How To Kiss A Girl

1. Mystery’s Kiss Test

From Mystery

You: So, do you like to kiss me?

In the event that:

  • The answer is YES : Make the move to kiss her.
  • The answer is MAYBE or I DONT KNOW: Make the move and kiss her.
  • The answer is NO: Say “I didn’t say you could kiss me, just wanted to know if you wanted to”, then follow up with wow, you’re really good at killing the mood aren’t you? We totally had a perfect moment for kissing before.”

2. Kiss Reaction

You: I wonder what you’re reaction would be after our first kiss…

Her: What? I don’t know.

You: Let us find out then. (Make your move).

3. Personal Secret

You: Hmm… I need to tell a very personal secret to you. Promise me that you’ll take it to your grave.

Her: Huh? What is it?

You: Close your eyes first. I don’t feel comfortable telling you unless you close your eyes. Then give me your hand and open your palms, I have something to give you.

Then you grab her hand and pull her in for a kiss, she’ll be thinking you have something to give her in her hand, but in reality that’s just a ploy to grab her and kiss her.

4. Civil War Kiss

You: Do you know why the English and the Americans had a civil war back in the day?

Her: No?

You: Because (you move close and pretend to whisper in her ear) they were CARELESS (then you kiss her).

5. Bad Day Kiss

You: I’d had bad day today. I feel so down. I need someone to comfort me. Give me a little peck on the cheek to make me feel better. Just ONE peck, don’t get any ideas ok?

Her: (As she kisses you on the cheek, make a quick turn so you can kiss her lips).

6. Surprise! Surprise!

You: GUESS WHAT? Today is your lucky day. I have a surprise for you.

Her: Really! (excited)

You: Okay,  close your eyes now, and wait for me to count till 10. 1,2,…(Make your move and kiss her before you reach 10).

7. Don’t Have Much Time To Live

You: Do you know that there is a scientific way on how to gauge your lifespan?

Her: Really! How?

(Ask her to stand and lift her arm up)

You: (Close your fist and point at your fist) This is the Big Bang Occurrence, about 4.5 billion years passed. Our estimated life on earth ends here (point to her collarbone bone or shoulder blade). It is roughly 5 billion years. Now, if you shrink the average life time down, then on average you have 28,000 days to live. How many days have you lived so far?

Her: I don’t know.

You: Me too, I’m bad at numbers. However, one thing we both know is that we don’t have a lot of time, in fact, we might day tomorrow! So make sure you take what little remaining time you have and use it wisely to kiss the geek in front of you right now.

8. Trust Issue


I want to see what kind of person you are. I want to make sure we can really hang out in the future. If you get it wrong, I’m going to have to delete your number. By the way, pay CLOSE attention, because if you get it wrong, then you’re going to have to give me a kiss.

Suppose the two of us are in a romantic place and make out. Suddenly police officers appear out of nowhere and look for me. The police officers come to you and investigate further. Will you turn me in?

  • Response 1 – Her: No
  • Response 1 – You: Awesome! You’re a trust worthy person, so I won’t delete your number.
  • Response 2 – Her: Yes
  • Response 2 – You: Awesome! You’re an honest person and I won’t delete your number!

You: How many policemen are there?

Her: only one!

You: I told you to be attentive. I said police officers, with an S, meaning plural, as in more than one. Now you owe a kiss.

9. What I Say Always Comes True

Tell the girl something really cocky for example that she’ll fall in love with you. Once she laughs and tells you she doesn’t believe you say this:

You: I know you will fall in love with me because everything I say is true. As you listen to me talk you are looking at my face and then you’ll start to notice for some strange reason you’re starting to smile… (usually if you do it right she will start smiling just normally) and then as you look at the person you’re smiling at, you can’t help but notice that everything he just said came true. That’s why I know you will fall in love with me. Because I can guarantee you that you cannot NOT think of me if I tell you not to think of me, and I know that you are thinking of what it would be like to kiss me now… Then kiss her.

10. Peck My Cheeks

You: Peck my cheeks, I want to test something.

Her: Huh?

You: Just do it. Shit! This is for the test ok? Just make sure you kiss my other cheek to make it fair.

Her: Fine.

You: Hmmm… wait, peck my first cheek again

Her: (peck again)

You: Hmmm… and just one more time on the other cheek

Her: (peck again)

You: Ok, got it. You REALLY REALY LIKE KISSING ME! Can you make it less obvious? Geez, I’m going to blush soon! I guess I’ll have to return your favour otherwise I’ll be rude.

Then you kiss her on the lips or on the cheeks.

11. Discreet Questions & Answer

You: C’mon, let’s play a game.

Her: What kind of game?

You: I call it discreet question and answer. We ask each other private questions and find out secrets about each other. I bet you I know things about you that you didn’t even know!

Her: We’ll see!

You: You ask me the first question.

Making her ask the initial question breaks the ice and makes her feel a little bit comfortable on how the game is played. That way you lure her in.

You: What attracts you to a guy?

Her: (she will probably say smart, funny, witty, and all that crap).

You: Oh my, are you kidding, I am exactly the one you are looking for and you haven’t even kissed me yet!

You’re saying this to test her interest level in you and see what her reaction is. If it’s good you continue:

You: Has kissing me ever crossed your mind?

There are 3 potential answers:

  • YES – Go and kiss her immediately.
  • NO but she blushes – You: ‘You just did’ while keeping eye contact and if she stays on with your stare, kiss her ASAP!
  • NO in an angry and uncomfortable manner –> this means it’s not yet time and you tried to kiss her too soon.

12. Shut the Fuck Up Routine

Step 1: You are currently chatting up a girl and you are at a stage where you know IT’S ON!

Step 2: Keep sexual eye contact with her. This means that you should look straight into her eyes in a sexually teasing manner…

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Step 3: while she is rambling on, tell her to shut up by saying ‘Shh with your index finger on your lips.

Step 4: Place the same finger on her lips.

Step 5: Slowly move your finger away from her lips and kiss her fast. The trick is to complete these actions simultaneously in a very smooth manner.

13. Fortune Telling Kiss

You: Did you know that I know a trick where I can tell you something about you just by kissing you on your hands?

Her: Really?

You: Close your eyes and give me your hands.

Then you kiss her on the lips as she closes her eyes and gives you her hands.

14. The Kiss Gift

You: I need to give you something so don’t forget to remind me later.

Her: Sure.

Keep your cool and make her enjoy the conversation until the time comes when she reminds you of what you’re supposed to give her.

Her: So you were supposed to give me something?

You: Okay, first off, close your eyes and open your hand.

When she obeys, Kiss her while holding her hands.

15. The First Kiss

You: Hey, listen to this, I’ve got something really funny to tell.

Her: What is it?

You: It’s a story about my very first kiss. Here’s the story. It was dreadful,blah blah blah (just make up a story) and when my face was just next to hers, she instantly gave me a kiss like this (give her a kiss) and it wasn’t even a great kiss.

You: And it did not end there because the next day, we eventually broke up. That is the reason why I don‘t go out with girls who are not great kissers. Are you a great kisser?

Here: (her answer would be) I am (or) I don’t know

You: (whatever her answer is) let’s find out (and immediately kiss her)

16. Set Up Kiss

You: You know what, you are so amazing to chat with I might just kiss you the next time we meet.

Timing is  an important factor in this routine. You have to say those lines when her buying temp is at its peak. It is often best to set a date when you would meet up again.

If delivered right, the worst reaction that you can get is a laugh, but rarely will she say no. The next time you meet, you can kiss her when you feel that the time is right. The moment you meet, rather than hugging her, you might as well give her a kiss on her lips and say:

You: Instead of feeling awkward later, I’d rather we go through with this so we’d be smooth sailing from here on. Come here and kiss me on the cheeks! (But turn your head and kiss her on the lips).

17. ASK or Adventurous Spontaneous Kiss

You: would you categorize yourself as someone who loves adventures?

They always say yes.

You: That’s great! But as adventurous as you are, are you spontaneous as well?

More often than not, she will say yes.

You: Y’know what? I’m pretty adventurous and spontaneous like you! Are you a good kisser?

Yes is the most probable answer.

You: Let’s find out (kiss her passionately)

18. $10 Bet Kiss

You: Wanna take me in on a bet? $10 says I can kiss you without even touching your lips.

Her: Haha bullshit!

You: Wanna bet?

Her: Sure.

[Lean over and give her a peck on the lips.]

You: Oh shit, I lied.

19. Bag Trick Kiss

You: Let’s play a quick game!  I’m psychic and if I can prove it to you, you’re going to have to give me a kiss. And if I guess wrong, I’ll treat you to a drink. How does that sound? I can guess where you got your bag.

Her: Sure.

You: Well, you’re in for a surprise because I know that you got your bag ON YOUR ARMS! You owe me a kiss!

The trick here is that you get a kiss through the technical wording of “where you got your bag”. She thinks where she bought it, but there other literal meaning is where it’s located right now.

20. Are You A Good Kisser

You: On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest, how good kisser are you?

Her: Blah blah?

You: Really? Let’s find out! (move in and kiss her.)

21. Something In Your Eye?

You: Hey there’s something in your eye. Let me take a better look (the trick here is to look into her eyes as if there’s really something there, grab her by the chin, tilt her head then quickly give her a kiss).

You: Yeah, you looked like you wanted to kiss me. I just had to make sure.

22. Five Smiles Kiss Close

You: Do you know you have five smiles?

  1. You have this so “lame but I want to be polite smile” (pretend to mimic her smile)
  2. “a genuine funny smile” (pretend to mimic her smile),
  3. “I’m the shit smile” (pretend to mimic her smile),
  4. “so sweet smile” (pretend to mimic her smile), and the
  5. “I want to kiss this guy smile” (then quickly move in for the kiss.)

23. I’ll Be Your Kitty

To pull this off, you have to be sitting right next to the girl lay down and rest your head on her lap. Reach for her neck and bring it closer to your face so you can make direct eye contact.

You: Do you know that cats lie on the laps of the people they want attention from? Meow, meow… your kitty wants to lick you on the face (then pull her down and peck her on the cheeks).

24. Ice Cube Kiss Close

This works great if the girl likes you and you’re drinking something with ice.

You: Have you ever had an ice cube kiss?

Her: No?

You: I’ll just put the ice cube in my mouth like so (do it), then you can peck me on the lips. But only pecking ok!? (Once you peck her, give her a real kiss.)

25. Thumb War Kiss Close

You: Okay give me your hand. We’re going to play thumb wars.

Her: What’s that? Okay.

You: Here are the rules. If I win, you have to kiss me on the cheeks. If you win I have to kiss you on the cheeks. Easy? Great, let’s play

Proceed to play, if she’s really good, just say this:

You: Geez… look at you. You really want this kiss right? You’re such a try hard. It’s ok, you can kiss me now and get it over and done with.

26. Kissing Stare Test

1. Make eye contact with the target. Hold her glance as you give her a slight grin. It must be a sly, no teeth, and a cocky half-smile, and should remain friendly and cute. Then squint your eyes a bit and raise your eyebrows. Point your chin downwards slightly and look at her under your brow. You may cock your head a little to the side. It will be better if you rehearse this in front of a mirror. Mimic the smiles of James Dean, Gosling, Alec Baldwin, etc., for inspiration. Keep practicing until you achieve that perfect grin.

2. Do not break eye contact. If you do a good grin, and she likes you, she’ll probably also hold the stare. But even if she doesn’t hold the stare, it’s ok. Remember, the worst thing that can happen is her looking away. But if she maintains eye contact with you, then you can continue to work the situation by giving her a quick wink to show her “you know it’s on”.

3. If your eye contact lasted for more than 20 seconds then it is a clear sign that she’s interested in you.

4. Then you can most likely kiss her without resistance after doing this test.

27. Something’s Wrong With Your Mouth

You: Hey! Are you ok? There’s something wrong with your mouth!

Her: What’s wrong with my mouth?

You: I don’t know. Let me take a closer look. Hmmmm….

Slowly position your face in front of hers and grab her cheeks.  Bring yourself down closer so you can examine her lips. Then without warning kiss her. And say:

You: Yup, you taste just as good as I thought.

28. Chewing Gum

You: I bet you can’t guess what brand of gum I’m chewing. (The trick here is to make all her guesses wrong). You get 3 guesses.

Her: Blah blah.

You: Nope.

Her:  Blah blah.

You: Wrong again.

Her: What about blah blah.

You: You suck at guessing, come closer. I want you to smell it. I’m going to cover your eyes just in case you cheat. (At this point you cover her eyes and move her mouth closer to yours, slow blow on her nose, and as soon as you have her lips within kissing distance, kiss her).

29. Tic Tac Kiss Close

From Matador

Take a piece of gum and very theatrically place it in your mouth. Do it slowly and gracefully bring the gum up to your mouth but when you place it into your mouth over exaggerate depth and let your finger slide into your mouth. Then slowly wrap your lips around you finger as you remove it. This should be done very sensually.

Then you take a second piece of gum and place it up to the girl’s lips. Remember a woman’s emotional circuitry is much more advanced than a man’s so she will know exactly what’s going on. Again you need to over exaggerate the depth as you place it into the woman’s mouth. Remove it slowly. Do not violate her trust by keeping it there or doing something weird. )

You: By the way I’m an Indian-giver…..I want my gum back

(*Go in for the kiss)
 (The amount of compliance which is needed to execute this kiss close is indicative of if she’s ready to kiss you)

30. Something Smells Good Kiss Close

From Vince Kelvin

Give her a hug, and hold it.

You: Something smells really good here (smell the back of your own hand)

You: It’s me, but I’m talking about a different smell…wait…I think it’s your hair. (Touch hair, grab it and lean in to smell it)

You: What does that remind me of…actually now I think about it…it’s not actually your hair…mmmmm (*brush her hair back to expose her neck)

You: Could it be your neck… (*smell her neck…lean back) very nice….

You: Don’t worry, I won’t bite. I’m a vegetarian vampire.

You: Wow you actually have a very interesting… Neck to…shoulder ratio (Kino)

You: Let me see (stretch out your thumb and little finger (phone gesture) to measure the distance)…look at me measure me… (then kiss her.)

31. Face-to-Face Compliance Test

From Sk1llz

This is great to use in situations when it is difficult to hear a girl, such as in a club or loud bar.

Pull her or motion for her to get closer to you and make it so the sides of your faces are touching. After you do this a few times she will automatically go to this position when she needs to say something or hear you speak.

Also it is very easy to get a kiss close from here since your faces are already touching.

32. The 1-10 Scale Kiss Close

You: On a scale of 1-10 how good of a kisser are you?

Her: I don’t know…

You: Let’s find out.

33. Eye Color Kiss Close

You: Come here, I’d like to see what color your eyes are. (place finger on her chin and kiss her)

34. Stop Looking at Me Like That Kiss Close

You: Stop it would you?

Her: Stop what?

You: Stop looking at me like that it’s distracting

Her: Looking at you like what? (She should be giving you a smile here)

You: Forget it, come here (move in and kiss)

35. Successful Chat Kiss Close

You: So we are pretty much going to judge this chat as a success or not by whether I kiss you and whether we like it or not. So… Let’s quit with the pussyfooting around and we’ll compare notes after.

(Move in and kiss if the reaction looks ok. Brush it off as a joke if not if she does not seem to be going along. * This is a high risk, high reward maneuver)

36. No-Homo Spin the Bottle Routine

You: This happened to me when I went to a Halloween party last year. We were playing spin the bottle, my buddy spun on me, I am homophobic (doesn’t matter if you’re not, just tell the girl that you are when you use this gambit.)

You: It would be very weird for me if he kissed me. Lol. So he stands up, crosses the circle and grabs my face but he puts his thumbs over my lips so we don’t actually touch. Just like this *grab her face, put your thumb over her lips so she thinks you’re not going to kiss her, then remove your thumb at the last moment and kiss her*.

37. Fearless Kiss Close

You:  So do you think you’re fearless?

  • Response 1 – Her: Yes
  • Response 1 – You: Me too *pull her in to kiss her by her chin*
  • Response 2 – Her: No
  • Response 1 – You: Too bad I am. *pull her in to kiss her by her chin*

38. Watch Kiss Close

You: *Hand the girl your watch*. You’re a good friend and I want you to keep this. It’s a very special watch. It was with me through many beautiful stories, and many terrible stories. I want it back next time I see you.

After that you plan a nice walk in a park, or someplace natural with empty spots, nice view and seats.

On the next date

You: What a magnificent view. And what a magnificent watch you have. I want it back”.

1. Grab her hand softly while holding the watch

2. Look her in the eyes for 3 seconds

3. Touch her neck and kiss her slowly

39. The Kino Earn Approach

The idea is to tell the girl that she will have to a kiss from you. Take the following example. After entering a bar, you drop your wallet and she picks it up for you:

You: Thanks! You know, I think you deserve a kiss for that (move in and kiss her on the forehead).

You: If you want more where that came from you’re going to have to be very nice to me tonight.

If she is game she should begin to try to please you throughout the night. You reward her efforts with periodic kisses. You start by kissing her on the forehead or cheek, but eventually end up on her lips.

40. The Cheek Kiss Approach

There are a lot of benefits to a cheek kiss. Basically, it gets semi-intimate Kino but is not forward enough as a straight kiss, girls don’t have to make a decision if they want to kiss you or not. Even girls with a boyfriend usually don’t think twice about it because it doesn’t cross that barrier, so it works subtly.

You:*Simply turn your head and point to your cheek expectantly. Girls always comply.*

41. Magic/Fate Kiss Close

You: Do you think Magic and fate really exist?

Her: I don’t know

You: I don’t really know what to think, but I think it’s a really cool subject! You know what? You seem like a really spontaneous person. I learned how to read palms awhile back.  Let’s see what Magic and Fate (Grin at her) has in store for you.

(Start Reading Her Palm at this point) You can either suggest it’s too loud and suggest moving to a new spot so she can hear you better at this point.

You: I want to tell you something.

Her: What?

You: (Taking her hand) I’ll tell you when we get somewhere quieter.

When you get there, she’ll be impatient to know.

*After arriving to the quitter spot

You:  I just wanted to tell you, you have such beautiful eyes.

Note: This is the area where you need to use another routine to build comfort and rapport. You can ask her a few questions and start qualifying to get to know her better. For example:

  1. You: Beauty is a common thing; tell me what makes you stand out from the rest of the pretty girls?
  2. You: If there were 3 things about you that you wish you could change, what would they be and why?
  3. You: Describe to me in detail the perfect guy that you would marry instantly. Tell me why?

Next say

You: I can really…feel…a… a…positive energy from….you right – (Stop in mid-sentence and look into her eyes)

Slowly go forward for the kiss close.

You: If she rejects that, just say “What, I thought you were spontaneous and passionate”

42. “5 Different Kisses” Kiss Close 

You: How many kinds of kisses do you think there are?

Her: No idea.

You: This one, (kiss her hand) means you are adorable.

You: This, (Cheek kiss Latin style) means friendship.

You: This kiss (forehead) is for when I want to comfort you. (Flex like you are the Hulk)

You: This (peck her on lips or cheek) is loving affection.

You: Shhhh….. (This time lean in and give her a real good kiss on the lips)

43. Condiment Kiss Routine

You: [Taking hold of her hands] Close your eyes

[She closes her eyes]

You: Nice. Now, inhale deeply and relax. Feel your heart beating inside your chest.

You: You are now falling helplessly. You are unable to stop it so you just let it be. From now on, the only thing that you hear is my voice. The deeper you descend, the louder my voice becomes. After I count to three, you will imagine yourself falling in water and you will immediately feel very refreshed. One…Two… Three.

You: [continuing] At this point, I need you to visualize the most thrilling experience you can ever conceive. Think happy thoughts, think of your best memories. Think of how you feel when you have a massive crush on someone and that someone is sitting beside you right now, telling you how pretty you are.

You: [continuing] Great.  Now, move this wonderful feeling into your chest. Slowly move that exciting feeling within your chest. Think of your favorite color and associate that color with the excitement and thrill that you are feeling right now.

You: [continuing] Yeah, that’s it. At this point, divide that amazing feeling in half and allow it to flow from your chest down into your arms, legs, hands, and feet. [Right after you say this, release her hands and run your fingers up her shoulders.]

You: [continuing] From now on, anywhere I place my hand, all this warm and exciting energy will instantly rush to that specific point. Think of my hand as a paintbrush. And I’m now brushing here, here, and here. [Place your hand on her shoulders, elbows, hips, and then on the face ending at the lips. Allow your hand to linger on her face.] [After a while, you can slowly bring her out of the state, but make sure that while her eyes are still closed, you give her a kiss on the brow and then say:]

You: At this point, while you are still under water, my hand will hold you at the back of your neck. I am slowly pulling you out of the water. It’ is only my voice that you hear. I am still slowly pulling you out of the water, slowly, slowly… [At this point gather enough courage and kiss her very adoringly.] [If you are continuing with the massage, ask her to spin around while telling her that as you rub her shoulders. Remind her that your hands are like soft paintbrushes, placing the energy into the different parts of her body.  In the middle of the massage, you can actually ask the girl to turn over and lie face down. Later on you can do some front massages…]



Hollywood Romance Kiss Close

*You should both be standing up for this maneuver


First you need to be holding her hand. Slow down the conversation. You want it slow and relaxed. Stop and pull on her arm so that she turns and is now facing you. Then take her other hand, so you are holding both of them.


You: Say something funny. Then just trail off what you were saying.


Look her in the eyes, then pull both of her hands around behind your back so that they are resting in the small of your back Hold the look for a moment, then tilt your head slightly and lean in. She should either come forward to meet you, or close her eyes and tilt her head for the kiss. Then you go in.



Ejection Points:

1) She doesn’t take your first hand.

2) She doesn’t allow you to take her other hand.

3) She doesn’t hold your gaze or pulls away / starts a new conversation hurriedly.

4) When you start to pull her in to wrap her arms around you, she resists or lets go of your hand.

5) You go in for the kiss and she turns away.


At any of those points you can eject with relatively little awkwardness or embarrassment.




40 Sec Kiss Close

You: Hey there 40 sec

Her: 40 sec?

You: Yeah, it’s my nickname for you

Her: What does it mean?

You: It’s the longest time you can make out for

Her: Oh, no. I can make out for at least…….

You: Whatever you say, 40 sec

Her: You’ll see. Wait till next time.

You: Don’t threaten me with a good time, but alright. Maybe we can upgrade you to 20 min next time you see me.

Her: Ha-ha. Alright, sounds like a plan


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