How To Ask A Girl Out

1. My Sis’s Birthday

You: I hope you won’t mind me asking.

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Her: Nope. What is it?

You: It’s my sister’s birthday next week and I don’t know what to give her. Any suggestions?

Her: Blah blah

You: Wow that sounds awesome! How about this, since you’re the guru at present hunting, why don’t we go out on the weekend and you pick something for me?

2. Spare Tickets?

You: OMG… I want to watch that new [INSERT MOVE HERE]. Have you seen it already? My asshole friend cancelled on me last minute and I have a spare. Wanna come?

3. I’m Cursed!

You: Are you innocent and sweet?

Her: why?

You: Some crazy fortune teller lady told me I was cursed, and unless I hang out with someone whose innocent and sweet, I can’t shake this curse. So how about you be my little angel and save me this weekend?

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