How To Display Confident Body Language

You cannot be a manly man if you don’t know how to display confident body language. So let Mr Manlyhub show you how it’s done. In fact, did you know that the Shaolin monks created Kung Fu after seeing Mr Manlyhub singled handedly beating the living shit of a pirate ninja’s in the Himalayan peaks, whilst having an arm wrestle with the yeti at the same time? We’re not joking, if Wikipedia was around at the time, they would have referenced it. In fact, that was how the monks created the dragon stance and tiger position after looking at Mr Manlyhub deflecting spears with his eye lashes as the bandits tried to stab him in the eye.

So if anyone is qualified to teach you how to display confident and manly body language, it’s Mr Manlyhub.

Nowadays, there’s no longer the need to fight off pirate ninja’s, but we do have to deal with hot women who are bitches. So here’s some body language tips to keep in mind to look like THE MAN in front of the ladies.

1. Have Open Body Language

When you’re having a conversation with a person (a man or a woman), don’t cross your hands across your chest or hunch your back. You look weak and unappealing. Make sure you keep your back straight and shoulders upright.

2. Don’t Be Shy About Using Space

Make sure you control your space. You are the man! Don’t be afraid to put your arm or leg on the chair in front of you. Sit back and relax.

3. It’s Ok To Touch

Make sure when you’re out, you are touching both the men and the women in the group. Maybe you’re giving people high fives or what not. Women perceive men who are affectionate to both men and women in the same group to be much more dominant and the one that’s in control.

4. Give Attention Slowly

When someone tries to get your attention, don’t immediately turn and run off with them like a puppy dog. Take your time, maybe you’re in the middle of a conversation, lift your finger up to them as a signal for them to “hold up”. They should be waiting for you, not the other way around.

5. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Don’t be afraid to look around and explore the environment. Make eye contact with the women around you. Look to see if there are any girls noticing you looking at them too. The idea is not to look and turn away, you want to take your time surveying the scene. You are the man and you’re getting to know the territory that you’re going to dominate in.

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6. Look Like You Are About To Leave…

When you first engage in a conversation with someone, do not turn your shoulders and face them directly at first. Instead, what you want to do is turn your body side on to them so that your shoulders are facing away from the person you’re speaking to, but you’re face is directly looking at them. This way it looks like you’re about to leave at any moment and unless they bring up something interesting to keep you invested in the conversation, you’re going to do something else.

7. Have A Great Smile! 🙂

Remember, people smile when they are comfortable. There’s nothing more dominant than having a big smile on your face when you are in an environment and everyone else is gloomy looking. Plus smiling is contagious and opens you up to women who will think you’re the friendly guy, who’s sexy too!

8. Eye Contact

Make sure you keep eye contact with the girls you’re talking to. What you want to do is look at her eyes, then look at her face, then look away at something else. That way you won’t be staring at her eyes and being creepy. And please, don’t stare at her breasts.

9. Keep Your Posture Upright

This is a no brainer, if you look like a slouch you just LOOK like your uncomfortable and down. Stand up straight when you talk. You’re not the golum and you don’t need to look like a hunch back.

10. Use Your Hands & Face

When you’re in the middle of a discussion, there’s nothing more dominant than using your hands to gesture. That way you’ll automatically have your palms open and facing the sky. You’ll be smiling and you’ll have interesting facial expressions. You’ll look and sound more convincing too!

11. Slow Things Down

A lot of men with low confidence like to rush through things. For example they might walk too fast, or talk too quickly. Slow down. Relax. You’re the man and people wait on you!

12. Stop Fidgeting

If you find yourself playing with your hands, tapping your leg or doing something along these lines, it’s telling the world that you’re insecure of yourself and don’t know what to do. This also applies to when you’re talking. If you’re touching your face or scratching your head, you just don’t look confident. If you’re really bored, just sit there looking disinterested and don’t move around.

13. Don’t Be Afraid To Touch Women

If you’re talking to a girl and you want to seduce her, you don’t want to be a pussy and be like “excuse me, may I touch you”. That’s just lame. A good routine to make sure you get women used to you touching her is this. After you shake her hand, let go of her hand slightly, but don’t drop it completely. If she keeps holding onto your hand, she is comfortable around you. See how long she holds onto your hand for. If she holds onto it for a little longer say “ok you can let go of me now”. That’s another sign of confidence.

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