How To Bypass Her Rejections

Have you ever been in this situation?

Imagine this, you and the girl you’ve spent a lot of time with trying to seduce is finally sitting on your bed.

You have mustered enough courage and started to make a move on her, and you’re starting to kiss her.

She kisses you back and you think to yourself “so far so good”, so you slowly move your way towards her neck and gently slide your hands over her chests.

She’s arching her back with pleasure and seems to be enjoying your gentle touch, so you move forward and start massaging her thighs and work your way towards removing her jeans…

Then suddenly she stops, and pushes you away and says:

“I think we should stop right now”.

You think to yourself, totally confused in the situation “what the hell? I thought you liked me”.

So you’re there sitting there deciding what to do as the feeling of confusion and disappointment is intertwining with the sexual tension built up in the moment – making you feel angry and mad, but the same time not knowing what to do.

So what should you do?

Why do women stop you just before you’re going to have sex?

First and foremost, women undeniably enjoy sex as much as men do. In fact, they might even like it a bit more since they have the ability to have multiple orgasms in many different forms.

However, what they don’t like about it is feeling bad about having it. Our modern day society has been telling women since the dawn of time that having casual premarital sex is taboo and should be frowned upon.

Now looking at this from the traditional perspective of evolution it is easy to understand why. The act of sex is in essence the procreation of another child. This is a big risk to her as it might result in her conceiving a child, which is a huge liability, especially if there is no father to raise it with her.

Some equate the feeling that men have when approaching a woman for the first time “approach anxiety” with a woman’s last minute resistance when it comes to sex. This is the fear of having sex with a guy she has never with for the first time.

Now it’s important to make the distinction that this does not mean she does not want to have sex with you or at that time. It’s just a natural feeling of apprehension and tension that women in general feel before doing it.

Like most things, the best cure is prevention and it’s easier to stop it from happening at all instead of creating strategies to get around it.

How to Prevent her from “Stopping Sex”

By far the quickest and easiest way to prevent it from happening to you is by increasing her comfort level around you, and giving her the impression that you two have a deep and powerful bond that is on both an emotional and physical level.

However, most guys also forget that you need to create sexual attraction during the entire dating process. A lot of guys do not do this, then invariably just end up being “too friendly” then being in the “friends zone” where it is extremely difficult to get out of.

In general girls who are more comfortable with their sexuality are going to need less amount of a bond and connection before you two engage in sex. However, if you’re looking to have sex with a girl for her very first time, then you’re going to be certain that she wants to have a feeling that she’s going to be not only physically safe around you, but emotionally linked to her in such a way that makes you her soul mate – or something close to that.

This is where a lot of guys make the big mistake by focusing too much effort at making the girl feel at ease with their presence. In fact, they give the woman a vibe that they are not a sexual person at all in an attempt to dissipate any fear of discomfort the girl may have.

So in an effort to increase comfort they lose all their sexual potential as a mate, and most often than not wind up in the FRIENDS ZONE.

However, all is not lost.

There is one sure fire way to make sure that you are able to bond with a woman emotionally whilst being able to maintain massive amounts of sexual tension. Combining and cycling through the following creates this:

  1. Experience and share extremely heavy and personal moments, that are deep and meaningful alone with her.
  2. Flirt and tease her immediately after in a light hearted fashion.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 over and over again.

For example:

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You: So tell me what do you really think is important in a relationship between two people (this is the deep and meaningful portion, where you talk about what really matters).

Her: I think it’s the fact that the two share common values and thoughts together. What about you?

You: If I tell you, I think you’ll fall in love with me, so make sure you do don’t fall for me too hard after I tell you? (this is the flirting and teasing).

Her: haha, I’m sure I won’t fall in love with you.

You: I think common values and an emotional connection is just one part of what it takes to make a relationship work. It requires.. blah blah blah (talk for 3 more minutes about what is valuable for a relationship to work, this is where you further talk to her about something deep and meaningful and share something personal and insightful).

Her: wow, I didn’t know that you thought about this topic in so much detail.

You: see, I told you not to fall in love with me, you’re starting already… (this is where you continue to tease and flirt with her light heartedly).

If you let her know that the both of you are able to share a deep bond and experience emotions together, whilst being able at the same time to give her the impression that you two have a romantic connection. Eventually, when it reaches the stage where the two of you feel sexual tension, it will not only be natural for the events to follow, but she’ll have felt enough of a bond between you to not put up any form of resistance.

Make sure that you are able to demonstrate the following:

  1. You are not judgemental and do not judge her on what she does
  2. Give her the feeling that she’s in control of the situation
  3. Make sure she’s not feeling unwanted pressure.

You should be able to hint to her the 3 things I listed above in your talks with her. If you did it right, then you will not encounter any problems when it comes to the final phase of the seduction.

How to bypass her sex stopping objections

Now we mentioned that preventing her from stopping sex in the first place, is the best thing to solve it, but what should you do if you are in this situation already?

Well let’s begin by NOT doing what most other guys do and they are:

1. Stopping right there and then and not attempting to move forward – if you do this, then sure you might come across as a “nice guy” but you’re not an alpha male who knows that she’s just putting up nominal resistance as a precaution, and deep down, if she’s lying on the bed with you and you’re kissing her and sexually caressing her, she wants to sleep with you.

So if you stop right here and don’t try to move forward, then in her mind, subconsciously you’re going to lose value. So the next time you might not even make it onto the bed with her clothes on!

2. Start begging for sex – if you start begging for sex, then you’re going to come across as being desperate and needy. Let me ask you, when was the last time that you ever bought anything from a car salesperson that said “please buy this car from me, otherwise I’m going to lose my job and I won’t have money to pay for rent”. Sure that might make you feel sorry for him, but it won’t make his offer any more attractive. What it will do however, is make sure that you will avoid that particular car salesman in the future because he has made you feel uncomfortable with his desperateness.

The same thing applies when begging a woman for sex. She’s going to look on you and feel pity for you. So even in the unlikely even that you do get sex that night, it will seem as she’s rewarding you and she’s the prize, making her the focus of the interaction.

Not only does that devalue you even more, you would have in essence conned her and guilt tripped her into sleeping with you. It’s very unlikely that she’ll put herself in a situation where that will happen ever again.

3. Start trying to logically convince her to having sex – remember, women are not logical creatures and when you start trying to convince her with reasoning you’re going to hit a brick wall.

If you start saying “baby, but we’re known each other for 2 weeks it’s natural to have sex”. You would have effectively reminded her that it’s only been 2 weeks and it’s going to look bad if her friends find out. What if it doesn’t work out? What if her ex boyfriend starts calling again? As you can see, you’re only remind her of reasons to NOT have sex with you if you start trying to convince her.

So now we’re clear on what you should NOT do.

Let’s be clear on the facts that you’ll encounter when the girl puts up her last minute resistance. Generally the following should be true:

1. you’re alone

2. you’re together kissing on the bed or couch or sofa

3. you’re probably fondling each other

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that she’s very interested in sleeping with you.

But the way you handle the situation is going to determine whether or not you will end up with that girl in your bed that night.

Techniques to bypass Her Sex stopping objections

1. “I think we should stop” – agree and continue

What I advise you to do, if she does tell you that you should stop is to do this.

Her: I think we should stop.

You: I totally agree with you (then continue to kiss and caress her)

When you agree with her, you’re in effect disarming her forcefield, because she has nothing to argue with you about. Chances are, she really wants to sleep with you, but you probably didn’t make her aroused enough for her sexual energy to consume her. So what you can do is just keep building up the seductive atmosphere where you will force her emotional chemistry to take charge of the situation.

Keep kissing her and fondling her and making her sexual excited, perhaps you tried to take her clothes off too quickly beforehand. So you need to back track a little, and start the foreplay thoroughly by touching her through her clothing so that she’ll feel that they are inhibiting what makes her feel good, and she’ll eventually take off her clothing herself.

Just make sure when you’re doing this, you repeat what she’s saying “we so should not be doing this”, but continue with your actions, and then you would have effectively reversed the roles, and made it out as if she’s seducing you.

2. The Freeze out

The freeze out technique was made famous by Mystery and Neil Strauss.

Once she objects to your advances, you turn the table around and let her know that YOU’RE not comfortable with her being in bed with you.

Her: I think we should stop.

You: I totally agree with you. You’re making me way too aroused so if I get close to you, you’re going to be dangerous to me (then you get out, turn on the lights and move away from her but not too far away, just do something boring like check your computer and turn your back at her).

The reason why this works is because when you’re in that moment and kissing and caressing her, it’s pleasant to be in. But when you do this, you totally kill the atmosphere and destroy the state you’re in.

Just make sure you give her the impression that you’re not mad or angry, and that she’s just making you too excited.

Since women love the attention they are getting, and you’ve taken that away from them, as long as you did not come across as being angry at her, she might reinitiate something to get you back to where you were.

She might reinitiate kissing and foreplay, and just saying kissing is fine with her.

So what you do is, you agree with her, and then you continue to escalate and agree with her objections, but don’t talk with touching her body to bring it to a phase where she cannot control her inhibitions any longer.

She’s just shy, but actually wants sex VS No, means No

It’s important for me to make sure you understand that there is a distinction between a woman actually not wanting to sleep with you and Last Minute Resistance.

Most of the time if you’re in a situation where you’re alone making out on a bed, you’ll encounter her objections and it’s usually safe to say that it’s Last Minute Resistance.

However, sometimes there are times where a woman is just making out with you and going back with you to your home for other reasons. Maybe it’s to get back at her ex boyfriend or make another guy jealous. Or it might just be she’s genuinely not interested in having sex with you because she has had second thoughts about it.

Whatever the situation, you need to make a distinction between if it’s real resistance or a nominal one.

Normally you can tell by reading her body language and the way she objects to your advances.

But if you do get the feeling that she is legitimately not interested in having sex and no does mean no. Make sure you respect her wishes and do not engage in something that would be illegal. Do not RAPE women.

Let me repeat.

Do not RAPE women.

There’s a big distinction between a girl just saying “no” for the sake of not looking like a slut, versus her really not wanting to have sex with you.

If you genuinely cannot distinguish the difference, then play on the side of caution and don’t try to force sex upon her. Otherwise you might be biting off more problems than you can chew.

I want to stress how important it is to make sure you’re casual about any sexual encounter you have with women. Make sure you do not come across as being emotional, that is you show signs of anger or frustration when the women puts up resistance.

Be sure to understand that her put ting up resistance is a natural process and it happens to all of us. You should in fact EXPECT to get Last Minute Resistance, especially when you’re starting to get success with women.

However if you apply the concepts and techniques taught in this article, then I doubt that you’ll encounter any real resistance that you cannot overcome in your seduction journey.

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