How To Amplify Attraction

1. The Adopted Sister

You: My Gosh! I wish I could adopt you as my little sis because you’re so adorable. Seriously, you would look so cute. I would take you for a stroll in the park, tell you jokes up the tree house, and tickle your tummy (then starting tickling her).


You: Oh shit! Have you been hiding in the fridge? Your hands are so cold! That reminds me, my girlfriend gave me a big pair of cute gloves with big eyes on them. Kind of like your eyes. They are so cute and round. Can I take you home with me and adopt you?

2. Fairy Tale Personality Test

You: Hey, your eyes remind me of Snow White.

Her: Really!

You: Of course. I’m not kidding. Don’t get me wrong on this, but do you still remember the fairytales your mom  used to tell you?

Her: I think so.

You: How does a fairy tale start? What does the narrator always say?

Her: Is it ” Once upon a time…’?

You: What about the usual ending statement?

Her: Hmm. “And they live happily ever after..”?

You: Precisely!  Would you believe me that I can bring back the excitement and fun you had before when you were a kid in just 2 to 3 minutes using fairytales?

Her: Really ! How ?

You: Close your eyes. Visualize everything like they are really happening, don’t worry, this will be awesome and you’ll like this.

Picture this scene, you suddenly open your eyes and you find yourself in fairyland! This place has huge castles, mountains, fields, rivers, and trees and beautiful flowers.

  1. Do you see the field? How big is it?
  2. Do you see the trees? Count them.
  3. Do you see the mountain? How high is it?
  4. You are in the river. How deep is it?
  5. Do you see the castle? How big is it?

Suddenly, your clothes have changed into gown and you have turned into a princess. You head into the castle to see your prince. Once you open the door, a dragon appears before you. Do you see the dragon? What color is it? How big is it?

You get very anxious but your prince comes to save the day and kills the dragon. You embrace each other and live happily ever after.

So do you want to know what everything means?

  1. Trees = the more trees she sees, the more complicated her life is.
  2. Mountain = the higher the mountain the more ambitious she is.
  3. Field = the bigger the field the more open or close minded she is to new ideas.
  4. River  = the deeper the river, the more she gets emotionally attached.
  5. Castle = the bigger the castle the more determined she is.
  6. The Dragon, it signifies her ex boyfriends.
    1. red for emotional,
    2. black for a bad boy.
    3. pink for romantic.
    4. brown for practical.
    5. the size of the dragon signifies her expectations,
  • the prince that killed the dragon is her true love that ended all the previous relationships and ex boyfriends. This should be you.

3. More Than Words

You: Let’s play a game, I want to see if you’re smart. In a minute, how many words do you think you can name without the letters A,B, and C? If you lose, I want a prize! If you win, I give you a prize.

Her: Blah blah.

You: Not bad. Now my turn. Are you ready? one, two, three…(keep counting from 1 to 100. Every single word you mention does not include A, B and C from 1 to 100). So, where’s my prize?

4. Rules of Engagement

You: Let’s play a game, the rules are:

  1. You are not to ask the same question to each other.
  2. No question must be left unanswered no matter what.
  3. You must always go first.

So you start off with something something boring like “what’s your favourite food”.

The idea is to change the topic of the conversation to something sexual, but you got to start off innocently. So you have to ask boring questions, but you’ll be able to immediately start asking something like “so what’s your favourite position?”. After you ask her, she can’t ask you that question because of the rules!

5. The Coin Toss Game

The idea is to tell the girl to a second floor in the venue, then you simply toss coins at people below you. If you can throw a coin and hit the designated target, she buys you a drink. If she can hit your target, you buy her a drink. Make sure you’re in a place where you can easily hide from people looking up at you at because random coins will be flying down from the ceiling.

6. Shhhhhhh!

Suddenly look at the girl with a serious expression and say.

You: SHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone!!

Her: huh? (confused looking)

You: SHHHH! Don’t tell anyone! There’s a girl looking really confused sitting in front of me!

7. Horny Palm Reading

Grab the girl’s palm.

You: Wow, isn’t it interesting that you have an M in the middle of your palm (every single person has hand creases in their palms that look like an M if you look at your palm). You know that? In the Philippines M means, “malibog” and that means HORNY. I bet you’re really horny since you have it horniness growing on your palm.

8. Cow’s milk

You: I want to see if you’re smart so answer me as fast as you can. If you fail, I win a prize, and if I win, you win a prize. Deal? What is the color of the fridge?

Her: white

You: what does a cow drink?

Her: (90% of the time she’ll say milk. The correct answer is water. Cows drink water. We drink their milk).

9. Silk Milk

You: Hey, I want to see if you’re smart. If  you fail, I win a prize, and if I win, you win a prize. Deal?

Her: ok

You: Say ‘silk’ 5 times.

Her: silk, silk, silk, silk, silk

You: What does a cow drink?

Her: (90% of the time she’ll say milk. The correct answer is water. Cows drink water. We drink their milk).

10. 5 Lies Game

From Style

The trick is to make a bet with a girl. If she loses then you get her to buy you a drink.

You: Let’s play a game, it’s called the 5 lies time. You have to lie to me straight in a row, 5 times. If you win I buy you a drink, if you lose, you buy me a drink. Deal?

Her: ok

You: Let’s start! What’s the color of the moon?

Her: Black.

You: What’s the color of the sun?

Her: Green.

(After two questions, pretend you’re getting a message on your phone and interrupt the game, then look back at her and say…)

You: So what question were we up to? (in an innocent voice).

Her: Question 2 or 3

You: Haha you lost! You told me the truth!

Note, if she passes question 3 or 4, you ask her. Wow you’re so smart, have you played this game before? Normally she’ll be like like “haha no never, first time”. Then you say “haha you lost!”

11. The Ex-Girlfriend

You: Can I confide something you ?

Her: What is it?

You: I think my ex-girlfriend is wants me back secretly. I heard that right after our break up she got slimmer and got implants. She really wants me back. But you know what? There is still something she doesn’t have.

Her: What is it?

You: The adventurousness side of you that you have. I am just curious which of you is more adventurous? What do you think? Would you get implants to impress your ex boyfriend?

12.  The Leader of The Band

Do this in a group and make sure the hot girl you like is the on you choose for the shitty jobs.

You: I am  planning to come up with my own band. Let me see… Ok, you’ll be the lead singers (choose the ugly/fat girls)… you’ll do the back up thing… you fit for the guitar… you take bass… and what else? Oh yeah, I guess you’ll my dishes and laundry (choose the hot girls for this).

13. A Picture Of Me

You: Visualize the image of your perfect man.

(Ask her to look directly to you while you create a frame using your hands and fingers. Guide her to describe each section of the perfect man as you point to your own face.)


What does his eyes look like (point to your eyes).

What does this face look like (circle your face with your fingers).

What color hair does he have (point at your face).

What does his smile look like (point to your smile).

Now, list all the detailed qualities of your perfect man and tell me what he’d be like.

(Here, you are actually describing yourself and imprinting in her mind your own qualifications).

14. Role Playing Games

Plot lines A really quick way that increases the fun factor and yoursuccess rate when flirting is using a plot line when you first meet a girl. The benefits of using a role-play is that it immediately puts you in a position where you have an inside joke between the two of you and places you a in position of rapport already. Not only does it make you feel as if the two of you are more connected, it also makes an interesting inaction where you can ask her to do tasks for your pleasure, and if she fails, it gives you a premise to punish her. This is how you start the plot line

Wanted : Personal Assistant

Make sure you talk to her a little to build some rapport and attraction and then ask her if she’s good at organising things. Then say:

You: “hey you look like you’re kind of useful. I know what you could do for me. You can be my personal assistant and take bookings and appointments for me. But you have to make sure that you come on time at the office and you don’t dress too sexy, otherwise I’m going to have to deduct your pay.”


You:  I can see that you are very organised in what you do and you seem to be working well. Incidentally, i am looking for a personal assistant. My office is a complete mess and you’ll be perfect for it. You can also make life messy life more organized. As long as you don’t wear a mini skirt and try to seduce me, I’m sure you’ll do good.

Wanted: Personal Bodyguard

Talk to her a little and ask what she would do if someone picks on her. Then say:

You: “cool, it sounds like you know you to take care of yourself. I am currently looking for a bodyguard at the moment. Make sure you’re good at protecting me from the mean girls who try to hurt me”


You: I heard you had a serious confrontation with a woman yesterday over something. I think I found what I am looking for. Can you be my psersonal bodyguard? I am having troubles keeping  women away from me. With your power, I can be safe every where I wish to be. As long as you don’t overpower and seduce me, it’ll be ok.

Then proceed to interview her for the position. If you do it right, you can pretend to have her walk around and guard you the whole night.

Wanted: Minister Of My Government

Talk about what you would want to do if you have all the money in the world. Tell her that you’re going to take over a small African country and you need a minister to help you run it. Then you start interviewing her for the position.

You: Hey, I think I’m going to take over a small African country on the weekend. I  need someone to help run it for me. What are your skills? You can be the minister for cooking and cleaning. That’d be perfect.

Wanted: Girlfriend for 5 minutes

If the girl likes you enough then say:

You: Do you think you’re a good girlfriend? You know what, just for fun, for 5 minutes you can pretend to be my girlfriend.


You: In case you don’t have anything to do, you can play as my girlfriend for 5 minutes.

If you find her not responding say: Okay, I’ll let you go now. You wasted 5 minutes of my precious time. When she is good, you say : You’ve been doing good, I guess I can extend your role for another 5 more minutes. Congratulations!

The good thing about using this role play plot theme is that you can pretend to punish her by saying “oh you’re too boring, I’m going to break up with you” or if she says something really good you can say “wow, that’s awesome you get to be my girlfriend for 5 more minutes”. Then see how the interaction goes and you can grab her close of push her away depending on her answers to your questions.

15. Smart or Stupid?

You: Let’s play a game. If you win, I will buy you a drink. And if I win, you have to buy me one. Deal? So Are you stupid or smart?

Her: smart, I guess so.

You: 1 + 1 is?

Her: 2

You: 2 + 2 is?

Her: 4

You: 4 + 4 is?

Her: 8

You: Wow, you’re smart. What’s my first question again?

Her: 1 + 1?

You: I guess you’re stupid. My first question was “Are you stupid or smart?”. Now you owe me a drink.

16. We could never be a couple

From ijjjji, TD

You: Oh, you’re so cute, but we could never be a couple. Because we’re so alike, but sooo different at the same time. Imagine being with me, we’d be SO IN LOVE, but the next moment we’d be fighting and yelling and then after we’d had HOT MAKE UP SEX (tickle her), then after that FIGHT, then have make up sex… we’d drive the people around us wild!

17. 7 Girlfriends

This works as a RESPONSE to any sort of question she asks where she’s trying to find out if you’re single or not.

Her: Do you have a girlfriend?


Her: Are you married?

You: Yeah, I do actually…

Her: oh… (sounding a bit disappointed)

You: I have like 7 girlfriends, one to do the cooking, one to do the cleaning, one to wash my car, one to scrub my cat, one to mow the lawn, one to rub my back and one to play with my dog. But you know what, I’m actually looking for a girlfriend number 8. She’s going to be the special girlfriend that is going to spend time with me. Wow, you look like a nice girl, what do you say do you want to be my girlfriend number 8?

Her: *starts laughing* haha, no I don’t want to be number 8 (she’ll say this if she likes you).

You: Oh really, why not? It’s a really good job! Oh, I know, you must not like being number 8. How about this, if you promise you don’t tell the others, you can become girlfriend number (start counting on your fingers)…. Girlfriend number 5! As long as you don’t tell 6 and 7!

Her:  haha, no I don’t want that

You: ok ok fine. Since I kind of think you’re cool, I want to give you the best deal. If you become my girlfriend now, or within the next 30 minutes, you can become girlfriend number (start counting on your fingers)… girlfriend number 3! But you have to become my girlfriend within 30 minutes otherwise the offer expires.

I have actually had girls agreeing to be my girlfriend number 8 before! The best thing about this routine is if she just thinks you’re joking you have set up a fantastic and flirtatious role play scenario, so each time you talk to her you can just refer to her as “girlfriend number 8” and call her that. It sets up the interaction to be romantic and fun from the get go. If she does something good you can say “wow, that’ great you’re going to get promoted to girlfriend number 7” if she does something you don’t like say ”hey, that was stupid, sorry I’m going to demote you to number 9 now.”

18. Juggler’s Girlfriend Test

From Juggler

Her: Do you have a GF?

You: Well, to be my girlfriend it’s really a big deal. So I make girls take a test.

Her: What’s the test?

You: There are 3 questions I am going to ask you.

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  1. Which do you enjoy more? A shower or warm bath?
  2. What is sexier? A T back thong or skimpy lingerie?
  3. Which is better? Kisses on your neck or someone nibbling your ear?

Correct answers:

  1. bath
  2. T back thong
  3. Regardless of what she says, you get close to her ear and whisper in her ear “wow, I can’t believe you think nibbles on your ear are better/or worse than kisses on your neck”. Then nibble her ear then kiss her neck.

19. The Compliment Game

You: Do you wanna play a game?

Her: Hmm… ok?

You: You will surely love this. It’s called Compliment Game. The rules are very simple:

  1. You need to say something nice to the other person.
  2. Whoever can’t say something nice loses.
  3. All compliments must be TRUE.
  4. You have to go first.

Her: That seems unfair!

You: Well, these are the rules. I didn’t make them. I just implement them! So, shall we start? Okay. Go.

Her: I like your pants.

You: You’re so gorgeous. Also, one more rule I forgot to mention, you have to say 5 nice things in a row!

Her: That’s unfair! I thought you don’t make the rules! Cheater! Fine!

I like your eyes

I like your teeth

I like your hair

I like your muscles

You: Gee, falling in love with me already? We just met! My turn…

I like your hair

I like your teeth

I like your outfit

I like your charm

Her: That was only four!

You: I like your cleverness.

Her: Thanks.

You: I guess we are tied on this round. Now for the final round, we need to give each other one really huge and heartfelt compliment, like we’ve been together for a long time.

Her: Really? Okay… It’s your turn to go first this time.

You: Nope. I’m a gentleman so I insist on ladies first.

Her: Fine. You are the most interesting person I’ve met so far.

You: I think you’re cool enough to maybe be my next girlfriend! If you’re lucky of course!

20. DISC Personality Test

You: Do you believe in personality tests? Do you think they are accurate? I had to take one for my job recently and the results were really amazing.

Her: Really?

You: Yeah. The test covered 4 traits of my personality and I think it was pretty accurate. It focused on:

  • D – Stands for Dominance. This relates to how well I am at handling situations where someone is trying to threaten me at work.
  • I – Stands for Social Intelligence. This relates to how well I can mingle with others and how good of a communicator I am.
  • S – Stands for Steadiness. This relates to how steady I am when things hit a tough turn. Whether or not I stay on course depends on how steady I am.
  • C – Stands for compliance. This relates to how good I am at sticking to the rules, or whether or not I push the boundaries.

Guess how I went?

Her: So how did it go?

You: Well, I got high scores in two areas. Do you have any idea what they are?

(This is the test. She should be saying D, I, or S I if you did it correctly. If she said C, then she thinks you’re a guy that sticks to the rules and is boring).

21. The Dorian Routine

You need to have a wingman so you can effectively execute this routine. This gets you a lot of free drinks.

You: Do you believe that people have the power to communicate with their minds? You know Xavier from Xmen? The bald guy on a wheelchair? How he could talk to people and read minds? Well that’s REAL! Did you know that?

Her: Nope.

You: Did you know my friend over there has psychic powers too?

Her: Ha, I don’t think so.

You: I’m not joking. He can read your mind! I’ll get him to prove it. If he fails, we both buy you drinks. But if can read your mind, you buy me a drink.

Her: Sure.

You: Before I ask my friend to join us, I want you to choose any object you see in this room and make a mental image of it in your mind. Then tell me what you’re thinking of.

Her: My earrings.

You: So if my friend can tell us that you’re thinking of your earrings then you get to buy me a drink right?

Her: Definitely.

This is where you “rig” the game. The secret code that you use with your wingman is an object that you describe with “black” in front of it.

So this is how it will go.

You: Hey, she reckons you can’t read her mind.

Wingman: Ha, I bet you I can.

You: So let’s prove her wrong. Was she thinking of her shoes?

Wingman: Hmm… (look at the girl and act like you’re reading her mind). Nope.

You: Was she thinking of her beer?

Wingman: Hmm… (look at the girl and act like you’re reading her mind). Nope.

You: Was she thinking of her black heels? (Hint, the right answer is AFTER the question you mention the color black).

Wingman: Hmm… (look at the girl and act like you’re reading her mind). Nope.

You: Was she thinking of her earrings?

Wingman: You bet she was! Let me guess she owes you a beer now?

22. Are We Connected?

Before you do this trick, put your middle finger secretly in an astray to get a good layer of ashes on your finger.

You: Want to see a magic trick?

Her: Sure.

You: Give me your hand.

Ask her to hold both hands out in front of her, then turn her hands so her palms are facing down. Then you move your hands under her palm and use your middle fingers to secretly scratch the bottom of the palm and say “This might tickle a little”. The idea is to transfer the ash onto the bottom of her palm.

You: Great! Now close your fists TIGHT and hold it there for a few seconds.

Then take a few steps back, then either light a cigarette or borrow someone’s cigarette and light it.

You: When I visited Tibet last year, I met a Buddhist priest who told me that you people are connected to one another, even if they are separated from each other.

At this point, you want to put out the cigarette on the floor, blow it so it’s not flaming hot, then pretend to put it out on the palm of your hand.

You: Because when two souls are connected, they share the same experience.

Grab the cigarette then wipe it in the middle of your palm a bit more to make sure there’s a mark there.

You: Now open your palms and tell me, are we connected by the soul?

She’ll open her palms and have ash that you left on her palm and watch her getting totally blown away.

23. Xmen Powers

You: If you could be an Xmen and have any power you like, what would it be?

Normally the girl will choose one of the following:

  • Mind reading
  • Invisibility
  • Magic
  • Shapeshifting
  • Flying
  • Ability to control fire
  • Ability to control water

Her: mind reading?

You: Oh, so you’re the type that must have difficulty trusting people, you seem to be doubtful, and want to be assured always.


Her: invisibility?

You: Oh, so you must be really shy around others and don’t want people to really know how you feel. You are very uncomfortable in the presence of strangers.


Her: magic?

You: Oh, so you must be a control freak! Because you want to be able to change everything you touch!


Her: flying?

You: Oh, you must be  adventurous and playful and enjoy your freedom!


Her: Shapeshifting?

You: Oh, I need to stay away from you. You must be a hypocrite and you like being a different person all the time.


Her: control fire?

You: Oh, you’re trouble. That means you’re hot headed and you either fall in love with someone very deeply, or hate someone with a passion.


Her: control water?

You: Oh that means you are icy cold. You must be a ice queen and not compassionate. I’m going to stay away from you.

24. Handshake Routine

This is a take on the handshake routine that you can use to on women.

You: Hey give me your hands.

Shake her hand, smile and keep your eye contact the whole time.

You: You know, you can tell a lot about a woman from the way she shakes hands.

Her: Like?

Me: Well, there are generally 4 types of handshakes. Let me show you.

  • Ok, there’s the firm handshake. *shake her hand firmly* This means that the woman is really confident about herself, and can joke about anything.
  • Then there’s the sloppy handshake. *shake her hand sloppily* This means that the woman is insecure about herself. Conversations never go far with these ones.
  • And then there’s the “retarded” handshake. *shake her hand wildly up and down, make her laugh with this one* This means that the woman is super excited and happy at the moment. Makes me smile every time.
  • And then there’s your hand shake. It’s kind of gross actually. It’s called the the sweaty handshake. You’re either nervous or anxious to be in my presence. It’s ok, keep your panties on! I’m not that easy to get into bed.

25. Sexy Eyes Routine

You: It’s crazy how girls act weird when they get drunk, and only girls do this.

Her: How do we act?

You: (take your left hand and put it on her shoulder, then use your right hand to point to their eyes and to help explain) Look, when a girl starts to drink a little, their eyes relax and get sparkly and they have this constant look that they just want to have sex with anyone.

Her: We do not hahaha

Now the trick to this routine is to keep eye contact at all times. Speak with confidence, talk slower, and relax your eyelids. It’s all about frame control, you need to be so confident in saying it that the girls take it as your used to talking like this every single day and it comes off a sexy, not creepy!

You: Look, you’re doing it right now! (Smiling is essential!)

Her: I am not!

You: You’re right, you’re not doing it (You must smile and come off as you know they are and you’re just being sexy sarcastic)

26. High Five

You: High Five!

Normally, she’ll put her hand up and go to give it to you. What you want to do next is wrap up your thumb around her hand as you pretend to give your high five and say.

You: Ooops. Wait there. This ain’t a hand hug right?

You: Alright, I know that was really weak, but on your part. We better try it again. High Five! Ooopsss. a snail.

Again, you will break the High Five and slide your fingers slowly down her palms like a snail.

You: Okay, let’s do it again. It will be for real. I promise. High Five!

27. The Clairvoyant and the Necklace

For this routine you will need a ring and a string. Be resourceful if a string is not available or if the ring is too heavy. You can borrow her hair instead. The objective of the routine is to make her believe that you can predict her future. Start by asking her to lend you things and explain why you need it.

You: Did you know I can read your future? I’m a clairvoyant.

Her: Really?

You: Like what I’ve said, I’m a clairvoyant. I can sense what happens in the future. Lend me your ring.

Her: Ok!

You: Now,  give me a strand of your hair. I hope your hair doesn’t smell.

Her: Duh.

You: Can you see this? (Show her how you insert the strand of her hair in the ring and tie both ends to make an improvised necklace. Hold up the necklace to her eye level).

You: Your future depends on the movement of the ring. If it spins counter clockwise by itself then you will have a daughter. If it spins clockwise then you’ll have a son. If it doesn’t spin then you’re going to be sad and miserable for the rest of your life.

Her: Is this real?

You: Duh!

(As you raise your hand again, notice how she will look into the necklace. Then without warning, drop the necklace and say).

You: Ohh… shit sorry. You’re going to die sad and lonely. It also means you won’t be having kids! OOPS!

28. My Sweet Koala

You: Guess what?

Her: Oh, what?

You: I’ve changed your name on my phone to Koala.

Her: Why?

You: It’s because you’re cute, love to sleep all day, and if Koalas could speak, they would have that sexy accent of yours.

Her: Haha that’s so cute.

You: They also shit everywhere they go and don’t wash themselves. That’s just like you too.

29. Paper, Rock, Scissors Routine

You: Let’s play a game called paper/rock/scissors. Did you know buy looking at the way you play the game, I can tell you things about you that you didn’t even know?

Her: Huh?

You: Let’s play!

(If she throws paper).

You: I can tell you’re high maintenance and demanding because you were dying to show me your nails.

(If she throws scissors).

You: I bet you’d throw scissors because you thought it looks cool. But I’m not that easily impressed.

(If she throws rock).

You: Wow, you must be ANGRY to be throwing down a hand like that! Yikes!

30. The Midget Routine

You: How tall are you?

Her: Blah blah

You: Geez, you’re so cute, I think I can stick you in my pocket and show you off!


You: Oh! you’re so perfect. You can really fit in my lunch box. I guess you’ll be enough for my snack but if you are bad I might trade you with a banana.


You: This is cool! You can totally fit in my pocket and whenever I’m in trouble I can throw you out like my pokemon. GO PICKACHU GO!

31. Pull-Up on Arm Routine

Hold the girl’s arm and squeeze it like you’re checking how strong she is.

You: Wow! Have you been working out lately?

Her: Blah blah

Pull her arm this time and get her to flex it. Sometimes girls do it themselves. Now grab her arm and pretend like you’re doing pull ups on it.

You: 1,2,3..billion Wow! That was awesome. You can be my bodyguard and save me from horny girls who want to rape m e!

32. Hug Me Routine

You: Are you a good hugger? Most people say that you can learn many things from a person through a hug. Anything below 5 means that the person is cold and a bad lover. Whereas 5 and above means that a person is warm and passionate and is totally awesome.

Then stretch out your arms wide open for a hug and wait for her to hug you.

You: Hmmm…  That’s about 5.5


You: That would be 8.7, but you can do better

Since girls are born competitive, expect that she’ll give you more hugs, tighter ones.

33. Dimples Routine

You: You know they say that people who have the same facial expressions are made for each other?

Her: Really?

You: Yes, and I can tell we’re made for each other because we both share something unique on our face.

Her: What is it?

Poke your finger into her cheeks. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have dimples, just poke your finger into her face so you’ll create one with your fingers.

You: See you have dimples!

Then poke your own face and force a dimple (if you don’t have them naturally).

You: I do too! We’re made for each other!

34. What Does A Cow Drink?

You: Say the word ‘white’ a number of times fast…

Her: White, white, white, white

You: What does a cow drink?

Her: Milk

You: Wow, you really are stupid, cows drink water. DUH!

35. Short & Long

You: Guess what this is: George Bush has a short one, Schwarzennegger has a long one, married couples love to use it together, a bachelor uses it for himself, Madonna doesn’t have one and the pope doesn’t use it.

Her: Er… penis?

You: OMG. You have a dirty mind, I’m talking about their surname! Stop thinking about sex so much!

36. Trick Question

You: Can I ask you a question to test your intelligence?

Her: Ok

You: What is the color of a blue car?

Her: Blue

You: How about a red car?

Her: Red

Go on with a series of questions using other colors…and then ask:

You: What was the first question I asked you?

Her: What is the color of a blue car?

You: You are stupid.I asked “Can I ask you a question to test your intelligence? ”

37. How Many 9’s In 100

This is great to score yourself a free drink.

You: How many 9’s exist between 1 and 100 (the answer is 19).

Her: err… 9?

You: Wrong! Did you pass preschool? They teach you how to count there! The answer is 19!

Start counting on your fingers whilst saying 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99. See 19! Since you failed at a basic maths test, you’re going to have to do something to impress me now. Then you can ask her to tell you a secret, give you a massage or buy you a drink.

38.  Coolest Weird Person

You: Hey, you’re the coolest weird person I have met today. Maybe if you play your cards right we could hang out. As long as you aren’t a weirdo or anything.

39. Bossy Girl

Her: Have a nice day/Here’s your drink.

You: What? I barely know you and you’re ordering me around like I’m your hubby already. Imagine how bad it’d be like when we’re married.

40. You Get A Medal

Her: [Says something not stupid]

You: Wow, that’s awesome! Come here sit on my lap and let me give you a medal and gold sticker for being such a good girl.

41. Keep It Down!

Apply this routine when you are in club or bar that is loud and normal conversation is next to impossible.

Approach a cluster of girls and with a straight face, tell them to tone it down. And then, follow that up with:

You: “Girls, look, you’re messing up our night over here with your loud chat over there…”

While doing this, make sure that you keep eye contact with your  target and segue to another routine or simply say:

You: “The truth is I was just joking… …”

And move on to another more interesting topic.

42. Bait, Hook, Reel, and Release

This routine will help you qualify your girl and build some commonalities between her.

1. The Bait. Start by asking her a question so she’ll give an answer that will you she’s worth more to you than her looks.

You: What are other things about you that make me want to know you more aside from your looks?


You: So who are you? What makes you so special?

2. The Hook. Once she takes the bait and answers your questions, hook her into talking about that subject even more. This way you’ll find out more about her and she’ll feel as if you’re trying to really get to know her.

Her: Well, I write short stories in my spare time.

You: Wow, that’s amazing, I never knew you were a person to write? What do you write about! Tell me more!

3. The Reel. Reciprocate her taking the bait with a reward, you keep complimenting her and getting her to talk even more about that subject or other things that she does well in.

Her: Well, I also do a bit of dancing in my spare time.

You: What? So, you’re into dancing ha. Seriously? That’s awesome. What kind of dance?

Her: Hip Hop.

You: Hip Hop? I once dated a girl who was a great hip hop dancer, and damn, she was one of the coolest girls I dated before. Maybe you’re cool too!

At this point in time, you want her to keep talking about herself more and more, maybe 5 to 10 minutes into the conversation she’d feel really good. That’s when it’s time to cut her off and leave on a high. This way she’ll be wanting more attention from you.

4. The Release. Turn your back after giving her compliment. If she initiates the conversation again, then you’re in.

You: Anyways, I’d love to hear more from you in a second. Wait for me, I need to speak with my buddy for a second.

43. Random Facts

  1. If you make a joke and no one laughs, can it still be considered a joke?
  2. If you bring a lion from Africa to the US, do you call it an African-American lion?
  3. Christmas falls on the 25th of December, right? So why are there 12 days of Christmas when there is only one 25th of December?
  4. Why does a running back in football run forward?
  5. Small candy bars are called fun sizes. Isn’t it more fun to gobble large candies?
  6. Who collects the coins in a wishing well?
  7. If Winnie the Pooh is cultured enough to store the honey in jars, why does he lick them from his paws? Why doesn’t he use spoons?
  8. There is a saying that money does not grow on trees. If that’s so, why do banks have several branches?
  9. Why are round pizzas kept in square boxes?
  10. Imagine we only have a single eye. If we close and open it instantly, are we winking or blinking?
  11. If nobody is perfect, why is there a saying that practice makes perfect?
  12. If you write a book teaching people on how to succeed and it does not sell, is it considered a failure?
  13. If a person who suffers from dual personality threatens to kill himself, is he trying to stage a hostage rescue situation on himself?
  14. Why are soap operas called that way when actors rarely sing in these shows?
  15. If con is the exact opposite of pro, is congress the opposite of progress?
  16. Why do we have to collect all of Barbie’s friends if she is already so popular?
  17. If psychics know everything, why do they have to ask your name?
  18. You may not know this but in order to stop crying when chopping onions, you need to chew gum.
  19. People who are right handed live longer by nine years compared to left-handed individuals
  20. Women blink twice as much as men.
  21. Blondes have thicker hair than black-haired folks.
  22. All mammals can jump except elephants.
  23. Did you know that polar bears are left handed?
  24. What is the only bird that cannot fly but can actually swim? The penguin, yes, it’s a bird.
  25. Kangaroos are incapable of walking backwards.
  26. The very first music video that was broadcasted on worldwide television was called “Video Killed the Radio Star” on MTV.
  27. In the United Kingdom, more vibrators are bought every year compared to washing machines and driers combined.

43. The Mississippi River

You: Did you know that I used to misspell the word Mississippi a lot when I was younger.  My First Grade teacher ran out of patience and was always mad at me. It was so embarrassing! What about you? Can you spell that word correctly?

Her: Sure! That’s no brainer!

You: If you are that confident, let’s make a quick bet! If I win, I buy you a drink and you do the same if you lose.

Her: Fine. So what’s your question?

You: How many S’s are there in the longest river in the world?

Her: (Normally she’ll be thinking of Mississippi River so she’ll say) 4.

You: WRONG! The answer is none because the longest river in the world is the Nile River, you moron!

44. Stupid Palm Reading

Hold her hand, take a look at her palm and then stare at it seriously as if you see something ominous, quickly throw it back at her and say:

You: OH no, you have to totally stay away from me.

Now, she will be totally intrigued on the reason behind your reaction and when she asks why, you can say

You: Let me take  a second look at your palm and see if I’m mistaken or not.

Hold of her hand once more and throw it back again at her as if you are genuinely disgusted with what you see.

She will most likely ask why and when she does, grab her hand and point to any line on her palm and say:

You: From what I read, you will be spending all your professional life as a janitor for McDonald’s. Get away from me you loser!

45. Kill, Marry, or Fuck

You: Let’s play a game, it’s called Fuck, Kill or Marry. I’ll point at someone and you tell me if you’d fuck them, kill them or marry them. Easy?

Her: ok

You: What about her?

Her: She’s hot, I’d marry her.

You: Him?

Her: He looks mean, I’d kill him.

The idea is to use this routine to see what kind of girl she is and what kind of men she finds attractive. If she’s wiling to fuck hot girls or marry them, then it’s a good sign.

46.  Alphabet Sentences

You: Let’s play a game called Alphabet Sentences, I’ll start a sentence that begins with A and the next person beside me begins B and so on until you reach Z. (The idea is to start off in non sexual territory, but move the conversation into sex).

You: A long time ago there was a man.

Her: But it wasn’t just a man, it was a very attractive man.

You: Could this attractive man possibly be alone?

So you continue and try to make up a funny and sexually charged story. Be creative.

47. Emotional Reading

You: Lets play a game, it’s called emotional reading. The idea is to read anything while adding emotion to it. You will tell me what kind of emotions I will read at and I’ll have to read the sentence using that expression on my face. For example, while reading a passage from a book, you might say “ANGRY”, then I have to pretend I’m really angry whilst reading that book.

If you don’t have a book, reading text messages works as well.

48. Action Introduction

While you are being introduced to a group of people, you have to act out each time specific qualities are mentioned to describe you. You need a wingman for this. For example:

You: And here’s my good buddy, he loves the outdoors and is a great swimmer and hiker.

Buddy: *pretends he is swimming and hiking*

You: He also likes cats and likes to breakdance in his spare time.

Buddy: *pretends to pat a cat and breakdance*

49.  3 Mice Game


You: Let me tell you the story about the 3 mice. Give me your hand. The first mouse was blind, he would walk up your arm like this. Tell me when to stop.

At this point, using your fingers pretend to be a blind mouse and finger walk up her arms, starting from her palms.

Her: Stop.

You: There was another mice, it was dumb, he would walk up your arm like this. Tell me when to stop.

Start from her palms again and slowly walk up her arm in a dumb way, falling over yourself.

Her: Stop…

You: huh?

Her: Stop!

You: What?

Her: STOP!

You: Oh sorry, I told you the mouse was dumb, you have to repeat yourself a few times. Lastly, the last mouse was deaf, he’d walk up your arms like this. Tell me when to stop.

Her: Stop.

You: (with a grin on your face), I can’t hear you!

Walk your fingers from her palm all the way to beneath her shoulder and start tickling her!

50. Lying Challenge

You: Ok, you have to tell me 5 things about you. But two of them have to be lies. I want to see if I can tell when you’re lying and when you’re not. If you win, I buy you a drink. If you lose, you buy me a drink!.

51. Engaged, Married, Breakup, Divorced game

When in a conversation with a your target, if she says something you like reward her with something like:

You: That’s awesome, I really like you a lot now, let’s get engaged!

When she mentions something that’s really great that she did, you say:

You: Now I wanna get married to you!

But, the moment she says you don’t like you say:

You: Oh you suck!  I want a divorce.

You can make more funny remarks like:

You: we really need a divorce. Now who gets the kids? I’ll be bringing our Labrador, and you can keep the monkeys.

It’s fun to divorce and marry a girl using this method a few times throughout the night, this is a great way to use call back humour.

52. Literally Carry Her

You: I can accurately assume your weight and by literally carrying you. Don’t believe me? (lift her up).

Her: haha what do I weigh?

You: Hmmmm…  I don’t know, I just wanted to hug you. Haha you fell for it!

53. What Do You Think About Me?

You: Hey, I know this might sound a bit strange, but I read this book that deals with the effectiveness of first impressions and I wanna see if what the book says checks out.  So, what did you feel when you first saw me?

54. Look Into My Eyes

You: There’s a theory that says you can tell a lot about a person by just simply looking at their eyes. (look at her eyes deeply).

Her: Really? What do you see?

You: I dunno I’m trying to figure it out.

Her: what?

You: OMG.. You are SOO perverted. Stop thinking of those dirty thoughts gee, I barely know you yet!

55. Great Things…

Slowly put your face next to her ear and then softly murmur:

You: Great things…

And then slowly move to her other ear with your face almost brushing her lips as if you are about to kiss her and then whisper:

You: come to those who wait.

Slowly move away and do not kiss her.








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