How To Get Her Into Bed

1. G String Story

You: Yo, I need a female opinion on something. My friend totally messed up with his girlfriend. It’s kind of funny and embarrassing at the same time. What happened was that his girlfriend found a G String in his closet and accused him of cheating on her. But get this, he actually never cheated. He just has this fetish for wearing G strings… Now his girlfriend actually finds it a turn on and wants him to wear it when he walks around the house. Now the thing is, he feels totally stupid. So is it time for him to tell her that he feels silly?

Girl: You’re talking about yourself aren’t you?

You: Was it that obvious? Damn, I am shy, don’t say things like that. By the way? I’m wearing white panties, what about you? What color are yours?

This routine allows you to immediately talk about sex and start poking around at her panties immediately to get her into bed.

2. Date Delay

This only works if you know she likes you a lot. Tell her that the two of you are going out, but first meet at your place, but instead of meeting her outside, tell her to wait for you at the door.

When she arrives, tell her you’re on the phone and let her in. Then when she walks in pretend that you’re talking on the phone. If you have a good body, you can walk around with your shirt off.

Make sure the apartment has windows open and so when she comes in the first time she’ll feel safe and feel like you’re not trying anything on her. Don’t leave just yet. Tell her you will leave soon, and propose to watch a clip.

After that then test her compliance scratch her back or something. Get her to give you a massage. If she resists, then leave. If not, see if you can move onto seduction. Calibrate the situation and see if she accepts your physical escalation to see if you can move onto seduction.

3. Car Extractions

Instead of trying to get a woman to go to your house to seduce her, which is often met with resistance, just tell her to go to your car. Which is met with little or no resistance and say:

You: Don’t worry I’ll give you a ride home later.

You set this up by telling the woman early in the interaction something like “I’m so hungry” and then later on you say “let’s get some food” then you take her to your car instead.

4. Steve’s Sex Story

You: Did you hear about my friend Steve? He was in a bar the other day and met his ex girlfriend who he has not seen in 5 years, and the hilarious thing about it was that he didn’t recognize that she was his ex! He took her home and after they had sex, he finally recognized her when she started screaming and moaning the way she used to… Most women are so perverted. I hope you’re not as perverted as most (then wink at her).

Ok, I am aware how perverted girls are, and because you are staring at me that way, I need you to stop doing that right now. Knock it off! I’m a virgin, alright!?

At this point, you have just established a funny and flirty situation where you can freely talk about sex and use sexual innuendo!

5. Blush Button

You: So, where’s YOUR blush button?

Her: My what?

You: Your blush button. We all have our own unique blush button, and everyone’s is different from the rest. Is it here? (Poke her arm).

You: (When she does not react, you say) Hmm, not there I guess. It’s usually this one little spot on everyone’s body… (tickle her waist and she’ll probably be ticklish and most likely jump).

You: Woah! Guess that was your jump button!

Try the other parts of her body starting with the back of her neck and her cheeks using the back of your hand. She should start blushing soon.

You: Haha, there it is! Gotcha!

In certain situations, you may need to seed the conversation right at the onset with the idea of sex; when attraction is established and rapport is there, you may want to discuss energy and psychology and at some point, you can insert the idea of a massage. You need to be very enthusiastic about it and say you just have to show it to her. Build up on the premise that it’s very therapeutic and that you have made your own variation to make it more enjoyable. Generally, the girl will either agree to it or say something like “Oh, will you show me now?”.

Sometimes when you’re halfway during the seduction, the woman will put up some sort of resistance. She’ll make a comment to test how much of a man you are and if you’re a chump. Act as if her resistance is not an issue and you don’t have to acknowledge it. Then, when you’re in a safe, private comfort building location, tell her it’s time to show her the massage.

6. Fingers and Legs Routine

Step 1

This seductive routine engages both the woman’s mind and body. You begin by telling a short story to open up a casual flow in your conversation. When she is comfortable and you KNOW she likes you (as in you made out with her before) say:

You: Hey, do you want to see a cool trick I learned about the female body?

Her: Sure!

Now engage her mind with a story.

You: Well, I learned this from my great grandfather who learned it from his grandfather who personally learned it from Casanova himself.

Her: Really! That sounds very interesting.

Step 2

Grab her hand. Position her first and middle fingers facing down on the palm of your hand. Make sure that her two fingers would look like her legs on your palm.

Now talk to her using a sexy foreign accent:

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You: What I learned about my great grandfather is that a woman’s body has the same sensitivities in her fingers as it does in her legs.

Slowly brush her finger tips using the tip of your other hand’s index finger and say:

You: Notice that when I touch the tips of your fingers like this… it is almost like you can feel it in your toes.

Step 3

Advance your index finger above her first knuckle and caress its soft flesh and say:

You: And when I touch this part of your fingers it’s like I am gently caressing your calves.

Step 4

As you move above her second knuckle begin to touch the part of her fingers that would correspond to her thighs and say:

You: When I touch this part I am like gently sliding my hands down your thighs.

Step 5

And finally say:

You: And when I kiss you right here it is like I am kissing you…

Even before you finish your sentence, go down and kiss the part between her fingers. You can use a bit of tongue as well. She’ll feel a wave of pleasure through her body like you’re going down on her. Don’t be startled if she’ll scream. Just laugh and say:

You: Isn’t that cool?!

By this time she is really turned on and super horny. Be the man and do not let her down. Lead her to a private place and proceed with the kill. She is ready and eager. She may even be the one who’ll lead you to her bedroom.

7. Pose For Me

You: Hey, since we’re here in my room, I want to sketch you. Just stand over there and pose seductively.

After a while, slowly ask her to remove bits of clothing with excuses like:

You: Hmm.. I am having trouble sketching your garments, why don’t you take off your blouse a bit. Leave your bra on woman! Geez! What do you think we’re doing?

Read her body language, if she’s keen to take off her clothing and is comfortable, you can make further requests:

You: ok great, now turn your back so it faces me, then pose like your undoing your bra.

If all is well, you’ll be able to get her naked in no time.

8. Half A Month Expectation Hype

This is routine requires effort, but when executed well, you will definitely get in the good books real quick.

  1. Day 1 – Get close to her and then whisper “You will definitely like this” and then walk away from her.
  2. Day 2 – Ask her “remember what I told you yesterday? What was it?” her answer would be “You whispered that I will definitely like this”. Once she responds, you need to get close to her once again, whisper the same thing, “you’re definitely going to like this”, then walk away.
  3. Day 3 – Do the same thing that you did on the first two days but this time, after she replies, grab her hand, subtly massage it while repeating: “you will definitely like this”.
  4. Day 4, 5 – Continue with the routine but escalate the interaction each more, such as massaging her shoulders or stroking her cheeks. Ask her again to tell you what you have told her for the past few days.
  5. Day 6 – Do the same thing and let her list the things that you did to her on the past days. After she lists, she she’s going think you’re going to say “you’ll definitely like this” again. However, this time, say “I will continue with this if you tell me what I did for you that you really liked before, was it the massage? Was it stroking the  back of your neck?. When she says something like “I love it when a guy lovingly plays with my ear or kisses my neck”. After she says that, ask her to repeat the things that you did to her starting from the first day to the 6th, and as she ends, do the thing that she just told you she liked. For example, you can kiss her on the neck or something.
  6. Day 7 to day 15 – During this entire week, continue doing what you did on day 6. Chance are, you probably would have made her horny enough to want to have sex with you before day 15.

9. The Duchess Carolyn Massage

You: Did you know adults  are just like babies we all love to be touched?  Give me your hands, I’m going to give you the finest massage that you will ever experience in your life. Just make sure you close your eyes. I want you to imagine that you are naked and totally relaxed on a carpet beside a warm fireplace.

You feel warm as every contour of your body glistens under the light of a full moon lit by the flames.

I want you to pretend you belong to a royal family, a duchess, and you are currently inside an ancient castle in Europe surrounded by lush greens, mountains and lakes. You are waiting for your Prince to come and give you the most soothing and calming massage ever.

Here comes your Prince, remember to keep your eyes closed.

Let’s pretend your name is Duchess Carolyn.

“I can see that Duchess Carolyn is very excited, as she lays belly down, with only her panties on, as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her Prince for that soothing massage.”

Leisurely rub her shoulders while whispering:

You: How does that feel? Feels amazing does’ it?

Her: Yes…

You: (whisper in her ear) Your Prince thinks you’ll like this more.

Pull her hair and stroke her ear as you move down her and gently kiss her neck.

10. The Mystic Massage (In 3 Stages)

[Inform her that the most sensual and relaxing massage comes in three stages and if she plays her cards right, she might even get to the 3rd stage.]

Start with trying to look for a spot on her spine where you can dig your fingers in. Don’t be too rough. Easy does it. Begin at the bottom of the neck. Allow her to completely feel every turn of your hand and as you hit the bottom of the spine, you need to guide your hands in opposite directions.

Stage 1: During the massage’s first stage never ever allow your hands to wander on her behind. Always make sure that your hands go around her butt, not on it. In fact, the proper pressure points are placed around the ass, not on it. The pressure points are gaps between the muscles and they can be found in many parts of the body, there are practically thousands of them in a human body. The trick is to be very careful when massaging them. You do not want to press too much or press too little. When you are pressing the points around the girl’s ass, make sure that you massage the back of the thighs.

Press a little bit harder on the parts of the thigh that have more flesh. However, never press hard when you reach the back of her knee because that spot is directly connected to the bladder and it would be totally sore if you press too much. Proceed immediately to the ankle and afterwards return to her upper body.

Upon reaching the back of the knee, alter your direction. Rather than rubbing the back of her thighs, inch your fingers slowly until reaches the part where you are almost stroking her between her legs, but don’t do it yet. It is still early to do that at this point.  Do it as if it’s part of the massage and repeat doing it in order to make her anticipate the tease. Keep in mind that these spots are vital pressure points that have to be hit and they form part of the entire sensual massage process. You can see signs that she is clearly getting pretty agitated and sensually thrilled down there.

Let your hands loiter around the inner thighs portion some more, and then, let your hands stroll up the upper portion of her body, the very same trail that you used on your way down. Upon reaching the top for the second time, inform her now that stage two is about to start.

From this point on, the situation is going to get more physically sensual.

Stage 2: Start massaging her with evident passion. Put a little bit more pressure into the massage, but be subtle with your hand movements as well, making sure that she feels the pressure just about right. Avoid squeezing her too much. Don’t let your eagerness and excitement make her uncomfortable. Keep in mind that what is considered as a sensual touch can be both caressing yet at the same time strong. Place your hands on her shoulders and gently knead her collarbones. Be passionate and take delight in massaging her at that spot, most likely your passion will flow through her and she’ll most likely enjoy what you are doing. Go down her back one more time, try to remove her top and massage her naked skin. Unlatch her bra and say “This is the real path to relaxation” and then massage her passionately. Very seldom would they object. If you sense that she had not been “turned-on” adequately enough for a potential make out (while most of them would already be in high gear for passionate kissing at this point), you may be in for some last minute resistance (LMR). Move in and massage her sides and you can venture even to the sides of her boobs.

The moment your hands touch her hips one more time, touch her firmly on that part and make sure that you massage her hipbones. They are amazingly sensitive and if you press on this area and hit the right spots, you would be able to arouse her sensual mood. Try it and see what happens!

At this stage, you can now touch her ass, but just a little, as if teasing her. Massage it in passing and do not settle on it just yet. Continue sliding downwards to her legs and slowly go up passing through the inner thigh spots once again. But this time do it with more keenness and enthusiasm. By now, the girl should have already become so excited she is already trying to anticipate what you have in store for her next.

Now, at this point, inform her that you are about to start stage 3.

Stage 3:  Lean frontward and give her a passionate peck on the ear down to her neck.

If you have tried the kiss close before, this act should be very easy for you. However, if it’s your first time, do not hesitate because at this point kissing her is not a big deal anymore.  Be more self-assured, pause momentarily after the first kiss and then do it again. This time do it a little bit more passionately. Slowly go down her body using your lips while your hands subtly touch her in the different parts of her body. Every now and then give her a nibble on her shoulders and her back. She will definitely like this.

Kiss her on her legs even if she has her jeans on especially on her hips. It’s quite okay to kiss her even if she has her clothes on. You are just making her get used to your face being on that spot. Give her a scratch here and there while listening to her breathing. You would know if she is getting excited with the way she breathes. People usually gasp when they become sexually excited so watch out for these telltale signs.

After you’re dome kissing and caressing that side of her body, turn her over. She is most likely so turned on already, especially if you did everything right. You can kiss her anywhere you want by now. Continue the massage but, this time make it a full body massage. At this point, you can now leave out the first stage and go directly to passionate pressing using your hands and after a while, your lips. You can now kiss and touch her boobs but explore her other body parts as well. Touch her entire body and take delight in this kind of freedom. Always kiss her on the lips and make sure to look straight into her eyes as often as you can. When in the middle of any type of sexual or sensual act, eye contact is very important. Less eye contact can ultimately result in feeling uncomfortable towards each other during the petting process. You can coerce her to look you into the eyes by telling her that that you are willing to do anything that she desires as long as she also stares you in the eye. Keep on touching her and every time she ceases to look at you, stop caressing her. She’ll eventually catch up with the program.

There are ways to connect the Condiment Kiss Routine to the Mystic Massage but you have to tweak some of the rules a bit. You can discuss the energy while performing the massage and you can make a connection on the importance of the energy on the various sexual actions. For example, once you slide your finger inside her, this signifies that you are trying to bond with the energy present inside her and you are attempting to get some of her energy. At this point, touch her lips and say “Now, you need to suck the energy from my finger”. This usually works especially if you have had several passionate sexual meetings with the girl. You need to establish rapport before you can do this. You can also say that after you have taken some of her energy, it needs to be balanced and that is why she has to suck out some of the energy from you. You can also go back to the paintbrush stage, inform her that energy will be rushing from your hand into her and then touch her clit and massage her down there. This establishes a great and electrifying sexual ambiance for you and her.

Some helpful tip: Try massaging her at the spot right underneath the collarbone and simultaneously dig inside her hipbone. You would be able to bring her to a kind of sensation that is similar to having an orgasm.

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