How To Get Her Number

1. Inbox Check

The idea here is to ask for her Facebook or email and pretend to contact it and then fail, but then ask for her number instead. It’s much easier to get her to give you her Facebook or email, and once she does agree to give you that, if you ask to get her number then she probably will be more likely to give it to you.

You: Hey what’s your Facebook/email, I’ll contact you some time.

Her: It’s blah blah

You: How about this, give me your number instead and I’ll text you. That way it’s faster.

2. You’re Special

You: Please help me prove my friend wrong. He claims that retards can’t send a text message. Prove him wrong. Text me tonight.

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3. Facebook Number Close

You: hey, you’re cool enough, you can be my friend, but we have to make it official on Facebook, because we aren’t real friends until we’re Facebook friends! So what’s your Facebook?

When she starts giving you her Facebook then continue.

You: I like to text people a lot, give me your number so I can text you too. As long as you won’t call me up and stalk me, I’ll feel safe giving you mine in return.

4. The Trick Roll Off

What I found to be really effective is to either just tell her casually that it was great talking to her, and you need to catch up with your friends.

Then you turn your back and walk away (roll off), as if you were not interested in her at all, then you sort of turn around to her and say:

You: Oh yeah, I forgot to ask for your number! How am I going to contact you again?

If you did that, chances are she would have thought you were not interested, thus lowering her defense, then you happen to turn around when she is not expecting it. Most of the time this works.

5. Style’s Card Close

From Style

I don’t really know if this is what he calls it, but the renowned picked up artist Neil Strauss (Style) describes a technique where he pulls out a business card. He then writes his number on one end of the card, then tears the card in half in front of the girl then hands her the side that has his number. He then looks at the women or girl in an expecting way so that she will in turn write down her number of the other half of the card he is holding.


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