick question. Since you’re choosing cereal, if you could be a cereal which one would it be?
You: (in front of some food), Hey, I wouldn’t eat that if I were you, my friend bought that and it gave him explosive diarrhea last week. Try this instead, let me know in a week if it’s delicious or if it gives you bowel problems too.


You: Hey there, do you know where I can find myself a good cook? You seem like a good cook, just look at what you’re buying. No junk foods. Wow! If you can cook lasagna I’m so hiring you!

How To Approach Women At A Museum

1. Museum Openers

You: Hey, I noticed you were looking at the painting really intently, was there something abstract that I was missing?

Her: Yeah.

You: Do you have any idea what the artist is saying?

How To Approach Women At A Ball Game

1. Ball Game Openers

You: Hi, which team are you rooting for?

Her: XYZ

You: How come?

Her: Blah blah

You: Nooo way! Are you serious? They suck (smile)

How To Approach Women At A Campus

1. Campus Openers

You: I need a quick opinion. Next week I am going on some blind date with a girl and I’m nervous. Any tips you can give me so I won’t look like a fool?


You: Hey, I’m new here, are you able to show me the library?

Her: Ok (takes you there or tells you directions)

You: Actually, I’m not that new actually, I just wanted to invite you out to coffee.


You: Hey there! I’m looking for models for a campus magazine, so I am looking for attractive girls!

Her: (thinking you’re talking about her).

You: So if you know of any hot girls, let me know! Just kidding! You can be in my magazine too.


You: Hey, need a quick 5 minute study buddy to help me revise something. Can you help me out for 5 minutes?

How To Approach Women At Public Gatherings

1. Public Gathering Openers

These are applicable in any place where you’re in public. Say for example a concert or a club or a house party.

You: (walk up to people and give them high fives and when a girl does it back) you’re awesome! And you’re awesome too (avoid the hot girl) Sorry, you’re not awesome enough.


You: So you know that band name a random XYZ band name, who wants to sleep with the drummer (then tease the girls about it).


You: (If a girl accidentally bumps into you), Hey that’ll be $10! You can’t just touch this shit for free! What’s your name? or You: SHIT! Did you see those two crazy girls outside? They were fighting and pulling each other’s hair out and duking it out over a short bald guy! I mean one chick was drawing blood with her nails!

How To Approach Women At The Gym

1. Gym Openers

You: Hey there, my female friends are shy to come to the gym, so I got to ask you for them. What’s your secret to keeping in such good shape?


You: Hey there, my friends saw you last week and told me you look like Miss Fitness what’s her name. But you aren’t a previous Miss Fitness contestant were you?


You: Hey there, I have a quick question. Do you think guys look better in tight gym clothing where you see their muscles or casual loose clothes?


You: Hey there, this is kind of stupid, but I don’t really know how to get this running machine working. Do you have any idea?


You: Hey this may seem really random, but if I didn’t come over and inappropriately hit on you in the middle of your workout I’d probably kick myself later.[introduce yourself, chat a bit, and go for the number in the following way.]

You: Well, I have to get back to my workout. But, let’s exchange numbers and if you seem really cool over the phone then maybe we’ll hang out.

*Remember this is the gym. People are working out. Make it short and sweet.


You: Hey mind if I work in with you? What’s your name? [Continue conversation]


You: Excuse me miss. I just wanted to let you know that it’s obvious you take great care of yourself [or throw in a physical feature she has]. What’s your name?

2. Mystery’s Gym Opener

From Mystery 

You: Hey there, I was looking at the work out and it seems you’re focusing on something. What do you think about when you work out?

Her: Blah blah

You: Oh that’s interesting, I’ve noticed that guys think about work and projects when they workout, but girls tend to focus on relationship probelms. Isn’t it interesting how the brains work differently? So how’s life treating you? The idea is to talk about things not related to working out, so you pretend to have a good conversation, but then before you leave say something like:

You: Hey that was a great chat we had, maybe we can be workout buddies, when do you come to the gym? That’ll be awesome! (Then get her number).

3. Awesome You Do That Gym Opener

This seems to work best if you catch them just finishing up there exercise or right in the middle of a Set.

You: I think it’s awesome when women are comfortable being like that.

Her: Being like what??

You: You know most women come here just to stay in shape but not you, you’re jacked. I think it’s cool you’re comfortable putting on a lot of muscle. It must be weird being bigger than some guys here.


How To Approach Women At The Bookstore or Library

1. The Rules

By David Shade

If you’re in the bookstore try this.

You: Hey there, have you heard of that female dating guide called “The Rules” it gives dating tips for women. For example, it says a woman should never call a man. What do you think? Is that book effective?

2. Random Book Reading

You: (pull out a random book) Hey! Have you read this before? What kind of books do you like? I’m trying to expand my interests and I thought maybe you could help.


You: Hey have you read Harry Potter or Twighlight? Which one’s better? Would you be a wizard or a vampire?


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You: Hey, I know this might be a bit strange, but my friend is looking to spice up her sex life… Do you know of any good books?

How To Approach Women At The Beach

1. The Frisbee

From Mystery

Make sure you do this at the beach, unless you just enjoy carrying frisbees around. If you’re at the park or beach.

You: Hey! Want to play frisbee? (before she says know, throw it at her). If you see a girl reading at the park.

You: (throw frisbee beside her) can you please get that for me? (After she gets it for you, throw it at her again, do it two more times then say “hey, wouldn’t it be more fun if I wasn’t playing frisbee with myself”).

2.Tanning Advice Opener

You: You know, you get better tanning rays if you face the other way. Typically I face the other way with opposing arm and leg in the air!


[For the girls with their toes in the sand at the water’s edge]

You: You better careful! I just saw a shark a second ago! Lol….just playing!


How To Approach Women At A Coffee Shop

1. The Crappy Artist

From Ross Jeffries

You need a pen and paper to do this. It works well in a library, coffee shop or school (anywhere where there are women sitting down beside you and bored). The key is to pretend that you’re really serious, but in reality you draw the biggest and most ugly piece of shit stick figure you can think of. To get the best effect you need to put in some facial expressions and really act like you’re spending a lot of time on it.  

You: Hey, can you sit still for a minute? I have to draw your face. Don’t move. Pretend to be drawing really seriously, and keep looking back at her to make sure she doesn’t move. Make sure she does NOT see your crappy picture. You want to give her the idea that you’re a good artist and you’re going to draw something like the Mona Lisa. Tell her to not move and just pretend that you’re doing the best artwork possible, but in reality, you’re drawing something like this:



You: Ok, so are you ready for it? It’s REALLY good, I took a LONG TIME to do this. If you laugh I’m going to hate you forever. Are you ready for it? (show her the crappy picture, and I bet you she’ll laugh).

2. Coffee Shop Openers

You: Hey there, I was sitting by myself for the past 5 minutes trying to think of something funny to say to you, but I’m drawing a blank. So I’m just going to come here and say “hi my name is XYZ”.


You: Hey, do you think smiles are contagious? (then do a big smile)

Her: (smiles) You: See! I told you they are contagious! So what’s your name?


You: Hey do you think it’s true that coffee really stains your teeth? My friend actually drinks coffee through a straw to make her teeth whiter. Do you think that’ll work? Because you have great teeth and I love coffee!

How To Approach Women At Work

1. Brighten Your Day

You: [Pretending to look at watches where she worked]

Her: Can I help you with anything?

You:  [After a few seconds] Sure. I just came over here because you looked bored and I wanted to brighten your day.


You: [Compliment them on their shirt. It has to be part of a work uniform] Oh I love your shirt. Where’d you get it?

[It’s simple, and it’s obviously teasing because there’s like 5-20 people there wearing the same thing. Play from there.]

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