How To Approach Women In A Club, Bar or Party

1. The Jealous GF

You: Hey, I need your opinion on this one. Is it ok for a guy to be friends with his ex girlfriend? Because one of my friends broke up with his ex girlfriend, but then he’s seeing this new girl and she wants him to stop all contact with his old girlfriend. Do you think that’s fair? What would you do then?

2. Jealous GF Photos

You: Hey, do you think this is ok? I have one buddy who has pictures of his ex gf laying around the house. His new girlfriend comes in his room and find s them under his bed, and she demands him to burn them or else. What would you do? Do you think it’s ok for her to do that?

3. Is This Cheating?

You: A girl makes out with a new guy, but she has an existing boyfriend. Do you think that’s cheating?  But what if she makes out with another GIRL is that cheating then?

4. Who Lies More?

You: I got a quick question, do you think guys lie more than girls? What about who do you think are BETTER liars? You see, what I find interesting is that girls tend to lie more about small things, but men lie less and only lie about important things.

5. Dangerous Fighting Spouse

From AFC Adam

You: My friend has been fighting with her boyfriend a lot lately and it’s getting actually a bit dangerous to visit them. The last time I walked in I had a plane fly past my head! Then just the other day they were having a screaming fight with each other. She was was mad that he tried to have sex with her sister. He accused her of trying to sleep with his best friend. So what do you think? Do you think they were both lying? Which is the gender that lies more?

6. Cologne Opener

From Style

You: Hey, I need your female opinion on something. You see, my ex girlfriends buy me heaps of cologne and now they are cluttering up the place. Can you smell my wrists and tell me which one you like? (roll up your sleeves to let the girls smell your wrist).

To avoid looking like a sleazy PUA, keep a simple tally on your wrists. Have other marks on your arm to show that you’re doing this to every other girl and not just to them. 

7. The Super Sincere Compliment

You: Hi there guys! I have a quick question for you? Can you take a sincere compliment? I know I can! So let’s start… You go first!

8. Do You Believe In Magic?

From Mystery

You: Hey, I have a quick question. Do you think magic spells work? My friend was at this exact club just 2 weeks ago and met a girl. At first she wasn’t his type, but after a while he invited her to his house and they hung out. When she left he couldn’t figure out why he kept thinking about her. Then he found some weird metal thing wrapped in feathers under his couch. It looked like some scrolls? So he did some research on the internet, and he realized it was an attraction spell! Now he can’t get her out of his head. What do you think?

9. Tattoo?

You: Real quick, my 17 year old sister wants to tattoo her boyfriend’s name on her lower back. I think it’s a retarded idea, but she won’t stop talking about it. Now that’s worse is that this guy’s name is Theodore. Seriously, would you tattoo a guy’s name called Theodore on your back? What should I tell her?

10. Boob job

You: One of my girlfriend’s best friends is giving herself a boob job to give to her boyfriend as a birthday present. But the thing is, he doesn’t like girls with big breasts! Should I say something to her? What would you do?

11. Dating Ex’s Best Friend

You: Hey, I have a quick question. One of my buddies broke up with his girlfriend a week ago. But he’s always been attracted to her best friend. So from a woman’s point of view, when is it ok to start dating the ex’s best friend?

12. The Secret Admirer

You: I got a real quick question, one of my buddies keeps getting emails from a secret admirer. It’s kind of creepy but sweet at the same time. He THINKS he knows who the person is and he wants to confront her, but if he does, what if he gets it wrong? Wouldn’t that be so embarrassing? So what would you do in that situation?

13. The Jealous Cat

You: Hey, I have a weird and quick question. So my friend has been dating this girl for 3 months, and they are really in love. But her cat HATES him. Whenever he comes she growls at him and when he tries to pet her, she tries to scratch him. In fact, the cat even pissed on his shoes! So what do you think he should do?

  1. Just pretend he loves the cat
  2. Ignore the cat
  3. Give her a “it’s me or the cat” ultimatum
  4. Wait till she’s not looking and “accidentally” harm the cat

14. I Love You!

You: Hey, I have a short question for you. Do you think it’s desperate and weird if a girl comes up to you and says “I Love You” the first in the relationship? Because for some reason, all the girls that I have dated in the past say that to me first and it’s creepy. What do you think?

15. Are You Shy?

You: Hey… I was wondering if you guys are shy? I have been standing here for the past 5 minutes and you haven’t said hi. What’s wrong with you?

16. Do You Believe In Horoscopes?

You: I was reading my horoscope today and it said that I needed to socialize and expand my circle. That’s why I’m here chatting to you. Kind of reminds me of back in primary school, when you know no one in class and you are forced to make friends doesn’t? Hi, my name is Joe, what’s yours?

17. Facebook Liar

You: Hey, get this, I have a female friend who was contacted by a guy in her area on Facebook. They have been hitting it off really well and she wants to meet up with him for a date. But the thing is, she LIED a few times in her profile. Now she’s scared if they meet up she is afraid that he’ll find out that she’s a liar and not be interested anymore. So what would you do?

18. Do I look Like A Drug Dealer To You?

From Cajun

You: Hey, I have a quick question. For some reason the past 2 girls have come up to me asking if I have weed to sell them. Do you think I look like a drug dealer to you? At first I thought it was an excuse to chat to me because they were all flirty and acting all sexy, but then I realized later they asked for a discount for drugs I didn’t have! So do I look like a pot dealer to you?

19. Who Pays First?

From Stepane Hemon

You: Yo, I have a quick question, I need a girl to help me. Do you think a girl should pay on the first date, or should the guy?

  • Answer 1 – Her: You should pay
  • Response 1 – You: But isn’t that the same as prostitution?
  • Answer 2 – Her: No, you should split the bill
  • Response 2 – you: Great, I am starting to like you already!

20. Wheelchair Pickup

You: Hey, I have a weird question. Would you ever date a guy who was in a wheelchair? Like what if it was a REALLY REALLY nice wheelchair?

21. Desperate Girl?

From imanotaPUA

You: I have a quick question. Do you think it’s desperate if a girl approaches a guy in a bar? Because my best friend Jane, she likes to take initiative, but doesn’t want to look slutty at the same time. So would you do it?

22. Teddy Bear

You: Hey, I need to run, but have a quick question. Do you think it shows romantic interest if a guy gives a girl a teddy bear? My friend Michael just gave his friend Jane a cute fluffy teddy bear. Now, I asked Jane if Michael was trying to date her, but she says he buys her gifts all the time, and he’s “just a friend”. But seriously, when a guy buys a girl a teddy bear like that, it’s like saying “I LOVE YOU” doesn’t it?

23. Stupid Name Opener

You: Hey JULIE! Oh, you’re name’s not Julie? I was just messing with you! My name is John, so I take it your name isn’t Julie!

24. Camera Opener

You: Hey, can you quickly take a picture of me and my friend? I trust that you won’t run away with it right?

25. Google Earth Opener

You: Have you checked out your place on Google earth yet? It lets you see things that you wouldn’t want other people to know! One of my friends was having public sex in his backyard and I swear, you can see him going at it from Google Earth! I hope you haven’t done anything embarrassing like that enough for the whole world to catch you!

26. Beautiful Hair

You: I just had to stop you and tell you. As you were noticing, did you know that your hair was bouncing up and down? Kind of like waves in the ocean. It looks cute and beautiful, but also a bit weird. Just had to tell you that.

27. Corner of My Eye

You: Hey, I was just walking by and you caught the corner of my eye. I couldn’t help but notice, so I had to come along and just say Hi!

28. You’re Sexy

You: Hey, I just saw you and I just wanted to tell you. You look amazingly sexy. Now before I go and do something else, tell me something interesting about yourself so I’ll want to know your name.

29. Talking To Ex Boyfriend

You: Hey, I have a quick question, I have to go soon, but my friend has a new girlfriend. But she keeps chatting to her old ex boyfriend. Do you think that’s cheating emotionally? If so, what’s worse? Cheating physically or emotionally?

30. What’s Your Name?

You: Hey, there, quick question. What’s your name?

Her: [Random Female Name]

You: OH SHIT! SERIOUSLY? That’s my name too! We’re going to be buddies!

Her: haha, no I don’t think so.

You: Seriously, I’m not lying!

Her: You liar! haha

You: oh wow, we’ve known each other for less than 30 seconds and you’re calling me a liar already. You must be really demanding on your boyfriends.

31. Bring It On

From Game

You: Hey there, gotta go soon, but I’ll quickly introduce myself (shake hands), my name is XYZ. When you shake her hand, release her hand, but don’t drop it. See if she holds onto your hand or not. If she does, she likes you. If she doesn’t she has no interest yet. 

Her: Hi…? (read her body language when she shakes your hand)

You: Wow, I can tell by your handshake that you were probably a cheer leader in high school? (most hot girls are cheerleaders in high school and she’ll be impressed and be like ‘how did you guess’).

32. Intuition Tells Me

You: Hi there, correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that you’re the leader among your friends. Why is that?

33. Stop Staring At Me

If you see a girl staring at you the whole night. You: Are you going to just stare at me the whole night or are you going to buy me a drink (say this with a smile)!

34. Nice Vibes

You: Hey there, I like the vibes you’re giving off! You make your friends around you feel happy!

35. Real Hair?

You: Hey! I love your hair (slowly touch it), is it real?

36. Ghost Story?

You: Hey, my friends saw you and said you give off an aura. Have you ever seen ghosts before?

37. Cute Doggy!

You: Wow, you’re so cute! I just had to come here and tell you that I want to adopt you!

38. Voices In My Head

You: Hey, I got to go in a second, but my voices in my head wouldn’t shut up until I came and talked to you.

39. Love & In Love?

You: Hey, I got to go, but real quick. What is the difference when a girl tells you she loves you as opposed to being in love with you? My friend just got dumped by a girl who claims to “love him” but she’s not “in love with him”. So what does it mean?

40. Breasts Implants

You: I have a quick question. Breast implants. If a girl gets them does that make her a slut?

  • Response 1 – Her: No
  • Response 1 – You: But what if she gets it just to get attention for guys.
  • Response 2 – Her: Yes
  • Response 2 – You: But what if they make her more confident

41. Who’s Smarter

You: Hey, I have a quick question. Who’s smarter? Blondes or brunettes?

Her: (random response)

You: Then why do brunettes love dying their hair blonde? I had a friend who used to be really smart, but once she dyed her hair, she started having super blonde moments. The other time she locked herself out of the apartment… and guess who had to help her get back in her own apartment?

42. Guy Liner

You: Hey, I need a female perspective on something. When a man wears eye liner, it’s totally gay, but when Johnny Depp does it in Pirates of the Caribbean, why is it ok then?

43. Quick Questions List

You: I have a super important question, it’s going to change the rest of the world, so your answers important to me.

  1. If you know you’ll never get caught, is it still cheating?
  2. What’s sexier? A tattoo or piercing?
  3. Do you prefer bacon or ham?
  4. Who kisses better? Men or women?
  5. What’s better for a bachelorette party? Male strippers or female strippers
  6. Who is the nice one and who’s the mean one? Tell me because I won’t give her any presents
  7. Would you lend your friend something that was really personal or valuable to you? Like your expensive underwear?

44. Hottest Girl Punishment

Walk up to a hot girl and say.

You: Hey, I just lost a bet. I had to come and ask the hottest girl out on a date…

Her: (thinking she’s the hot girl)

You: So can you tell me who’s the hottest girl here?

45. Whoa! My Sister Nearly Wore That!

Only works if the girl is wearing clothing that is gender neutral, like a T-shirt or something.

You: Oh shit! No way! I Almost wore that! Why do you wear guy’s clothing? Did you steal it from your brother or something?

Her: blah blah

You: Don’t you just hate it when you walk into a party/club/restaurant when you see another girl wearing the same dress but a different color. Is that more or less embarrassing?

46. One Liner’s From Mystery

You: What’s your  name? Why don’t I call you Sally. You call  me Mr Poo Pee Pants!

You: If a dog follows you home will you keep him? Great! I’m going to follow you home too then!

You: (walk close) so how do you like me so far?

You: Hello Sally, your mom told me she can’t pick you up this afternoon. She called me to take you home instead. You are wearing a pretty dress, would you like some candy?

You: Shhhhhh! Geez, people can see us!

You: Did you drink too much again last night?

You: (if you’re at the subway) Don’t fall onto the tracks, I hate being late for work.

47. Bisexual Dates

You: Yo, I have a quick question. Can a straight guy date a girl who’s bisexual? Because my buddy Chris, he’s dating a girl who’s bisexual, but the weirdest thing is, she’s dated his ex girlfriend before! So he’s like dating an ex of an ex? What do you think about that?

48. Camera Opener

From Mystery

You: Can you take a picture for my friend and I? You do know how to use a camera right? By the way, what sort of action shots do you think my friend and I should take? Standing there staring at the camera is a bit lame.

49. Avoiding Someone

From Foucault

You: Hey, you know that feeling at the party you get when someone you avoid shows up. So you got to pretend you’re totally engaged in an awesome conversation with someone else? (pretend to be really enjoying the conversation). Yeah… thanks! You’re really helping me out here!

50. Good Looking People

From Joseph Matthews

You: (walk up to a girl) Hey, I’d be really careful if I were you. Did you know good looking people from us aren’t really well liked?

51. The Arrest

From Vincent Chase

You: You’re not Susan Jensan are you?

Her: No

You: What is your first name and surname? This is kind of important here (with a serious look on her face).

Her: Err…. Jennifer Charles Davies?

You: Well Jennifer Charles Davies (turn her around). You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you as this is fucking hilarious, because I’m not a police officer but you totally fell for this!

52. The “80’s Dog” Opener

From Style

The reason why this opener works so well is because you’re going to be asking girls about pop duos from the 80s. No one really knows anyone from the 80s apart from Sunny and Cher maybe? So you’re going to have an easy method to start a long and engaging conversation with the girls because no one can really answer you!

You: Hey, I need a quick opinion about something. My friend has two dogs, a pug and a beagle. She wants to name them after two 80s pop stars, but can’t think of any. Do you have good ideas?

Her: Err… Sunny and Cher?

You: Nah, that’s too common I need something more hip (the idea is, no matter what she tells you, just say it’s not good enough. You want to make fun of her and keep the conversation going).

53. Expensive Clothing

You: Hey, I have to go soon, but I need a female opinion on this. I was out with my friend the other day and we walked into D&G. There was a t-shirt for $500! I nearly shit my pants! My question to you is, do girls really notice it if a guy is wearing a super expensive shirt? Does that make him classy or more of a try hard?

54. Chuck Norris

You: Hey, I need a female opinion on this. Do you think Chuck Norris is hot?

Her: What?

You: I’m totally seriously, I have a friend who LOVES Chuck Norris. She has a poster the size of her wall with him doing a round house kick in mid air. It’s the first thing she sees in the morning.

55. Embarrassing Dare

From DeVill

You: Hey there, I have a quick question. I just won this dare and I need to think of some cool punishments that are mean but not TOO mean for my friend. Can you help me out?

Her: (comes up with a lame dare)

You: Aww… c’mon that’s lame!

Her: (comes up with a really crazy dare)

You: OMG! You’re scary! I should avoid you!

56. Does He Look Gay To You?

From AceOFHeartSS

You: Hey, I need an honest opinion, and don’t laugh at my friend but… does he look gay to you? No: blah blah

You: Because there was this guy over there, he was totally hitting on my friend and buying him drinks.

57. Webbed Feet

From Nilatak

You: Hey, quick question. Would you date a guy who had webbed feet? One of my buddies who I used to work with had webbed feet and he kept saying that was the reason why he couldn’t get a girlfriend. Would that bother you?

58. Twin Brothers

From Ross Jeffries

You: Hey, I have a quick question. Let’s pretend you meet twin brothers at a party or a club. They look identical. One of them has the best hands of any guy and the other one is an incredible dancer which one would you choose?

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Her: Blah blah

You: Ok well, again, same question, but this time one twin makes you laugh like you never knew and the other is an incredible dancer. Which one would it be now?

Her: Blah blah

You: Final question, this time one of the twins has more money than Bill Gates. The other one makes you feel beautiful, desirable and adorable. Which one would it be now?

59. Inpersonal Breakup

You: Hey, I have a quick question. Do you think it’s ok to breakup with someone using a text message or Facebook message?

60. Fat Pen

Only do this if you know the girl has been eyeing you.

You: Hey, I have a quick question, does this pen/napkin/glass make me look fat?

61. Simpsons

From Gunwitch

You: Hey, quick question. Do you watch the Simpsons? Have you ever wondered to yourself why Marge never left Homer? I mean he’s such an idiot and fucks up all the time. What would you do if you dated a guy like that?

62. Sex Monkey?

From Tenmagnet

You: Hey, quick question. Do you think Chuck Norris is a sex monkey? I was watching TV the other day and he was on TV, then my 3 year old cousin pointed at the TV and said “SEX MONKEY!”. No I didn’t teach him that, but what do you think of Chuck Norris? Is he manly and sexy?

63. Seattle GF

From TylerDurden

You: I got a quick question. My buddy hooked up with this girl he met in Seattle a few weeks ago. When he first met they were great. They went on romantic dates and everything seemed to be perfect. In fact, they even took photos of themselves kissing. You know those self portrait shots where you take pictures of yourself kissing?

Anyways the next day, he wakes up, he finds his camera is missing photos! She has deleted all the photos of them kissing but only left the ones where they are hanging out and not looking couply. She claims she deleted the photos because she looked bad in them, but he think it’s because she’s got a boyfriend she’s not telling him. What do you think?

64. Camera Group Opener

This works best on a group of girls who look like they are having fun. The idea is to get them to pose and do crazy things then take photos of them but NOT show them their photos. That way it’ll make them curious to see how they turned out and they’ll actually chase you down to ask you to show them.

You: Hey ladies, you girls look like you’re having a good time, want to do some poses for me? (edge them on to do more and more crazy poses, the funnier and weirder the better).

Them: (start posing).

You: Thanks! I am going now!

Them: (expect at least one of them to grab you and ask to look at your photos, especially if the girls did some really funny/crazy poses).

65. Chocolate anyone?

You: I am giving beautiful ladies chocolate today. Which do you prefer, M&M, Skittles, or me?

66. Cinderella

You: OMG! Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you. We’ve finally met, but I forgot the other pair of your shoe.

67. Walking Fish

You: How did you do it? I just saw you swimming there in the aquarium. You’re the cutest fish there. You grown legs real fast huh.

68. Fired My Shadow

You know what? I just fired my previous shadow and hired another one because the former did not do what I do.

69. Fallen angel

You: They say that angels fall when they see beautiful women. Ouuch… my back! I think I broke my wings.

70. Alien Invasion

You: Please stay calm and promise me not to freak out once I tell you this very tragic news. There is a compelling report that aliens will be arriving anytime and will be abducting all good looking and hot people. I’m just here to let you know that we should really find a good place to hide.

71. Hug A Retard Day

You: Do not be too excited when people come and hug you darling. It’s Hug a Retard Day today, just in case you missed your calendar.

71. Reality Game Show Contestant

From Mystery

You: Hey, I have a quick question. One of my buddies was invited to one of those reality game shows where they reveal a secret to him on national TV. They won’t tell him who invited him, but they told him it’s someone important to him. They also said, he’ll find out some a secret that will change his life. What would you do? Would you go and find out on national TV?

72. Who’s Rich?

From Herbal

You: Hey, I have a quick question. My buddy was just wondering which one of you is the richest?

Them: (points)

You: Great! You can be my sugar momma! Which one of you is the best cook?

Them: (points)

You: Great! You can be my cook! (look at the sugar momma and say), Make sure you pay the cook on time!

73. Pimp Names

From jlaix

You: Hey, my buddies and I are trying to come up with cool pimp names for us. Maybe you can help us out. I am thinking “D-delcious Dogg” and “OMG OG”. I think you look like a “Devious Honey G Diva”

74. Life Support

You: Hey, I have a quick but serious question. Would you ever date a guy who’s on life support?

Her: (Giving you a serious answer.)

You: What if it was the best life support system you’ve ever seen? Like you could play video games on the screen whilst he was in a coma. Like you could play angry birds whilst waiting for him to wake up.

75. Lamest Pick Up Experiences?

You: Hey, I have a quick question. My buddies were wondering, what was the lamest way a guy tried to pick you up? Tell me what happened and did it work?

76. Lose Weight

You: Hey, I have a quick question. My buddy Frank, wants his girlfriend to lose some weight. How should he go about doing it? Should he just start buying tons of “low fat” foods and hint to her like that?

77. Sex And The City

From Dr Paul

You: Hey, do you watch that show Sex and the City? Because one of those girls over there told me I reminded her of Mr Big from that show. Is that a good or bad thing (Mr Big from Sex and the City is every woman’s dream guy).

78. Random Introduction Opener

You: Hey there! That guy is PERFECT for you (point at a random guy), let me hook you up!

Her: Huh? What? Why?

You: I know you’re shy, but it’s ok, I know you’re dying to meet him!

79. Female Roommates

From Tenmagnet and Tyler Durden

You: Hey there, I got a quick question. I just got offered this AWESOME place, but the thing is, I’m going to share it with FOUR girls. It sounds good in theory, but that means I’ll never be able to use the bathroom, I’ll get 4 times the amount of boyfriend complaints and I know it’ll be a total mess. What’s worst is, living with 4 girls, I might get raped! Did you know that 95% of guys that get raped commit suicide in 3 months? Girls are such sexual predators!

80. Glasses Off Or Glasses On

From TwentySix

Walk up to a group of girls and just take off your glasses on and off repeatedly then say:

You: What do you think is better? Glasses on? Or Glasses off? The idea is to get them to give you their advice and make funny faces whilst you take off your glasses and put them back on.

81. No Job, But Has Three Girlfriends

From Neo-Rio

You: Hey there, I have a question for you that I need your advice on. You see, my buddy is a bum and has no job, but he has three girlfriends. They all support him and take turns at cooking and cleaning the house. What do you think? Would you do this?

Her: No

You: You see, I’m stumped too! Can you think of any situations where a guy treats you badly and you still stay with him?

82. New Pet

From herzog

You: Hey there, I need an opinion real quick. I am looking for a new pet, but it’s got to be clean. I don’t want to clean it’s shit everyday, it needs to have a personality so we can become good friends. But I don’t want to commit to something for like 15 years, so hopefully within 1 year it’ll die, because I travel alot and I can’t stay in one place for THAT long.

83. Fat Elvis?

From Wilder

You: Hey, if you were going to hire someone to be an Elvis impersonator for your birthday, would you hire young Elvis or the fat one?

Her: Blah Blah

You: You know, my buddy lives in Greenland and he told me the weirdest things. He told me that most of the time fat Elvis gets laid much more than the young Elvis!

84. Motorcycle

From Lucky13

You: Hey, I need some advice. My buddy wants to buy a motor cycle, but he wants to know which one will get him more girls. A crotch rocket or a Harley?

85. Elvis Opener

From Mystery

You: Hey, did you know that Elvis actually dyed his hair black? You know that both Priscilla Presley and him both dyed their hair? Or

You: Did you know that all Elvis needed to do was look at a girl and smile then wink to get a girl to have sex with him? (then you look into her eyes and wink and smile).

86. Mother’s Birthday

From Strike

You: Hey, I need to buy a present for my mom tomorrow, what is a good present? Just make sure the present it’s a “mommy’s boy” present or something gay like that.

Her: Blah blah (doesn’t matter what she says, you make fun of it as a mommy’s boy present)

You: I said no mommy’s boy presents!

87. Shoes Opener

If a girl is wearing heels.

You: Hey, did you know you can tell the exact mood of a girl by simply looking at the length of her shoes? If they are really tall it means she’s in the mood for hot sex. If they are short and stubby it means she’s not horny at all. So how tall are your heels?

88. Dental Floss

From Style

You: Hey, this is a very important question. I got to go soon, but before I do that, please answer me in a very serious tone. Because your answer may very well determine the life of death of someone. So listen up.

Her: Ok? You: Dental floss. Do you use it BEFORE or AFTER you brush your teeth?

89. Direct Openers

You: Hey there, you look interesting, I want to get to know you better.

You: Hey there, what’s up, where are you going? I hope you’re as friendly as you are cute.

You: You guys are so adorable, can I adopt all of you to be my babies?

You: My name is XYZ, you look friendly, what’s your name? I hope you’re someone I would like to get to know better.

You: Hello.  I saw you ladies sitting over here and you have such an amazing energy about you all, I had to come introduce myself. I’m… [Say your name and extend your hand to shake hands and get their names]

You: Hello! You might be the most gorgeous girl I’ve seen all day. I had to come over and say ‘hi’ or I’d be kicking myself later on.

You: Hey. You are way too pretty to be sitting alone, I’m [say your name]

You: I thought you were terribly cute and thought I would take my chances.

You: Hi, I like you. And I’d like to get to know you.

You: Hey, what’s up?

You: Where are you going?

You: You’re cute, are you friendly/interesting?

You: You guys are so adorable. You have such a cute group dynamic going on. I want to meet you guys. My name is [give name].

You: How are you?

You: You look like someone I’d like to meet.

You: Are you dating anyone?

90. Eyes opener

You: Hey there, I got to run quickly, but can I look at your eyes for a second? They say you can tell everything about a person by looking at their eyes. Did you know that the small lines inside your eyes tells people how strong your constitution is? Also, if they are weak and far apart it’s more likely you get sick often. If they are packed together closely it means you’re a strong leader type person. So let’s see, show me your eyes!

91. Magic Trick

This is great for getting between two girls, but it also works with a girl alone, but it’s harder because she’ll be more intimidated and have more of a guard up.

You: Hey there, let me show you a super cool magic trick. (Then walk in between the girls and put your arms around their shoulders).

You: Thanks! My arms needed a rest and I couldn’t find anything that would be a perfect height.

92. Compliment Opener

You: You have a great hairband/watch/necklace, my mom has a very similar one. It’s so nice! Looking at your reminds me of my mother!

93. Sweaty Hands Magic

You: Do you want to see a magic?

Her: Sure?

You: let me see your hands (Talk about something that is so unrelated to magic)

Her: So where is the magic?

You: Magic? I just wanted to hold your hand. However, they are all sweaty. And you can add…

You: This time, it’s for real. Give me your hands once again.

Her: (would definitely laugh)

You: You’re so cute… would you like some candies? I have some in my van.

94. Soda Opener

Only use it if you know the girl is not drinking alcohol

You:  What are you having?

Her:  A soda/orange juice/milk

You: Just a soda? Zero alcohol for you?

Her: That’s correct, I’m totally sober

You: Totally sober, how come? (Smile and say)Probably because the sex is way better when you are sober.

95. Chocolate And Cards Opener

The idea here is to act like the girl is your secret admirer and see if she plays along. If she does, then you’re in. If not, then it’s a funny opener to try anyway!

You: (Wink at a girl) Thanks for those chocolates and your card! You’re so kind to invite me out to dinner with your card and those roses were amazing!

Her: Huh? What?

You: Of course you didn’t send that card and those chocolates just arrived on my doorstep by itself didn’t it (wink again). It’s ok, don’t be shy, I would be shy as well so I understand.

Her: Haha oh that wasn’t me.

You: It’s ok, I’ll pretend it’s not you. So tell me, since you’re cute. How many cards did you receive last valentine?

Her: Blah blah

You: Oh really? That’s awesome! This year I got 3 from secret admirers, but last year I didn’t get ANY! So thanks for sending me those chocolates and cards, it was really thoughtful of you!

96. High School Classmates

You:  Hey Annie! How are you?

Her:  Excuse me. I’m sorry but I’m not Annie.

You: Oh I’m so sorry.  I thought you were my high school classmate  Annie.  You look like her twin. Seriously no joke, do you have a twin?

Her: Nope. Well, sorry. That’s not me.

You: Well sorry for that, my name’s XYZ, and don’t worry, I don’t have a sexy twin for you to confuse me with.

97. Hollywood Celebrity

You: Hey you look like that actress what’s her name?

Her: Who?

You: Oh wait, no you don’t. Sorry, but I’ll take your autograph anyway. (smile)

98. Latest Prophecy

You: Hey, I got to run, but I have a quick question. I was told that you believe in prophesies?

Her: Huh! By whom?

You: Well, a friend of mine. But, do you really believe in prophesies?

Her: Hm… I think so… I don’t know…

You:  Well, in my case, I never believed  them before not until today. You see, my friend prophesied that today, this very place, this very  moment, I will be meeting a very beautiful lady.  And finally when I saw you, I knew it had to be your mother! I mean, it was you. (smile)

99. The Pen

You: Do you have a pen?

Her: But you already have a pen.

You: Yeah, but I like yours better, my name’s XYZ.

100. My Birthday

You: Hey it’s my birthday today and I want a new friend! Congratulations, what’s your name?

101. Her Shoelaces

You: Hey, your laces are loose(point towards feet).

Her: (examines her feet) I’m not wearing runners.

You: Wow, you’re more clever than I thought. I like a girl with brains, I’m XYZ. What’s your name?

102. Dejavu

You: Hey there, I have a quick question, do you believe in dejavu? You know that feeling you get when you have been somewhere before in a pst  life, or maybe you know someone that you shouldn’t have before?

Her: Huh?

You: For example, what’s your name?

Her: Blah blah

You: See, [her name] I knew it! I just didn’t want to say it before because if I got it wrong, you might get mad at me for forgetting your name! I’m XYZ.

104. The Mime

Walk up to a girl and pretend to be a deaf mime. Here’s what to do:

  1. Move to stop her by raising up your hands in front of her.
  2. She’ll be surprised for sure. Make an imaginary frame using your hands and point at your mouth, then smile.
  3. She’ll probably smile too.
  4. Now chances are she’s going to ask you if you are deaf or mute. Just nod.
  5. Instead pick up one imaginary flower then smell it and pretend to love it.
  6. Then pick more out of thin air and assemble them like a bouquet. Then give it to her.
  7. Chances are she’s going to laugh and say thanks.
  8. Then smile and say “I’m not deaf or mute, I just wanted to pretend to give you flowers”.

105. The Thief

You: Hold it right there! I need to report you to the police!

Her: (Shocked) Why?

You: You’re a thief.

Her: Huh. How? What did I steal?

You: Tell me your name (in a serious tone)

Her: [her name]

You: And what’s your number?

Her: [number]

You: Great, now I have your name and number you can walk away with my heart now. HAHA! Got you didn’t I?

106. Lost for words

You: (Pretend to speak in stutter or speak gibberish) Miss, I’m so-so-so-so-so-rr- rreeh to ba-bab-ba-ba- therrr you. You lo-lo-lo-lo-ouu-ouu-ok fa-fa-fa-mi-li-li- ar to me.

Her: Are you okay?

You: I’m fine. It’s just that I am always lost for words when I am in front of a beautiful woman.


Best used with a wingman.

You: (Point at a girl) OMG, Is that her?

Wingman: NO SHIT! It can’t be!

Her: Huh?

You: We just totally saw an ad on the wall that said “WANTED” and was handing out a reward of $1 million dollars. It had your face on it! Wingman: We should totally report her!

You: Yeah, it’s ok though, we’ll protect you, my name is XYZ, and I’ll be your bodyguard for the next 10 minutes. As long as you buy me a drink.

108. Insane Makeover

From Tyler Durden

The idea is to get the attention of a girl by asking her opinion about a crazy make over you’re considering.

You: Hey there, I have a quick question. You see my hair? I am thinking about shaving it completely. What do you think?


You: Hey there, I have a quick question. You see my hair? I am thinking about dying it completely fluorescent blonde. What do you think

109. Fashion Openers

From Christian Hudson
You: Hey there, I love your style it’s great on you. Let me guess, you’re a creative person?
You: Damn! I love the way you put your outfit together, it means you have a great sense of style!
You: Your sense of fashion really stands out here, I just had to find out who the person was in your awesome outfit!

110. Make Up

From TrueStory, Mettle
You: Hey I have a quick question. My buddy wears make up, he isn’t gay or anything, but he likes wearing eye liner. The thing is a lot of guys and girls make fun of him and think he’s gay. But he is just expressing himself. What do you think?

111. Does Size Really Matter?

From Badboy

You: Hey girls, I got a question to ask you. Do you really think size matters?

Her: Blah Blah

You: You guys are perverted! I wasn’t talking about what you were thinking. You see, my friend has this really big and large (pause), Volkdswagen and my other friend has a really small and tiny (pause), motorbike. But anyways, the real reason why I’m here isn’t to ask you about cars, it’s to chat to you. Since I know you guys are corrupted already, tell me what’s your name.

112. Best Friend Died

From Badboy

You: Hey, I got a quick question. The thing is, one of my best friend just died and his girlfriend is now starting to come onto me. How long do you think I should wait before it’s OK for me to start dating her?

Her: Blah Blah

You: Really? I thought it’d be good enough to wait a week. I mean he did steal one of my ex’s before, so it’s kind of like payback. Her: Blah blah You: Anyways, I’m not here to talk about my dead friend’s girlfriend. I think you girls look fun and interesting and give great advice about dating a deceased person’s ex, what’s your name?

114. Chick Flick

From MrSenstive

You: Hey there, I got a quick question. Do you think it’s ok for a guy to watch the Notebook by himself? Because I wanted to see that as all the girls are raving on about it, but my male buddies said I’m totally gay. What do you think

Her: Yeah, why not?
You: Awesome! I knew you’d say that. You seem like a nice person, what’s your name? Who knows if you’re still this awesome after 5 minutes of me chatting to you, I might want to take you to watch a chick flick!

115. First Date Blow Jobs

From Badboy

You: Hey girls, I have a quick but shocking question, so bare with me. First date. Oral sex. Yay or Nay?

Her: OMG…

You: Wait… let me finish, there was a study done by Harvard university. It said that couples who had oral sex on the first date tended to stay together on average 85% longer than ones who didn’t and the likelihood of getting married was 3 times higher. So that’s why I’m asking you that question. The thing is, I have a date on the weekend and I don’t really want to get married with her. So should I listen to this report or follow what you guys are thinking.

116. Bank Robbers

From Badboy

You: Hey there, you look friendly. I have a quick question. Are you guys good drivers? My buddies and I are thinking about robbing a bank on the weekend and we need some getaway drivers. Meet us at XYZ street at 12.00 am. We’ll give you 30% of the cut. Sound good?

117. Can You Keep A Secret

From Badboy

You: Hey there, I have a quick question. Can you keep a secret?

Her: Yes?

You: (whisper in her ear), what if I told you that one of my friends has a secret crush on one of your friends, but is totally shy. Are you able to help him out without making him look bad?

118. City Move

From Octal

You: Hey there, I just moved into town and looking for some cool nice people to hang out with. What did you do when you first came to this city to make new friends? I want to start a new social circle, you look friendly enough, tell me how you started.

119. Openers From PUA Training

From Richard La Ruina

You: Hey, I know you probably get zero attention from most guys, so I’m here to make you feel better. Ha! Just joking. You’re cute, what’s your name? or

You: Hmmm… I don’t mean to be rude but, did we have sex before? Because you look very familiar.


You: So which one of you girls get hit on the most. You’re the one I’m avoiding.


You: Wow, you have thoughtful eyes, me thinks you have a lot in your brain (touch her head). This is perfect for a girl looking bored. You: Do you have the confidence to accept a sincere compliment? I know I do, so you go first (smile).

120. Nice Ass

You: Hey there, quick question. Do you think I have a nice ass (turn around). The thing is, there was a girl over there, she walked by and pinched my as and said “nice ass”. So I need a second opinion on this.

121. Dinoasaurs

From Jayea and Hawt

You: Yo random quick question. What is your favourite dinosaur?

Her: T Rex? (90% of the time they say this).

You: Aww.. you’re just saying that because it’s the only dinosaur you know! I think you look like a stegosaurus, you look cute and doey! What is your name?

122. I Like My Sister

You: Hey there, I have a quick but embarrassing question, so please don’t laugh when I tell you.

Her: ok?

You: I think I am secretly in love with my sister, or at least REALLY REALLY am attracted to her. How am I going to tell my parents?

Her: (shocked)

You: Actually I was just joking, but I couldn’t believe you fell for it. I liked the way you respected the fact and didn’t laugh at me. You seem like a good person. What is your name?

123. Jennifer or Angelina?

You: Hey there, I need a girls opinion on something. If you were Brad Pitt, who would you choose. Angelina or Jennifer? Her: Blah blah

You: Wow, why’s that? My sister said she likes [opposite of what the girl said] because she says that [girl’s answer] is a whore. My other sister said she likes Jennifer because she’s the “safe” one. So hopefully you’re not the “safe one” or I’m going to go hang out with someone more fun.

124. Polar Bear

You: Big Polar Bear In Antartica.

Her: Huh?

You: What? I’m just breaking the ice so I can talk to you about something more interesting.

125. Congratulations!


Her: Huh?

You: You passed my first test! Your dress/skirt looks interesting. Now I want to know if the person wearing it is as nice as her clothing. What’s your name?

126. Lonely Girl

This works on a girl that is standing or sitting alone by herself away from the main group.

You: Hey there, why are you sitting there by yourself? You have this look on your face that you did something naughty and just got away with it.  Come on, tell me what did you do?

Her: Huh?

You: Look! That smile on your face tells me you did something naughty! Tell me now! What’s your name by the way?

127. Bubbles0069

Online dating is huge these days, this one is based off it.

You: Sorry, I’m late. The traffic was HORRIBLE and I just didn’t know what I would wear on our first date.

Her: Huh?

You: What? Bubbles0069, that’s not you? We met online! She looks EXACTLY like you. Now I look feel like an idiot… Talk about embarrassing moments. What did you ever do that was this embarrassing before?

128. Hey You’re That Girl From…

This only works if you’re able to describe a location where you might have met a girl in detail. It should be pretty easy. You: Hey, aren’t you that girl that was waving to me on the bus last friday outside the film festival?

Her: Huh?

You: Oh you aren’t!? Hmmm… I swear I have seen you before. Why do you look so familiar? Where do you work or study?

129. Lost Cell Phone

From TD

This works great on groups of girls with a bunch of guys. Or pretty much any group of people you think it would be hard to get into. The idea is to pretend you’re looking for your cell phone that you lost and see if you can get some attractive girls to help you find it. You need to walk up to them and look at the floor looking concerned and confused.

You: Hey, have you seen a cell phone lying around here?

Her: Huh? Where?

You: We were here last night and my friend lost his phone. I think this was the last place we were at. Are you able to help me look for it for a second? They look around and find nothing.

Her: Sorry, can’t find it.

You: Hey, really thanks for that! Most girls would just ignore me and would act like total bitches. You seem nice. What’s your name?

130. Horse Girl Opener

From Brad P.

You: OMG! You remind me of this girl I remember back in primary school. There was a girl we used to call “horse girl” because she’d run around the playground pretending she was a horse and galloping everywhere. She was so cute and funny and totally obsessed with ponies. The weirdest thing, she looks JUST LIKE YOU! Are you sure we don’t know each other already? Because I remember she was kind of a dork, but so was I and we got along great! We were best friends for like one year before I thought I would be cool to make fun of horse girl in front of my buddies. She stopped talking to me after that. I feel like a total dick and I want to say sorry and see how she’s doing.

131. Ghost Hunters

From Mystery

You: Hey, do you believe in ghosts? One of my buddies is a paranormal investigator. He is the real deal and has all the EMP equipment and all that. Anyways, he invited me to go ghost hunting with him one day. What do you think? Do you think I should go hang out and see what Dracula and his cousins are doing?


From Mystery Make sure you only use this for super hot girls who have huge bitch shields.

You: OMG… You know what? You totally SUCK!

Her: huh?

You: I’ve been standing around wanting to talk to you for the past 3 minutes. But you’re always surrounded by a group of people. You SUCK because you’re little miss popular and the centre of attention. By the way do you think… [insert an opinion opener here].

133. Do You Have A Website?

From psykik_underground

You: Hey do you have a website?

  • Response 1 – Her: Yes
  • Response 1 – You: OMG, are you one of those geeky girls who sit there for hours writing about random stuff? Because I LOVE random stuff. What’s your site about?
  • Response 2 – Her: No
  • Response 2 – You: Great! You’re not one of those geek girls who sit there for hours writing about random stuff. Because that’s retarded. I have a website, but it’s totally not geeky. It’s awesome. Want to know what it’s about? It’s about why girls lie more than guys. So why do girls lie more anyway?

134. Rocket Bike!

From Psykik

You: Hey I got a quick question. My friend wants to buy a hot pink rocket bike, because he thinks all the girls will go crazy for it. I just think it’s totally gay. Would you be impressed if someone rode up beside you on a hot pink rocket bike?

135. Righty or Lefty

You: Yo, quick question. I am taking a psychology class right now and I want to do a test. Are you right or left handed?

  • Response 1 – Her: I’m left handed
  • Response 1 – You: Oh that’s cool, I’m right handed, that means I’m special and you’re not. Did you know that apparently statistically speaking right hand people live 8 years longer than lefties? So that means I’m special and I live longer than you!
  • Response 2 – Her: I’m right handed
  • Response 2 – You: Oh that’s cool, I’m right handed too, that means we’re special! Did you know that apparently statistically speaking right hand people live 8 years longer than lefties? So that means we live longer and can be special together for 8 more years!

136. Peeing Dog

From Mystery

You: You see that cute dog outside? It was so cute, it was a Labradoodle. Get this, I thought it was so cute and went over to play with it but it peed on me! Do I look like a lamppost? But I guess I should be happy since he marked to mark me as his.

137. The Necklace/Ring

From Mystery

If you happen to wear jewellery you can use this. Hold your ring or necklace in front of the girl and say:

You: You see this? My girl of my dreams gave me this this. But the sad thing is, I dropped my phone in the toilet and I lost her number. All I have is this ring/necklace to remind me of her. I kind of feel like I’m Cinderella and I’m waiting for my princess charming to return with my glass slippers so we can live happily ever after.

138. Heel Height

From Mystery

You: How tall are those heels?

Her: Blah blah.

You: I noticed you don’t walk and fall like a giraffe like most women I meet. You know what’s funny? When I was a kid my mom would try and match make for me. Whenever she saw a tall woman, she’d say “you know she’s perfect for you”. So every time I see a girl with heels it reminds me of my mom trying to hook me up. Oh did I tell you something? Us good looking people are not well liked. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.

139. Random Cutie

You: This is totally random and But I couldn’t help myself. I just had to come here and tell you that you’re ridiculously cute.

140. Who’s More Observant?

You: Guys, I need to hurry up and go in a little bit because my friends are waiting for me. But can you help me out? The thing is, my friends and I are arguing about something maybe you can help settle it for us.

Her: Ok?

You: Ok. Which gender is more observant, boys or girls?

141. Compliment Openers

You: What incredible energy you have! Do you do yoga or something?


You: You walk with such grace. You’re not from around here are you?


You: That’s a unique [insert item here]. Where did you get it from? It’d be perfect for my sister!

142. Direct openers

You: Hi, you look cute. I hope you’re friendly too.

You: What’s up? My friend’s love talking about girls. But I like actually talking to a real one.

143. Dogs or Cats?

You: What do you like better, Dogs or Cats?

Her: Dogs

You: No way! See, the problem is that I have a sister who will celebrate her birthday next week. She’ll be turning 9 and I can’t come to terms to whether I  should give her a Dog or a Cat. She loves both. So what do you think?

You can try this routine using other options like DVDs or upcoming movies to watch.

144. How Hot Are The Other Girls?

You: Hey there, I got a quick question for you. My friends need a female opinion on which girl OTHER women find attractive. So what do you think of that blonde?

Her: Oh she looks bitchy.

You: Geez, your’e just jealous! What would you rate her out of 10?

Her: 5?

You: Wow you’re harsh!

This provides the perfect opener and allows you to start talking about dating and relationships with her almost immediately.

145. Best Pick Up Line In The World

You: Hey, I got to run, but I just won first place in the world’s best pickup line competition. Want to hear my line?

Her: Ok?

You: Hi, my name is [XYZ] what’s yours?

146. Which Gender Is Easy To Get A Date

You: Hey, I got a quick question, which gender do you think is easier to get a date from? Men or women?

  • Response 1 – Her: Women?
  • Response 1 – You: Awesome! Let’s go out this weekend!
  • Response 2 – Her: Men?
  • Response 2 – You: Why do you think that? Ok, you see that cute bar tender over there? Go over there and flirt with him and get his number
  • Response 2 – Her: Huh? No!
  • Response  2 – You: See, now you know how guys feel.

147. Slap Me In The Face Opener

This routine requires at least two wingmen or friends.

You: Girls, please don’t judge me because I know that this is really embarrassing. My friends over there (point towards the wingmen) and I were playing a drinking game. I lost and in order to avoid paying them $100 I have to come her say something nasty to you girls… now I don’t wanna say it… because it’s really horrible. So if you one of you girls would just slap me right here (point to your cheek) we can trick them that I said what I should say. And remember, only slap me as hard as you want me to spank you.

A little caution: use this only once in a bar or club because it draws attention to you, so you can’t repeat it over and over, also and brace for the slaps.

148. Size Of Your Pants?

You: ok girls. I’ll be completely honest with you. I am just here because I want to get in your pants…. so what size are they? I think I’ll look good in them.

149. Sexy Elf Opener

You: Hey, do you know who is your look-a-like?

Her: Who?

You: A sexy elf.

150. The Claw

From RSD Nation

This is a physical opener. Grab the girls arm right below her wrist and you pull her in, you have to be confident or else it becomes creepy. And say:

You: I need you to pretend you’re having fun for with me, I made a bet with my friends. I lost, so I got to deliver him a birthday present. I didn’t buy one, so I guess you’re it!

151. Love Me Approach

From Rob Keys to the VIP

You: Hi, I’m [say your name]

Her: Hi, I’m Brittany

You: So, Brittany what’s it going to take for you to love me?

152. You are Incredibly Sexy Approach

You: Hi, I’m [say your name]

Her: Hi, I’m Michelle

[Give her a high five, then twirl her around to obviously check her out]

You: Wow, with that [personal observation – nice butt, toned legs, pretty eyes, etc.] you are incredibly attractive. What do you prefer: that we talk, dance, or kiss?

After this question you wait for her reply. Have a nice, welcoming, semi smile on your face and project absolute confidence.

153. Come Home with Me Approach

You: Hi, I’m [your name]

Her: Hi, I’m Lillian

You: Lillian, what are you doing later?

Her: Blah blah.

You: Do you want to come home with me?

***Don’t say ANYTHING else until she does. Project confidence and seriousness with your look and smile.

154. Other’s Opinion openers

You: Is the fridge or the cabinet the best place to keep maple syrup?

You: Hey my friend and his girl just decided to move in together. Now they already want to get a dog together. Big commitment right?

You: Does it make more sense to floss before or after brushing?

155. Horror Vs Comedy

You: What movies do you like better horror or comedy?

Her: [Answer]

You: Interesting. But don’t you find horror [comedy] movies on a date so cliché?

156. Haunted Houses

You: How do you feel about haunted houses?

Her: [Answer]

You: A friend of mine invited me to go to a haunted house. I am thinking about taking a lady friend, but I’m not sure yet.

157. Karma?

You: Do you believe in karma?

Her: [Answer]

You: I was having this debate with someone and she said “Couldn’t life just be a bunch of random events, and we chose to interpret things in ways to give it more meaning?”


You: Do you believe in karma?

Her: [Answer]

You: Because my week was lousy, but then I bumped into you.


You: Because you never know what happened to me this week [insert cool story about my interesting life]

158. Tattoo Opinion Opener Alternative

[Draw up some pretty cool looking tattoo sketches or try finding some online and load them into your phone.]

You: [Approach her] Hey, let me ask you a question. Which of these tattoos looks best to you? [Show her the options and continue conversation.]

159. Which Drink? Opener

You: Hey my buddies and I we’re just going to buy shots and couldn’t decide whether to get jack or fireball, what do guys think?

160. “Let’s Get to it” Approaches

You: So do you prefer to start talking to each other, or should we keep flirting from across the room?

You: Listen, you can’t keep looking at me like that and not say anything.

161. Neg Hit “Like Your Hair” Approach

You: Wow! Your hair is cool. Did you come here on a motorcycle?

162. Facebook Opinion Approach

You: Let me ask you for your opinion real quick? My 8 year old cousin just added me on Facebook. How would you handle that?

163. Best Kisser Approach

You: Apparently I’m the best kisser in [city or town name]. Do you want to put it to the test?!

164. Stealing Opener

You: [Approaching a group] Hey Guys! I’ll just take a minute, but I wanted to ask you advice on something real quick. A few weeks ago I went on a date, and we had a great time. We wined, we dined. We even went back to my place and did our thing. She wanted a shower, so I point her to the bathroom. So she took a shower and I drove her home and dropped her off, leaving her better than I found her. So I get home and go to take a shower of my own and my and I notice that a 40 dollar bottle of body wash that I bought at bath and bodyworks was missing! I thought “nah, no way” and looked all over my bathroom and the rest of the house. But, alas it was gone! Can you believe that? Would any of you ever take something from a man’s home like that?

165. Celebrity Lookalike Opener

You: Let me get your opinion on something. This past week three people have come up to me and told me I look just like [name a famous person] Do you think there is a resemblance?”

166. Duck Sized Horse Opener

You: If you had to make a choice between a Horse sized duck, or 6 duck sized Horses, which would you choose?

167. Lion Attack Opener

You: [Acting shocked] Oh my god! Are you okay?

Her: [Responds]

You: You look like you were just attacked by a lion.

168. Where Would You Go Opener

You: I’d like to ask you a quick question, and you tell me what you come up with ok? If you could fly, where would you go first?

169. Extremely Indirect Approaches

Very low risk and very low reward. These approaches do not offer much chance for follow up conversation. You must be genuinely interesting or the conversation will end when she answers you and walks away.

You: What time does this club close?


You: Do you know any other cool bars around here?


You: Where is the bathroom?


You: What time is it?


You: Are you guys in line?


You: Are you guys ordering together?

170.  Indirect Approaches

The idea here is to say something that it’s so intriguing that it takes her attention away from the fact that you’re a stranger. You want to make her (and her friends) focus on the question you ask.

You: Who lies more, cats or dogs?


You: If you thought your boyfriend was cheating, would you check his email?


You: If you thought your boyfriend was cheating, would you check his phone?

171. I Need a Hand Opener

You: Hey, I just got back from surfing and kind of sore, can you help me [insert action]


You: I’m in a hurry to meet a friend. Can you help me [activity] real quick?

[After she helps you with whatever activity]

You: That was really good…for a newbie.

[Continue the conversation]

You: My best friend normally helps me but he’s recording thunderstorms in the rainforest for a mediation CD he is producing.

Her: Really? Interesting!

You: Do you like the sound of thunderstorms? I always feel it balances my chi, do you believe in energy? I feel a strange energy coming from you. What is that?

Her: I don’t know…

You: Listen, you are a terrible person. You are totally pulling me away from my [whatever you were doing] and I’ve got to meet my friend for coffee in 10 minutes. Do you know that shop down the corner, yea its awesome you should check it out one day.

172.  Bad Shirt Choice Opener

You: Hey that shirt doesn’t look very good.

Her: Wow! You’re so mean.

You: But the rest of you makes up for it.

Her: Awwe thanks.

173. Hair Advice Opener

You:  You shouldn’t do that!

Her: Do what?

You:  Wear your hair up! You should wear it down then you would look perfect!

Her: [Smiles] Thank you.

174. Love Spell Scam Opener

From Mystery 

You: Hey guys. [Wait till get attention. That’s important]


You: I have to go in a minute but I saw you and I wanted to see what you’re like.


You: My friends and I were arguing over a point recently and I think I could use a female perspective.

You: My best friend in the world was dating this girl and right from the start it was obvious that she was NOT his type. He’s a really picky guy, but since it’s so important not be rude he had to finish the date. After she left his house, he found that she left this really WEIRD bag full of feathers and some weird writing on it. And then he couldn’t stop thinking about her. If you had to guess would you be inclined to say it was a magic love spell or some psychological effect?”

Group: Don’t know…

You: [Teasing] Where is your inner professor? Where is your spiritual side?

You: So what happened was that she denied the whole the thing and they ended up taking boat rides together, and even going to exotic places. But it didn’t finish well. She ended up scamming him for several thousands.

175. “How does This Shirt Look?” Opener

You: “Excuse me, my friends think this shirt looks bad on me and I wanted to know what you think about it”

Her: Looks good or Looks Bad

You: [Regardless of her answer] You look like a fashionable girl. [Proceed to talk fashion]


176. Love at First Sight Opener

You: Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again?

177. Polar Bear Opener

You: Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?

Her: Uhhh, no.

You: Enough to break the ice. Hi I’m [insert name]

178. You are Just Too Cute Opener

You: This is absolutely random, but you are ridiculously cute and I just had to tell you.

179. Had to Say Hello Opener

You: I just saw you and I had to come and say ‘hello.’ 

180. Christmas Wish Opener

[Acting like you are going to take a picture]

You: Hold still. I want to show Santa Claus what I want for Christmas.

181. Drunken Friend Opener

You: [To the group] Have you seen my drunk friend? I’m looking for my best bud. He’s really drunk and I promised to myself I would take care of him. That’s just the way I am with my friends. I feel the need to look after them and protect them.

You: [Turn to your target] You seem like you’re the same around your friends. I get a hunch that you’re the leader of your friends which is awesome! I bet you’d make an awesome mother! [continue to chat from there]

182. You’re Not Doing That are You? Neg Hit Openers

[All of these must be said with a slight smile and a face of disbelief]

You: You’re not really [insert action]


You: You’re not really ordering [insert food/drink/item]


You: You’re not really going to see [insert movie/artist]


You: You’re not really buying [insert item]

183. More Action Opening

You:  My friends are all talking about girls, so I thought I’d actually talk with some.

184. Boys or Girls Opening

You:  Hey guys, I got to be quick because my friends are waiting for me.  I wonder if you could help me settle something. The reason I’m asking is because me and some friends were having a debate and we need to get an answer, it’s driving us nuts.

Group: Hey, what’s up?

You:  Ok, Basically, we were debating on which is more observant, Boys or girls?

Group: [Group debates and eventually given an answer]

You:  Ok, that’s interesting. Are you willing to test that?

Group: [Intrigued and slightly sucked in] Hell yeah, of course we are.

You:  [Pointing to a guy] What’s your name?

Guy: My name’s Bob

You:  [Pointing to a girl] What’s your name?

Girl: My name’s Helen

You:  Ok, Bob and Helen, both of you stand up. [They stand] And now close your eyes [Click your fingers when you say this for better effect] Now, Bob, you’re going to go first, both of you keep your eyes closed.

[Proceed to ask each member of the game questions about their friend’s appearance. Don’t make the game too long, just a few questions to get them in fired up competitive mode. Take it from there with requisite negging, etc.]

185. Rating Girls – Right or Wrong Opening

You: We just need a feminine opinion on something. It sometimes happens that when my friends and I spot a girl, we like to give her a rating on her looks. We get mixed feelings from our surroundings on whether it’s ‘wrong’ or not?”

Girls: [Eventually ask] Well what grade do you give us?

You: Oh! We can’t do that. You can’t tell a girl her grade [You could neg hit here with a very low rating]

You: [To your wingman] That girl over there, what would you say?… 7?

Wing: Umm… 8.

You: No man. Okay 7.5″

[Continue the conversation from there]

186. Cookbook Opening

You: Hey there! Can I ask your help? Where is the closest book store?

Her: Sure. Its [gives directions]

You: Thanks. But, I don’t want to get lost. Are you sure it’s that way?

You:  Thanks again. Hey listen, I would like to buy cook book for my friend’s birthday. She cooks for me pretty often. Do you think giving her a cookbook would be an insult? Like I’m saying that she needs help with her cooking skills?

Her: [Answer]

You: [Reply to Her Answer. Then Transition] Would you consider yourself a visual person?

Her: [Reply]

You: When you think do you see pictures or movies in your mind? I noticed that you often look up when you think. Most people who look up like that when they think are creative and are visually oriented. I’m the same way.

Her: [Reply]

You: Lawyers and accountants, people known for being logical, look to the side when they are thinking. Emotional types look down when they think.

You: But different people combine different looks, depending on their mood at the time. But by looking at the direction a person favors you can tell a lot about them.

187. Three Truths and a Lie Opening

You: Tell me three truths about you and one lie, and I will guess which is which.

Her: [Reply]

You: [Take a guess which is the lie]

*Note: When a person looks to the left they are trying to remember something that has actually happened. When they look to the right they are trying to construct an idea. Of course this can’t be 100% true. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

188. Compliment Opener

You: You have an incredibly energy about you.


You: You have an artless grace.


You: That’s an incredible [accessory/garment/ whatever]

189. Never be a Couple Opening

You: Awwe. You are so cute. But you make me SO SAD!

Her: Why?

You: [pause with puppy dog face] Because we could NEVER EVER be a couple!

Her: Why???

You: Nooo. We are too similar. Imagine. We would be SO IN LOVE. And the next moment we would be fighting and screaming and throwing things. And then we would have HOT MAKE UP SEX all over the place. And then fight, makeup sex, fight, make up sex. After a week we would both be in psychiatric care due to emotional drainage!

190. Dog or Cat Opening

You: Hey. Can I ask you all a quick question? Do you guys prefer dogs or cats?

Her: Dog

You: No way! Dogs suck.

You: Nahhhh. I’m just kidding. I have a few dogs myself (Laughing)

You: See, what’s happening is my [sister’s/cousin’s] birthday is in one week. She is going to be 10 years old and I don’t which one I should buy for her. She loves both cats and dogs. The other day at the pet shop… [continue the story]

Note: Other variations

– What you prefer for a gift a Cd or DVD?

– Which movie do you think is better? [choose 2 movies]

191. Self-Empowering Class Opener

From justincedible!

You: Hey can I ask you guys a question? What do you think about self-empowerment classes?

Her: [Response]

You: See, my buddy just ended a long-term relationship. He told me he wants to get back in the game by taking one of those classes. I said he should just go out meet people and socialize. Go out without any pressure of anything else. Go and have a good conversation.

You: But then there is my roommate. SHE thinks that it’s next to impossible for guys to meet girls in public. But she also says that self-empowerment classes are lame. She also thinks that classes for empowerment are ironically lame. Then again she really had no problems attracting people with her job.

Her: What did she do?

You: [Laughing] You’re not going to believe this! She’s an exotic dancer. But she is also double majoring Business and Criminal Justice. She says the dancing is so that she can put herself through school. It is her life. She’s an interesting girl.

You: I bet you’re in school aren’t you?


192. Psychic Name Guess Opener

[Point to each one and pretend like you are tapping into you “psychic” abilities and just spit random names]

You: Mary, April, and Lisa. [Its fun to neg them with ugly names]

Group: You think I look like a [they say a name].

From there you just continue the conversation.

193. Massage Opener

From Simple Pickup

With 100 percent confidence you just go up to women and giving them massages.

194. Gangam Style Opener

[Do the Gangam style dance as you approach the girl]

You: [Scream] GANGAM STYLE!

195. The “Twirl” Post-Opener

Slightly after the opener you shake her hand, you lift it up, and twirl her, then bring her in.

196. The Kiss Opener

With this opener you pretty much go for the kiss-close within the first 10 seconds. This takes a lot of balls to do, but its very well possible if you are calibrated.

197. Foot Fetish Opener

You:  Your feet look amazing. I have to admit, I have a crazy foot fetish.

198. Met my Stalker Opener

You: Oh so you’re my stalker? Everyone’s been warning me about you.


198. The Co-worker Opener

You: You work here too?

199. North-South Opener

You: Hi, north is that way [point north] and south is that way [point south]. And in between north and south is you and me so I just wanted to tell you this. I don’t know a lot of people here and I’ve decided I’m going to meet everyone, starting with you. Hi, I’m [insert your name].

200. Different Schools Opener

You: Hey, I know you! We went to different schools together.

201. How’s It Working Out? Opener

You: How is that working out for you?

Her: What….?

You: Being puzzled and still doing good in the real world. Hi my name is [say name].

202. Best Pick Up Line in the World Opener

You: Hey guys! I won first prize for best pickup line in the world. Would you like to hear it?

Group: Uhhh, OK.

You: Hi!

203.Designated Wingman Opener

You: Hi I’m the designated Wingman for tonight. Let’s go meet my friends.

204. Matchstick Opener

[Find a set you want to open. One of you two lights a cigarette with a match. The other starts taunting him]

You: Come on man. Are you serious? Matches?! What are we in 1945?

You: [Playfully ask the girls] Seriously, when you see someone light a cigarette with matches, what impression do you get?”

205. Dance Bet Opener

[Find a guy dressed kind of douchy who is on the dance floor trying to look like he’s all that]

You: [Approach a girl/a small group of girls] I bet you a round of drinks you can’t beat that guy in a dance off.

[If they hesitate tell them you will join them on the dance floor.]

You: [Go back to the table and debate who won] How about we just call it a draw and we both buy each other a round of drinks?

206. Super Sexy Man Opener

You: From now on call me super sexy man big boner 10. If you ever see me again make sure you call me by that name alright?”

[Come back later or tomorrow and say] “What’s my name?”

207. Random Technique Approaches

  • Ask people for their food.
  • Buy a yellow rubber ducky and ask random girls “Look at my duck, touch my duck, smell my duck”

208. Dating is Easier for Which Sex? Opener

You: Would you say men or women have it easier with respect to dating?

Her: Women

You: [Give her a high five] Yea!


Her: Men

You: Why do you say that? [Dare her to flirt with someone. When she declines say] Now you know how we feel.

[Either way she answers you go into this routine]

You:  [Saying why women have it easier by telling a story] For my [person’s] birthday we all go out. The whole night his friend [insert girls name here], the guy she was seeing, kept trying to kiss her the whole night. Finally when we’re going back to our car to leave, he tries to invite her to spend the night at his house. She turns him down again, as we’re leaving he runs up to the car and forces a kiss from her. Now that we finally left she says “How many times do you have to turn a guy down before he gets the point?”

209. Brook Hogan Opener

You: [Opening a set] Guys, check this out. Brooke Hogan does a photo shoot for PETA and brings her father, Hulk Hogan, to the unveiling. The thing is, one of the photos is of her in a cage, naked. What do you think of letting your parent see that?

[If they don’t care then call them out on not having ethics.]

You: You know, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Torrie Wilson, who wrestled for the WWE posed for playboy. In an article she said that she let her mother see the magazine. After her mom’s reaction she was like, ‘yeahhh I probably shouldn’t have done that’. At least Torrie has a brain unlike Brooke. On an episode of Tosh.O there was a clip where Brooke said that women can’t have a position like being the president because of how hormonal and emotional women are. They’d never be able to make a rational decision.

210. 2 girls and 1 guy Opener

You:  [To the guy] dude, where did you get that shirt?

Guy: [Responds]

You:  I have to rejoin my friends in minute, but the reason I’m asking is because my ex-girlfriend actually stole a shirt of mine that was exactly like that one! I was hoping that wasn’t where you got it. Now I feel like I have to buy 2 of everything I like just in case one gets stolen.

211. Terrible Idea Opener

[When a girl is giving advice to another.]

You: [Interrupting them] That’s a terrible idea! [Explain the flaws in a stupid funny way]

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