How To Talk To Women

How to maintain a conversation and keep it interesting

In order to get her to talk more try this: When she ceases to chat, you can feign boredom and “ho hum” your way into encouraging her to speak again. Or, you can just echo the last words she said, say nothing after that, and wait until she speaks. You should wait for her to add something more. She will definitely speak. However, don’t overdo this routine. Use this only when you’re conversing about something that she really is interested in, something that she is passionate about.

Repetition Conversation Extender

Girl: I so dig shopping

You: Cool, you love to shop. Most girls do. But are you one of those compulsive buyers?

Opinion Conversation Extender

[Entice her to form and state an opinion without asking a question. For example say]

You: I have heard a lot of people say they like Krispy Kreme Donuts. I mean, they’re OK, but they’re not my personal favorite.

Let her talk

Whatever you do, remember this eternal in dealing with women: Never, ever butt in whenever a woman is speaking. Allow her to finish what she has to say. Keep in mind that if you allow her to talk, you are actually doing less of the work needed to make her open up to you. Your goal is to entice her to speak up and feel comfortable around you so why interrupt? The discussion should, most of the time, be focused on the girl. But she also has to know things about you such as your interests, what keeps you busy, et cetera.

Be introspective and use first person “we” and “us”

When it’s your turn to speak or give comment, do not forget to make strategic pauses when talking. When you make timely gaps whenever you speak, you are construed as more relaxed and self-assured. But, refrain from looking elsewhere during these pauses because it may be read as you getting bored and losing interest. An effective routine technique is regularly using ‘we’ and ‘us’ whenever you converse. This creates role plays in her mind which places you in her perspective of the future. If successful, you automatically graduate from stranger to ‘close acquaintance” status.

Manifesting Interest

Don’t be afraid to let her know what your intentions are. She has to be made aware that you are sensually attracted to her. But like any other routine, try not to overdo it.

Tell her that she’s cool and smart and that is such an uncommon blend.

In the event that you didn’t hear what she said because you got sidetracked, you can make your great escape by saying: ‘Excuse me but I was overwhelmed by the thought of kissing you.’ [Smile thoughtfully] ‘I probably shouldn’t have said that.’

How to reply to her questions:

Whenever she throws a question at you, reply by, tell her a funny story that includes the answer and opens up a new conversation topic. For example, if you work in a marketing firm, you can say: Ever wonder who designs and posts those annoying ads and billboards? That would be me.

Or you can challenge her when she asks a question by saying: I will answer your question right after you give me the answer to this [ask interesting question].

Some of the most common questions that a girl will ask involve your interests and hobbies, so you better be ready with an interesting answer. If you do not have one, research on something that will interest her.

Keep in mind that whatever you ask a girl may be asked right back to you so you better prepare your own answers to the questions that you are about to throw at her.

Whenever she replies to your questions, you can make the conversation more interesting by providing your views on her answer. Do not hesitate to disagree with what she says.

Always make use of the words ‘love’ and like’ when discussing things that are of interest to you. For example: I love reading books and I like spending a lot of time in the outdoors.

Interesting topics to discuss with a girl:

[The idea here is to put emphasis on desires, adventures, visions, expectations and goals.]

Talk about both your pasts

You: Hey, you mentioned that you are currently employed at [mention the company]. But, have you really wanted to do since you were young?

Talk about something current

You: Are you a gym person? I ask because your body is amazingly toned. Tell the truth, you go to the gym don’t you?

Talk about the future

You: Your lifelong dream was to become a fashion designer but you’re now an electronics enthusiast? So, are you excited in becoming the next Steve Jobs?

How To Talk To Women – Conversational Routines

1. Random Facts To Spice Up A Conversation

Random Fact 1:

You: Do you know that there is a way you can prevent tears from falling when you chop an onion?

Her: Really! How ?

You: You have to chew on gum. Try it once and remember me.

Random Fact 2: 

You: Are you a right handed or left handed person?

Her: (answers) why did you ask?

You: Based on studies, those who are right handed live nine years longer than those who are left handed. Don’t worry, with me, we can live happily together.

Random Fact 3: 

You: Did you see me blinking?

Her: yeah.

You: Did you know, you blink almost twice as I blink, but I bet you didn’t notice that.

Random Fact 4:

You: What makes you different from an elephant aside from your size?

Her: an elephant is an animal and I am human

You: Yeah. But do you know that the elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump. Since you are a mammal, you should be jumping for joy because you finally found me. If not, then maybe it’s because you’re an elephant and can’t jump.

Random Fact 5:

You: The first music video ever broadcast was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Bugles on August 1, 1981. And know you what? You’re the first girl I ever saw with that very comforting smile. Can I put you in a frame?

Random Fact 6:

You: Kangaroos are not able to walk backwards. I guess they are smart. Who needs to walk backwards when you can walk forward anyway?

Random Fact 7:

You: Penguins are the only bird which can freely swim but can’t barely fly. I guess I can’t blame them. What is the need of flying in the arctic where no trees to land on. Swimming is a better choice.

Random Fact 8: 

You: Polar bears are left handed. The reason why they are banned from a democratic contry like the US, they are leftist.

Random Fact 9:

You: Blondes have more hair than brunettes. I just wonder if their pubic hair is included in the survey.

Random Fact 10:

You: Do you the basic difference between a condom and a parachute?

Her: What?

You: When a parachute breaks, a human dies but when a condom breaks, a human lives.

Random Fact 11:

You: Do you know the difference between an SUV and a woman’s PUSSY?

Her: What ?

You: Well, the many people entering the SUV, the narrow it gets, however, the many people who enter the woman’s pussy, the wider it gets.

Random Fact 12:

You: Do you the difference between hot water and a lady’s hand?

Her: What?

You: Hot water, especially the boiling water, tenderizes a piece of meat while the hand of a lady hardens a piece of meat.

Random Fact 13:

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You: What is the difference between WINGS and a woman’s pussy?

Her: What ?

You: When wings are opened wide, the bird flies high. But when a woman’s pussy is opened wide, the bird comes in.

2. Random Questions: 

  1. What sound will you make when you clap using your one hand?
  2. Why do psychic need to ask for our names?
  3. If Barbie is really popular, why buy her friends?
  4. We know that pro and con are opposites, then why is progress is not the opposite of congress?
  5. How come Superman wears his undies on the outside?
  6. If the plural for louse is lice, and for mouse is mice, then why do we say houses and not hice?
  7. If we think Superman is stupid because he wears his underwear on the outside, will Batman and Robin be more stupid because they did the same but with matching belts?

3. Good Girl Look Nasty Girl Moves

You: You know what I like about you? You’ve got that good girl appearance. You look like really nice. But every so often you make these amazing nasty girl moves.

4. Silent Bitch

You: You’re strangely silent and a not a few people would think that you may just be acting like a bitch. But I read you. You’re the type of person who likes to know more who she’s about to hook up with before she shows her true color. I like that. Calculating and smart.

5. Miss Shy, Miss Friendly, and Miss Drunk

You: The truth is I have you all figured out. You are Miss Friendly, you’re Miss Shy, and you are definitely Miss Drunk.

Girl: I am not drunk. I just had a shot of vodka

You: Shhh… Clear your head first baby. By the way, here’s a thought….

6. Consecutive Dater

You: You know, I am able to say that judging by the way you look you’re the type of girl who is fond of going out on dates. And, you’re the type of girl who never ever maintains a permanent attraction with anybody you go out with. You spot guys, you go out with them, and then you immediately lose interest.

7. Determination

You: Hello, I didn’t catch your name. The truth is I detect a sense of determination in you. You seem to be the type of person who does not hesitate to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. You’re going to really give all that you have and check out what happens next. Whenever you like something, you say shit, I have to have this, and then you really go for it.

8. Creative Girl

You: I can see that you really are a girl who has a lot of creative ideas. But at present, it seems that you are unable to put that creative mind of yours to good use.

9. Rich Girl

You: It’s obvious to me that you are not as Madonna would put it: a Material Girl. But, although you don’t exert much effort to it, you continually wind up having more cash than you need. It seems like you are a magnet for money. At some point, I am pretty sure you’re going to get really rich, absolutely by sheer accident. I have this psychic ability, you know.

10. More complex than she appears to be:

You: It is obvious that there is more to you than meets the eye. There are times when I feel the same way about myself. You’re like one of the Transformers, “more than meets the eye”!

11. Angel and Devil Role Play

You: Oh, you’re being a little sassy? You know what I have been wanting to do? I want to fit you into a red plastic devil’s outfit. I’ll put tiny horns on your head. And what is a devil without a matching tail? To complete the picture, I’ll make you wear thigh high boots and give you a pitch fork.

You: [continuing] With regards to your girlfriend here, an angel suit would be more appropriate for her, complete with halo and wings. And then, when you’re both dressed up, I’d go around with both of you on my side. I’m pretty sure most of the girls would be envious of you. And each time I have to decide on something that I can let you both argue and fight over to decide which option is better and cooler.  Whoever wins will get their way.

12. Angel, Devil, and God

You: You guys look awesome! You know what I want to do? I’ll dress up like God complete with thick white hair and matching beard. I’ll dress you up in a sexy latex devil outfit, and your friend over here I will put in a sexy angel costume. I’ll walk with you ladies on my side, and we can all do anything we want considering I’m God. We can even make out.

13. The Honey I shrunk the kids Machine

You: This is what I’m going to do, I will bring you to my place, and I’m going to show my machine that’s like in the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids. I’m going to shrink both of us until we are like Barbie and Ken. Then we’ll go swimming in my aquarium. We’ll have an amazing adventure together.

14. Bank Burglary

You: You know what I want to do. I’m going to commit a burglary. I’ll rob a bank and I will take you with me. But you’re not going to just be my getaway driver. You will be going with me inside the bank and you’re wearing a mask just like me, and carrying a gun. After we have bagged all the cash, you will carry the bags. That’s how it’s going to happen. I won’t stand for someone who wants me to do all the work.

15. Magic Carpet Ride

You: Here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll take you with me and we are going on a magic carpet ride. We’ll go everywhere: see the savannah in Africa, chase kangaroos in Australia, and see the lions in Japan. Japan doesn’t even have elephants but we’re still going to do it because in my domain, anything can happen.

16. Bubble Wrapper

You: Here’s what I’ll do with you. I’ll place you inside a large bubble wrap. That will have you occupied for good while. You’ll be popping those little bubbles for a long time. [Make some popping noises and make it sound as funny as you can.]

17. Going to a Psychic

You: Think of the excitement if we both visit a psychic together. We can try to fool the psychic. She would say:  ‘It seems that you have been romantically together for quite some time and I can see you both grow old together, have amazingly good-looking kids.’

You: I would say: ‘Whoa wait a second, the truth is just met her outside your shop. Actually, she has already annoyed me so there is no way what you’re saying is going to happen at all. So, you’re not a genuine psychic after all.’

You: But the truth is you can’t blame a psychic who reads us that way. Everybody who’d look at us together would say we are so compatible. It would really confuse any psychic. It’s a pity it’s never going to work between us.

18. Schoolgirl and Priest (Shock the Public)

You: Do you know what I really want to do with you? I want to take you to the beach with me wearing priest clothing and you wearing a catholic school girl dress.  I’m pretty sure everyone would stare and whisper ‘what the hell is happening here’ and it’ll be totally cool. We could shock them more by making out right in front of them.

19. Puppy

bOMG you’re so charmingly adorable you look like a lost puppy. Do you know what I want to do with you?  I would walk you around the park with a leash on your neck. I’d teach you tricks like sit, roll, over, and fetch. If you act like a good dog I’d give you biscuits and let you sleep beside me. I’d even rub your belly. But, the moment I see dog poo, out you go! If you do that, you’re one nasty dog!

20. Puppy 2

You: It’d be so cool if I had the most adorable pup in the whole world on my lap right now. He would be so loveable, tiny, and so innocent. I’d hold him in my arms as if protecting him from harm. I’d bathe him and dress him up with some cute outfit or something. One thing’s for sure, I’d really take good care of him. And, I’d invite you over and we’d cuddle and play with him all day and night.

21. Paris Hilton Dog Carrier

You: I like you because you are sociable and pleasant to talk with. Tell you what.  I am going to buy one of those pink Paris Hilton chihuahua carriers. After that, I’m going to place you in it and walk around in parks and parties holding you in my arm. I’m pretty sure everybody would be petting you and telling me how absolutely cute you are!

22. X-men

You: Do you know the reason why the two of us would never work? It’s because there’d be too much power when we’re together. The government would definitely lock us up, hide us and do tests in some secret desert lab. Our lab cells would be facing each other and all we could do while locked up would be look at each other’s eyes and pledge our never ending love to one another.

23. Honeymoon

You: We need to definitely go to our honeymoon at once. I would bring you to my exotic private hideaway in Maldives. There, we would just lounge under the sun lying on white sand under the shade of large coconut trees, relaxing while listening to the waves and appreciating the romantic ambiance. Afterwards, we’d go into my yacht and take a cruise to Italy where my wonderful mansion awaits us. There, it would be just you and me, plus my other twelve wives. I’ll buy you the flashiest Ferrari so that you’d be safe even if you crash the car. I know how clumsy you are. [Hug her tightly].

24. Disney Land

You: Here’s what we’re going to do, we’ll take a trip to Disneyland. But that’s not all, we will be going with you dressed up as Minnie and me as Mickey, and we’ll amuse the kids the entire time. Nobody would be able to figure out that it’s us because we’re so totally cool. You even make a pretty mouse.

25. A la Desperate Housewives

You: You know what we can do? We should date for, let’s say a year. Yeah that’d be enough. Then we can impulsively get married. Afterwards I’d catch you doing the deed with our gardener just like what women do in the show Desperate Housewives. And, in order to get revenge, I’ll also cheat on you with the nanny, and eventually we’d get a divorce and go our separate ways. However, you will miss me big time and beg me to go back. You’ll harass and stalk me until I can’t take it anymore and in the end give in to what you want. Once I get back, we’d be up for some amazing make up sex and afterwards live happily ever after.


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