How To Build An Emotional Connection

Although the name of this page sounds extremely non manly, Mr Manlyhub insisted that this page was relevant. And since he is the almighty and glorious seduction guru, no one can question his wisdom. In fact, he actually took some time off being Chuck Norris’ manly master and explained to us what you are about to read.

Once you have gone past the phase of introducing yourself to a girl, it’s time for you to try to build an emotional connection. The idea is so that you make her feel that you like her for something more than just her good looks. Otherwise she’s going to think you’re shallow (even though you probably are) and not want to end up in bed with you.

So what you want to do is steer the conversation towards being more romantic and being lovey dovey. But you got to do it in a way that’s totally manly and macho and not gay. Otherwise you get sent to the friends zone and Mr Manlyhub would look at you in a very disapproving manner, because he didn’t make us create this awesome and useful page for you to use on girls for no reason!

We scoured the internet looking for everything we can find to find you things to say, so that you can build an emotional connection with a girl. In fact, we wanted to make it 100% idiot proof so all you need to do is copy this word for word and you’ll be all good.

Although Mr Manlyhub was the original inspiration behind every one of these lines (whether or not the maker of it knew it or not), he was generous enough to give credit to the second original makers out of his benevolence. Here’s a list of resources where this information was compiled after Mr Manlyhub inspired their creation.

1. This Tight

You: We used to be THIS tight (cross your fingers and show it to her). It’s as if we were hugging. But now, we have fallen apart (uncross your fingers like a ‘peace’ sign). Now, I guess you just want to hold hands.

2. The Forest Routine

The idea is you ask her a series of questions that are loosely based on metaphorical facts (very loosely). Once she answers them, you explain to her what her answers mean in your own way. This way you seem much more deep and meaningful compared to the average guy.

You: Hey, I want to see what kind of person you are, let me ask you a few questions and we’ll decide if you’re going to be a good match for me.

  1. How will you describe a forest? (How she sees her life now)
  2. There is a bear, what do you do? (How she handles problems)
  3. There’s a house, describe it? (Her view on self esteem)
  4. There is a body of water, describe it? (Her views on sex)
  5. On the other side of the water, there is a wall, what kind of wall is it? (How she looks at death)

3. Comfort Building One Liners

You: Let’s go to Vegas, get married, fight over how we are going to name our kids, file for divorce, and get old feeling alone and dejected!

You: I don’t care who your ex boyfriend is, but it’s obvious he needs to spank you more!

You: Awww…. You are so sweet I am in danger of getting diabetes.

You: Stop looking at me that way. I’m not a piece of meat you know.

You: For some reason, I always think of you.

You: How come you seem to always make me smile. 🙂

4. Deep & Meaningful Questions:

The goal here is to give the woman the feeling that you have known her for her entire lifetime and that you know her more than anyone else in the world. So that the two of you share a very special connection. That way she’ll feel comfortable sleeping with you. So you really need to get into her mind and probe her to find out what she’s really thinking. Here are some questions that can help you achieve that.

You can ask her these questions and win her emotional side over:

  1. What are your greatest fears?
  2. What are your grandest dreams?
  3. How about your hopes?
  4. What are your short term and long term life goals?
  5. What would you like to be said at your memorial service?
  6. What is one thing about you physically that you wish you could change?
  7. What is the thing you like about yourself the most?
  8. What was the saddest part of your life?
  9. How about the happiest?
  10. You don’t have plenty of dreams? Still, you dreamed of me cheating on you with a friend. Isn’t that weird? (To lighten things up).
  11. Do you have a passion that you don’t tell others about? What is it?
If you are given a talent that you currently do not have, what would it be?
  13. If you have a secret that you can reveal to a person close to you, what would it be?
  14. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
  15. What is the cereal that you always wanted to eat?

5. Emotional Bonding Questions:

You can bond with her emotionally after you ask her these questions and share an answer.

  1. What are the challenges in her line of work / what she excels in / her likes / what she doesn’t like about her job?
  2. What is the weirdest thing you’ve done when playing “truth or dare”?” (Hopefully she tells you some sexual stuff:)
  3. How do your friends describe you? (You can use this as prep for your palm-reading strategy which you can initiate by saying “Let me check if you actually are like that” and segue to palm-reading.
  4. How do you gauge me? (You’ll get helpful feedback on how you’re doing and how she perceives you)
  5. What was your first childhood memory? (If it is positive, dwell on it. At this point, she is already opening up to you the moment she answers these stuff)
  6. Your most pleasant memory in school is what? (Hopefully it has something to do with a guy)
  7. In what period of your life where you most popular? (Make her remember the  good times)
  8. Do you remember the first time you fell seriously and helplessly in  love? How did it happen?

 6. Conversation Topics To Build Rapport During A Date

  1. Talk about her family – How close is she with her family and whether or not they are close.
  2. If she had a happy childhood – Ask her if she thinks her childhood is happier than most other kids.
  3. See how she would react regarding issues such as defending a friend – Imagine you are at a dinner and you hear someone making fun of your friend. What would you do?
  4. Dreams – If she could create a script of a dream that she likes, how would she write it?
  5. About meeting people – If she was invited to a party where she could potentially meet anyone she wanted, but did not know anyone there, would she go by herself? And if she did, how will she manage herself?
  6. What is her take on time travel – If she could go back into the past, what period would she choose? Ask her to choose a period in her life that she has to relive and not come back from
  7. History changer – If she has the power to change history, what would she change?
  8. Integrity test – If her friends were willing to in all honesty, tell her their opinion of her, would she honestly want them to or would she not know?
  9. Background – If she could turn back the hands of time and alter how she was brought up, what would she want to have changed and why?
  10. Audacity – How daring is she? If she was at a beach and it turned out everyone was swimming naked, would she also join in and undress or would she leave?
  11. Future – What is her take about the future? Would she want to know the exact time of her death and the manner by which she would die?
  12. Revenge – If she was madly and deeply in love, and your her was suddenly murdered brutally, and she knew the identity of the murderer, would she seek personal vengeance? If so what would she do?
  13. Judging – Does she give herself varying sets of standards when she compares herself with others?
  14. Stealing – When was last time she stole anything? What was it and why did she steal it?
  15. Phone calls – There are people who run through what they want to say before making a phone call. Is she the type to do the same?
  16. Patience – If she watched a movie with a friend and it turned out to be a really, really crappy film, would she finish the movie or would she leave?
  17. Compliments – Does she like compliments?
  18. Money – If she came across a million dollars, how would she go about spending it?
  19. Wedding proposal during trip – A friend of mine plans to travel somewhere and there, he will propose to his girlfriend. He is amazingly well-off and he does not know where to go. Where do you suggest and why?
  20. Ex’s best friend – A friend of mine just recently parted ways with his long-time girlfriend. Now, he’s falling for her best friend. What is your take on this? How soon can my friend get it on with this chick?
  21. Chest hair – Yesterday, as I was with the gym with my pals, I saw one of them shave his chest. He said he was forced to do it because his girlfriend hates hairy chests. How about you? What is your take on hairs on the chest?
  22. Lost Sunglasses – My pal picked up an expensive pair of sun glasses as he sat in a restaurant to eat. I Googled the pair and they cost almost a thousand bucks. He took it home and he continues to wear them. I just want to know, what would you do if you also, by coincidence, saw an expensive pair of glasses just lying around?
  23. Why are most girls so into celebrities and their private lives? – It’s not that I’m stereotyping, but why are most girls  obsessed with following the lives of famous people? I mean Britney, Lady Gaga, and Lindsay Lohan are bad examples but why do girls adore them?
  24. Women Vs Men – Who do you feel is our society in general prejudiced against, men or women? What would be the first thing that you will do if you were made to be a boy for a single day?
  25. Drama  – What is considered cheating if I were to ask you? Would it be based on time spent with each other? Or is it based on touching? Holding hands? Smooching? Or the actual sex act?

7. The Perfect Man Routine

Ask the girl what qualities she desires as the perfect man, but before you do so say this:

You: Now I want you to picture the perfect man in your eyes, (then use your fingers to make a window frame over your face) and then subtly point towards yourself and say, I want you to imagine his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his hair and listen to my voice as you imagine what he looks like. I want you to list out the qualities you see in your perfect man. Be very detailed and take your time describing what his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his hair would look like (make sure you point to your own body parts when you say that).

If you do that, you’ll be subtly embedding your presence in the identity of her perfect man, because you have effectively made sure when she described to you the qualities out loud, she’ll be looking at you!

8. The Lesson + Trust Issue

This is a combination of two routines. To make the routine work you have to set the role-play that she’s your student and you’re going to teach her something. Just thumb wrestle her and tell her that since she’s the loser you’re going to teach her something. Then you start then say:

You: I want to play a personality game with you. The rules of the class are as follows:

  1. you have to be honest;
  2. you have to be a good girl; and
  3. you have to listen to me carefully, otherwise you will owe me a kiss.

Beauty is a common thing, so I want to know what about you separates you apart from the other girls, apart from your looks.

Do you know why people are attracted to one another?

It’s because they share secrets and discover things together that make them feel as if the other person is very special to them. So I want to know what kind of person you are, and I want to know if you’re worth getting to know or should I just delete your number and ignore right now. I want you to Imagine you and I went on a hot date and we just got back to your house and we were making out. But suddenly the police arrive. I want you to picture this scene in your mind. What would you do if the police officers said ‘Did you see a man here before? What would you say?

a) lie to the police and hide me

b) tell them where I was

If she chooses a, then say: “cool, I knew you were a good person and I can trust you. I won’t delete your number and will not ignore you now.”

If she chooses b, then say: “cool, I knew that you’re a smart girl and wouldn’t lie to authority, I won’t delete your number and will not ignore you now.”

Then when she feels happy about passing the test, you ask “so how many police officers were there?” She’ll say you didn’t tell her. But then you say “you weren’t listening! I said police officerS with an S, meaning more than 1, so that means you owe me a kiss now.

 9. Ten Roses Routine

Let’s pretend you’re going to the house of your boyfriend house and there are two paths which lead to the same house. You are at the junction and you are about to choose which path you will take.

Question 1:

A. The first trail is straight but there is nothing to see there and it’s boring as hell.

B. The second trail is wonderful and interesting things to check out but it is winding and it would take you quite a while before you reach the house.

At this point, which trail would you take?

Question 2:

As you take the path you decide, you come across two rose shrubs.

The first one is filled with red roses while the other shrub is overflowing with white ones.

If you were to choose ten roses to give your lover, what combination would it be? How many red or white flowers would you give to make up the combination of the 10?

Question 3:

Upon reaching your lover’s house, the maid opens the door. Would you:

  1. go straight to your lover’s room or
  2. will you ask the maid to fetch him?

Question 4:

When you go to his room, you discover that he isn’t there. Where would you leave the roses:

  1. right on the bed or
  2. at the window sill.

Question 5:

In the morning, you get up early and proceed to check up on your lover. Is he awake or not?

Question 6:

By the time you are about to go home, you again come across the two trails, which would you prefer this time?


Question 1:

The path you take is when it comes to being in love. Taking the straight and short path means you have the tendency to fall in love rapidly. On the other hand, if you take the long winded road, you make your lover jump through hoops and trials to win you over.

Question 2:

The red roses correspond to the expectations you have in a relationship whilst the white roses stand for how much you expect to give to the relationship. This means that if the girl chose all whites, she will not give anything, but expects to take everything.

Question 3:

This explains how relationship issues are managed. If you got the maid toyou’re your lover, you’re the type of that does not face relationship problems head on. You like to rely on another individuals to arbitrate. However, if you went straight to your lover’s room, this means you are amazingly straightforward and you like dealing with the problem as soon as they show up.

Question 4:

Putting  the roses on the bed means you’re the type of person who requires a lot of comfort and encouragement when in a relationship. For example, you’ll be wanting to be with your partner every single day, or see him all the time. Putting them by the windows may mean the exact opposite – seeing your partner once in a while is good enough for you.

Question 5:

Finding your lover asleep indicates that you accept him for what he is. But when you discover him awake, you want him to change based on what you want him to be.

Question 6:

On your way back, if you opted for the short path, it may means that you quickly fall out of love and tend to have short relationships. If you take the long winded way back, it means you have longer ones.

10. Let us Have a Moment Routine

While in the heat of a conversation, you butt in and say:

“Let’s shut up for while and have a moment of peace.” (Smile at the chick.)

Take her hand and place it on your chest, right where your heart is. As you do that, make sure that you place your hand on top of hers. Then, put your other hand on her chest. This entire process ought to be done in 10 seconds, 15 tops. Tell her to look straight into your eye. While you’re both locked eye to eye, breathe deeply and visualize a force flowing through your hands and into your hearts and between your two eyes. And say:

“Now, we have a moment that we can call our own.”

This routine is best when you are already on the seduction phase.

11. When You Were Gone

If you are on a date and she goes to the bathroom, the moment she returns, you say:

You: It’s not that I wanna spoil the fun or anything and we are not actually that close but for the love of me, when you went to the washroom, there was a sudden feeling of emptiness here. The moment you arrived, I don’t know, it must be the lights in here or something, but I actually smiled. A genuine smile and I haven’t done that in a long time. I know, it’s absolutely crazy, did you put anything in my beer?

12. Movie Genre Routine

You: If your life had to be rated like a movie at a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the highest what rating do you think would it get?

Her: Hmm. Maybe  7 or 8.

You: That’s fine. So what film genre would it be?

  • Response 1 – If she answers comedy. You: I knew because you’re such a jolly person. That’s why you’re so good at making me laugh, I feel so close with you
  • Response 2 – If she answers drama. You: That explains why most of the time you make my life so full of fun and drama. I love having you around. I feel so close to you.
  • Response 3 – If she answers action. You: That’s why everytime you come here, you seem to scare away all the bad vibes. I feel so close to you.
  • Response 4 – If she answers suspense. You: Now I know why you’re very unpredictable. But for some reason, everytime you’re around I feel so close with you.

13. Passion In Life

You: What is your passion in life?

Her: I don’t know. I like to travel. I guess traveling is my passion. How about you?

(Playing a bit dumb).

You: About what?

Her: What is your passion?

You: I study interpersonal philosophy.

Her: What is that?

You: It is the art and science of relating one’s deep emotional level to another human beings. Say for example, I ask people some questions to know if they are passionate and alive. I love people who love life. When I meet someone who shares the same thought as I have I feel like I’m very much at home. You make me feel connected for some weird reason.

14. Guess which hand:

You: I am going to turn my back and look the other way for half a minute. While I do that, you raise any of your hand for the entire duration that my back is turned. Afterwards, I’ll face you, look at both your hands, and pick the hand that you raised. Ready? [Look for the hand that’s paler than the other and that is the hand that was raised.]

15. Snoopy Palm Reading

From Dean Cortez

[With this routine you can first ask her who her favorite cartoon character is, and replace Snoopy with that character.]

You: I you have the ability to read palms [grab her hand.]

You: [Point to the line on her hand and say] Let’s say this is a lake that goes directly to your heart. If Snoopy wants to cross the lake, how will he be able to do it?

[Whatever his answer is, your verdict should always be a ‘no’. At one point, she will ultimately ask for the real answer]

You:  The truth is I don’t have the vaguest idea, I just want to be able to hold your soft and smooth hands. [smile]

16. Hilarious Palm Reading

Get a hold of her hand and interpret what you see this way: a single wrinkle on the link between the hand and palm indicates that she is a virgin, two wrinkles mean that she leads an ordinary sex life, three creases means that she is a sex vixen.

You: [Point to another line] That’s the heart line. Yours says you are a very caring person, and really considerate of others.

You: [Point to another line on her palm] The head line means that you may be worrying too much about specific stuff and at times you try to determine the meaning of everything that is happening around you.

You: [Pointing to another line] Your fate line shows that at your age. You are about to meet someone who will be so special in your life [describe that person as if it was you in full detail including the color of the shirt and shoes].

17. Strawberry Fields Game

[You can definitely use this routine to transform the conversation from boring to being sexually charged.]

You: Here is an exciting game I just discovered. Come here and picture yourself in front of a bountiful strawberry field. The field is covered with a fence. Tell me how high the fence is. Is it low, mid-high, or ultimately high?

You: If you are allowed to pick them, how many strawberries would you pick? [Her answer would represent the number of partners she wants to have]

You: When you you’re finished with eating the strawberries, what can you say about the owner of the field where you picked the strawberries from? [Her answer would represent the emotion that she has after she had sex with the partners] [Now you summarize her answers and explain them to her.]

18. Count 9s Game

You: If you’re smart, can you please tell me how many 9’s there is between 1 and a hundred.

Her: Hmmm. 11?

You: What? You only counted 11? You probably missed out on the fact the 99 has two 9’s. You probably hate Math but it’s actually easy, let me count for you. There are 20 and here they are – 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 99, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99.

19. The Questions Game

You: Let us play the question game. It’s like truth or dare minus the dare part since I don’t know you that well and you may be crazy LOL. Here are the rules.

  1. Only I can make the rules and I may amend them as we play the game
  2. You are not allowed to ask the same question that has been asked before
  3. No holds barred, you have to answer the questions genuinely
  4. You go first.
  5. You are not allowed to break the rules
[When she says that she does not want to go first and that you should initiate the game, you can refer to Rule #5 which is…]

You: [Begin with saying] Of course you have had relationships in the past. So how many boyfriends have you had?

[This intro is good primer for a deeper conversation about sex). It’s also a tactical question because she would not be able to ask the same question to you according to the rule. You can ask her practically anything and she would not be able to ask you back. After being able to build enough rapport, you can strategically insert the Kiss Close in order to get to the next phase.]

20. 5 Lies Game

You: Are you familiar with the 5 liesGame?

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Her: Nope.

You: Alrighty. Let’s see. If you lose, you owe me a drink. However, if you win, I have to buy you a drink.

Her: Cool.

You: The rule is I will be asking you 5 questions. And you need to remember this: you have to provide me with a wrong answer, not the right answer, but a wrong one. Any answer would do as long as it is the wrong one. The moment you accidentally give me the right answer, you automatically lose. Clear?

Her: Got it.

You: Alright. My first question is [ask any easy questions…before you ask the fourth question, say]

You: Wait a sec, how many questions have I asked so far?

[She may be thinking of including your last question which is ‘How many questions have I asked so far? and when she does and answers 4. She has in effect given you the right answer and she loses. If she gives you a wrong answer, you can say: OMG, you probably have played this game before, have you? When she answers NO, you win again.]

21. Bullcrap Palm Reading

You: Let me take a look at your palm. See this line? It means you are suffering from arrested development.

22. Genuine palm reading

You: Let me take a look at your hand. I would rather check your left palm. The left generally has clearer lines compared to the right.

23. Heart rate

You: I’m not sure if you can be trusted. I can easily determine if you are lying. Give me your hand and let me check your pulse rate. Whoa! You have zero pulse. OMG, you must be a zombie! Oops, I finally sensed a heartbeat. There you go. Wait, let me ask you something. Are you aroused whenever you watch porn?  Wow! Your heart is racing. You must be addicted to porn!

24. Thumb wrestle

You: [Ask her to thumb wrestle with you and do everything to win] Let’s pretend we are in a thumb war! Girl, you suck at thumb wrestling. I probably forgot to tell you that I was a former thumb wrestling world champion.

25. Hush

You: Let’s have a contest. The person who remains quiet for the longest time wins!

26. Red hammer

You: Now, let’s see what comes to mind if I ask you to think of a tool and think of the color of that tool. I will try to guess what it is that you imagined. Is it a red hammer? [Most people immediately think of a red hammer.]

27. The cube

You: Let’s say you are in front of a field that is empty. Now, imagine a cube right in the middle of the field. What is the cube made of? And how large is it?

You: At this point, think of a horse. How far is it from the cube? Is the horse far away from the cube or is leaning to it? How strong is the horse? Is it wild or domesticated?

You: Now, think of a bunch of flowers. How far are they from the cube? How many flowers do you see? Describe them.

You: Imagine that a ladder is leaning on the cube. How high is the ladder? Is it strong or weak?

You: At this point, imagine that there is a rainstorm. How strong is the rainstorm?

[This is how you interpret this test: The cube represents her. The men she had relationships with are represented by the horse. The flowers are her friend. The manner by which she progresses in life is represented by the ladder. And the storms are the obstacles in her life. ]

28. Lying Eyes

With the following routine you can determine if a person is lying because her will eyes go to the right when she is trying to imagine something. When they go to the left she is remembering.

You: Did you know that you can actually tell if a person is lying by simply looking at their eyes?

You: Here’s an experiment to see if it really is true. Think of three stories, two of them genuine and one not, and I’ll spot the story that you just made up.

29. Photo Strategy

Ask a girl to pose for you in some special poses. You can take photos of you smiling, making funny poses, and finally ending it with you kissing her. You can ask a wingman to holler something to spice up the situation such as ‘you two look like a match made in heaven!’

30. The Picture Routine

[For this routine, you would need a smartphone like an iPhone or an Android. Whip it out and begin looking at pictures of you with friends and families.]

Her: So who is that girl you are hugging in that picture? Is she your girlfriend?

You: Nope, she’s a girl I just met. But yeah, you can say she is one of my girlfriends.

You: [Using Google Maps] This spot is where we are at the moment, and this is the spot where I am about to go which is approximately a few minutes away. Do you want to see where I’m headed?

[You can take pictures of anything along the way, things that may interest her like a shadowy figure that you think is a ghost or anything at all to keep the conversation interesting as you walk towards your place.]

31. Camcorder

With a camcorder and a wingman, you can easily build rapport with a girl. You can say that you are making a documentary about relationships and that she is perfect for the part of the female who is into a great relationship with a guy who would be played by you.

32. Faith and trust

You: My question is can I really put my trust in you? The moment you do me wrong I’ll have to call the cops!

33. Music Preference

You: Are you fond of listening to music?

You: What genre do you listen to?

You: Can you play any musical instrument? Are you good?

You: How about singing? Do you regularly sing? Do you like to sing at home or in karaoke bars?

34. Abominable behaviors

You: Are you aware of any bad habits that you have?

You: Do you smoke?

You: Do you drink a lot?

You: Do you bite your nails in public?

You: Have you taken drugs in the past, or do you still take drugs?

You: What was the nastiest thing that you ever did when under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

35. Food

You: Do you know how to cook?

You: If you do, what do you consider as your best dish?

You: What type of food do you prefer to eat on a date? What is your favorite food?

36. Shopping

You: I’m pretty sure you love shopping. Do you?

You: What do you usually shop for? Bags? Shoes? Gadgets? Groceries?

You: Where do you usually shop?

You: Do you shop alone or with friends?

You: Do you often shop and end up getting more than what you intended to buy?

You: Was there a time when you decided to go shopping and actually didn’t buy anything?

37. Books

You: Are you fond of reading books?

You: Who is your preferred author?

You: What is your favorite book?

You: How long does it usually take till you finish reading a book?

[Ask her a few questions about a movie that you both saw or a book that you and she both read.]

38. Movies and Television

You: Are you a fan of television shows?

You: What is your favorite sitcom or channel?

You: How about movies? Do you frequently go to the movie theater?

You: What type of movie genre do you usually watch?

You: Who’s your favorite actor or actress?

39. Sports

You: Do you like sports?

You: What kinds of sports do you play? Dancing is considered a sport!

You: Do you love dancing?

40. Domesticated pets

You: What kind of pets do you have? Are you a dog or a cat person?

41. Friends

You: If you were your best friend, what would you say about you?

You: Describe your best friend.

You: Between 1 and 9, with 9 being the highest, how are you at dealing with people? Do you easily get aggravated?

You: Are most of your friends younger or older than you?

You: Do you have more female friends than male friends?

You: If you were made to choose, who would you rather hang out with – your male friends or your female friends?

42. Adventuresome

You: Are you a thrill-lover? What was the most thrilling adventure that you have ever experienced?

43. Willing to kill to save others

You: If you were given an opportunity to save a thousand people but in order to do that you would need to kill another person, would you do it?

43. Ability of choice

You: If you were given the choice to choose a specific ability that you would excel in, what would it be? And why?

44. Choices on lifespan

You: If you were to choose, would you rather live a long and unadventurous life, or live a short one full of happy and thrilling moments?

45. Press for life

You: Let me see what your pick would be. Let’s say you and the person you love the most in this world were placed and locked in separate rooms. Within the next hour, you will both definitely die unless any of you presses a button inside each room which has the power to spare the life of the person in the other room. Would you wait until your partner presses the button to save you or will you press it first to save his life?

46. Swimming

You: Whenever you swim in a pool, do you immediately jump into the water or do you slowly ease in?

47. Achievements

You: As of today, what do you think is your greatest achievement? What are your other goals that you have not yet accomplished?

48. Appreciative

You: If there is something in your life that you are gracious for, what would it be?

49. Memory

You: What memory of your past do you like the most, something that you always want to remember?

You: For you, what is more relevant, the memory of something good or the actual live experience?

50. Animosity

You: For sure, you have experienced having a feeling of bitterness to another individual. How long did this feeling last? What spawned it?

You: Do you usually get into altercations with other people? What stuff usually gets you into arguments?

You: How do you usually react during arguments? Do you scream and yell to get your way?

51. Jealousy

You: If there is any person you really envy, are you willing to trade places with that person?

52. Way of life

You: Would you describe yourself as a spur-of-the-moment type of person or an organized type?

You: Are you fond of the outdoors or are you more of a homebody?

You: Do you always go to parties?

53. Love and attraction

You: Have you ever wondered what the difference is between attraction and love?

54. Youth

You: When we were kids we all wanted to have a something when we grew-up.  What did you want to be? Being a princess is off the list. [smile]

You: Can you describe yourself when you were still a kid? Can you say that you are a totally different person now?

You: When you were still young, did you believe in fairies and monsters hiding under your bed?

You: What was your favorite possession or toy? Do you still keep them?

55. Uncomfortable moments

You: Of course, we all are familiar with awkward, uncomfortable moments and we all have our share of these kinds of situations. It’s like when two individuals who practically do not know each other or when you enter a waiting room and there is another person inside the room and you sit and remain silent for so long. There are those who fiddle with whatever is in their hand, a pen or a phone, while there are those who just remain hushed. How about you? What do you do during these awkward moments?

56. What would you rather routine

You: What would you rather do, kick a guy on the shin or passionately kiss another girl?

You: What would you rather be: poor and awesomely pretty, or filthy rich but totally unappealing?

You: Choose between being deaf or blind.

57. Story tell

You: I want to know how creative and artistic your mind is. I will tell you a story that I will just make up as I go along and stop at a specific point and allow you to continue on. For instance, I begin with ‘A long time ago, there was a kid who always wanted to play. He was so engrossed with playing he did not notice that he already strayed so far he is already in a dangerous part of the village.’ You can continue by saying ‘Suddenly, a superhero came by and scooped him out of the area and brought him back to where he should be’ and I take it from there.

58. Hair that smells great

You: I just love girls with hair that smells great [Lightly grip the back of her hair, pull it a little, smell her hair, and immediately back off]

You: Hmmm. This smells ordinary.

59. Make-up

You: I am not much of a fan with women who wear a lot of cosmetics on their face. Let’s see if you have too much on your face, kiss my arm.

You: Are you aware that females unknowingly ingest a large portion of the lipstick that they wear?!

60. Paranormal

You: Are you a fan of anything that is considered supernatural? Do you believe in the supernatural?

You: Just between the two of us, do you possess any superpowers?

You: If Superman and Batman were to fight to the death, who do you think would win?

You: How about ghosts? Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? Are you willing to spend a night in a real haunted house overnight?

You: Are you a believer of people who can read minds?

You: Have you heard of telekinesis? Do you believe that there are individuals who have the ability to move things using their minds? How about the ability to see the future?

61. Dreams

You: What is your take on our dreams? Are they random or are they brought about by our real world experiences?

You: If you have a choice on what to dream, what would you want to dream about? Because I have heard that there are certain people who can control what they dream about. Do you believe in that?

You: Have you had a nightmare? What was your scariest nightmare?

61. Conversations

You: Do you usually break the ice, or do you usually wait until the other person initiates the conversation with you?

You: Are you more of a listener or a talker?

You: What topics do you enjoy talking about with other people?

You: Have you ever exaggerated your stories in order to amaze your friends?

62. Dating experience

You: What is the age bracket of the guy who you would be willing to date?

You: What are the types of guys that you are willing to go out with?

You: Would you go out with a guy that you think is way smarter than you are?

You: Are you willing to go out with someone who looks more gorgeous than you?

You: Will sex play an important role in your relationship?

You: Would you be more attracted to a guy only because he is good in bed?

You:  Would you leave your boyfriend for a guy who is much better in bed?

You: If you love a guy with all your heart but you caught him cheating, would you still stay in the relationship?

63. Simple Power Questions

You: What’s the worst email you have ever sent to anyone?

You: Using only three words, how will you describe your mother?

You: Can you give me at least 3 pet peeves of yours?

You: Who do you consider as your closest friend? Describe your relationship with the person.

You: What do you usually do when you are unable to catch some sleep? So how do you get to sleep?

You: Are you the kind of person who can be described as a hopeless romantic or sentimental? Do you keep old letters and greeting cards, or do you generally throw them away?

You: Are you fond of collecting anything? What made you start collecting that?

You: What type of car do you have? Why do you like that brand and model?

You: Who is the most popular individual you have ever met in person?

You: Who would be the celebrity you would most like to meet?

You: If you have the chance to eat dinner with 5 individuals from anywhere and anytime in history, who would you choose to dine with?

You: What is your favorite flick? Why that one?

You: How do you brush aside telemarketers if you happen to answer their calls?

You: Have you ever been locked out of your car or house? Can you tell me the story of how that happened?

You: What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word ‘fun’?

You: What motivates you?

You: What do you consider as the naughtiest thing that you’ve done?

You: We’ve all been in trouble at some point. Tell me your story.

You: What was the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

You: Have you ever subscribed to a magazine? What was it? Do you really read them at all? Or do you go through the entire magazine only stopping at some pages where the pictures look cool?

You: Have you ever tried betting on lottery? If you did, have you ever won anything?

You: If you were told that you would lose one of your five senses and you were allowed to pick, which would you choose to lose? – smell, sight, touch, taste, or hearing.

You: What do you complain most about?

You: We all believed in something strange when we were still young like Santa Claus or the boogeyman. What was the strangest thing that you believed in when you were a kid?

You: Was there an instance when you almost became famous? Tell me the story.

You: What is the most humiliating thing you have seen someone do?

You: Do you know how to cook? What cuisine can you cook? What’s your favorite food?

You: What flick can you watch over and over and never get tired?

You: What makes you and your friend click?

You: How long do you usually sleep at night?

You: If you were to choose, what is one of your guilty pleasures that you would never be willing to give up?

You: What is the most enjoyable sound you can think of? How about the most annoying sound?

You: Who has always been your hero in life?

You: If you were to describe yourself using only one sentence, what would that sentence be?

You: If I were to look in the trunk of your car right now, what would I see?

You: What type of animal do you find interesting?

You: If you could be any animal you wanted, which one would you be?

64. Deep & Meaningful Questions

You: Are you more of a serious or more of a fun loving person?

You: Do you, keep away from arguments as much as possible, or are you fond of discussions over differences in opinions?

You: What kinds of compliments don’t you like?

You: What kinds of compliments do you like?

You: What’s in you that you wish you can change but most likely won’t?

You: What’s something in you that you hope will never change?

You: Do you always follow rules, or do you sometimes break them? Why?

You: Have you taken any personality tests in the past? What was the result?

You: Would you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?

You: Are you more of a feeler than a thinker?

You: Are you always punctual or are you rarely on time?

You: Are you what people would call spontaneous, or do you do things out of habit? How about giving me an example?

You: What have you read that has made the most impact on how you see the world?

You: Are you high maintenance?

You: Do you like to push yourself to try new things?

You: What do you do when there is an unexpected catastrophe?

You: Do you keep only a special friend or two or do you prefer to maintain a lot of acquaintances?

You: Do you believe in any superstitions? If you are, what kind of superstitions do you believe in?

You: If you were asked to describe your dad and mom using only a single word, what word would you use?

You: What is the one thing that you regret losing and wish you still had?

You: What do you usually think about when you daydream?

You: Do you love taking risks? Why or why not?

You: Would you lie to please a lot of other people, or tell the truth and risk annoying them?

You: What was the last challenge that you faced in life? And what happened?

You: Do you like to be always in control?

You: Are you a perfectionist?

You: Have you ever seen a ghost or experienced anything that borders on the supernatural?

You: If I take a peek at your nightstand right now, what books would I see?

You: What kinds of thoughts usually occupy your mind?

You: Are you an expert at anything? What would that be?

You: How open-minded are you?

You: Are you more of a physical or verbal person?

You: Do you consider a morning person or a night person?

You: What do you consider to be your best quality?

You: If you were given the chance to take a plane anywhere you like, where would you go?

You: What would you prefer, to look good or to feel good?

You: What does having a good time mean to you?

You: Whenever you feel great or you experience something amazing who is the first person you call?

You: Who is the first person you turn to when you badly need help or support?

You: What is your idea of the best way to chill out? What do you do when you want to relax?

You: What do you prefer, long goodbyes or short goodbyes?

You: Have you ever tried sitting on a corner and just watching the people that go by?

You: When you want to get somewhere really fast, who do you call?

You: What do you consider the most physically challenging task for you?

You: Would you say that you are clumsy or graceful?

You: What do you consider to be the most important thing about you or your most important quality?

65. Deep Rapport Building Questions

You: If you knew that you are about to die in a few hours, who would be the most important person you want to talk with before you pass away?

You: If you are given the chance to experience a year of complete pleasure and bliss, but right after the experience, you would not be able to remember anything at all, would you still do it? Why or why not?

You: Would you be prepared to move to somewhere very far to be with someone you loved?

You: Suppose you just recently discovered that your 2-year old son, who is totally amazing and cute, due to a recording error at the hospital, is not actually yours but someone else’s. Will you try to find his biological parents, or try to keep him with you?

You: How do you think the will would be a hundred years from now? Do you think it will be better or worse?

You: Which gender, based on your opinion, has it easier in today’s culture? Have you ever dreamed of being a man?

You: If you were going to live to be a hundred and you could keep either the mind of a 30 year old, or the body of a 30 year old, which would you choose?

You: What is your idea of a perfect evening?

You: If you could live for the next 1000 years, and have the body of a teenager the whole time, would you do it if the only catch was that you had to be hideously ugly?

You: If you were allowed to have the power of either invisibility or the power to fly, which would you choose?

You: If you were given the chance to have a romantic relationship with anybody famous, who would it be?

You: If you are given the chance to have a wonderful, once in a lifetime affair with someone, but by accepting the offer that person would have to die a year later, would you do it?

You: Who do you prefer to be around, women or men?

You: Are your closest friends males or females?

You: Would you be willing to use a voodoo doll to hurt someone that you hate?

You: If you could win a totally free, 5-day vacation to the Maldives, or anywhere nice, and all you have to do is seal a butterfly in a jar and let it die, would you do it?

You: What is your most unforgettable and cherished memory?

You: Which would you prefer: a million dollars exclusively for you or the power to give ten million dollars to other people?

You: If you learned that the world as we know it will cease to exist in the next 30 days, what would you immediately do?

You: What would you consider as your ultimate achievement in life?

You: Are most of your friends younger or older than you?

You: Were you ever involved in any kind of fight? What was the last fight you were in? What instigated it?

You: As you were parking your car, you, by accident, scratched the door of a Mercedes Benz. There are no CCTVs, no other person in the area, and the damage was almost negligible, something that will never be covered by insurance. Would you go way without leaving a note?

You: What do you appreciate most in life?

You: In order to gain a deeper sense of peace and calm in your life, would you be willing to skip having sex for a year if that’s what it would take?

You: Have you ever gone to the bathroom in front of anybody?

You: Whenever you are asked to tell story, do you usually inflate your story or exaggerate it? Why?

You: For you, what is worth working for – is it love, power, accomplishment, money, security, education, excitement? Or is it something else?

You: How warm do you feel your family is?  Are they close?

You: Do you think you had more fun in your childhood than other people did in theirs?

You: You’re with friends and they start picking on another friend who is not there with you at the moment. If you sense that their criticisms were baseless and unwarranted, would you be willing to protect the friend?

You: If knew that an event would be graced by extremely charming and attractive personalities, people you have never met in your life, would you be willing to go to the party all by yourself?

You: In what portion of your life do you think you grew up the fastest?

You: If you are given the chance to go back to the past but you could never return to the present, would you do it?

You: If you had the power to change history as we know now, where would you go and what would you do?

You: Would you want your friends and family to tell you exactly what they really think of you?

You: If you had the chance to be a child again, how would you like to be brought up? And why?

You: Will people be living better lives if they had the same life background as you?

You: If you arrive at a secluded but totally pristine beach and discovered that it was a nude beach, would you stay? Would you swim naked as well?

You: Would you want to know exactly when you will die?

You: If a close friend or a family member was killed, and the killer got away but you knew who it was, would you take revenge on your own?

You: Do you judge people by the same standards that you use to judge yourself?

You: Have you stolen anything in the past? When was the last time you stole something?

You: Are you the type to practice what you are going to say before making a particularly scary phone call?

You: If halfway through a movie you are watching with friends you feel bored, would you just get up and leave?

You: When you are given a compliment, do you say acknowledge it by saying ‘thank you’, or do you say that you don’t deserve it?

You: If a businessman gives you a million dollars to give to use to help others, exactly how would you use the money?

You: What would you like to dream about tonight?

You: If there really were a psychic who could see everything about you, your real background, your life, your future, and everything else, what would you want to know?

You: If you had a genie, what would be your three wishes? And why?

You: What is the legacy that you want to leave when you die?

You: What would the eulogy be in your funeral? And who would you like to give the eulogy?

You: Are you a cat or a dog person?

You: Which is your preferred mode of transportation- train, plane, car, boat, camel, horse?

You: What irritates you the most about women? How about with men?

You: What do you adore most about women? How about men?

You: If you were to make your life into a TV show, what would it be? Comedy? Musical? Drama?

You: What kinds of jewelry do you like most?

You: What is your favorite place in the world? Why?

66. Rapid Rapport Builders

You: Have you ever [say something adventurous that you have done the past]? How was it? How did it feel?

You: So, what kinds of interests do you have? What is it [about her interest] that you like the most?

You: What do you think you will be doing a decade from now?

You: Tell me something about the town where you came from. How different it is from where you live now?

You: You strike me as [something positive. ex. thoughtful, caring, interesting] because [give reason and ask a few more interesting questions related to it.]

You: Is it true that [casual question. ex. Beyoncé is pregnant again]? I believe it is because [State your reason why you believe that. ex. She is always wearing loose fitting clothes these days.]

You: When you were a kid what did you dream of doing when you became an adult?

You: From what I’ve heard, [give her your honest opinion on what you have read regarding the place where she came from] and that is what makes it unique compared to [where you are at the moment.]

You: I dare you to tell me something about you, something that you have done that would shock me, or something that I would never be able to associate with you. [When she says something that’s half-baked and not as exciting as you expect, tease her a bit and tell her she has to do better than that.]

67. Evolution Phaseshift Routine

From Style

You: [Sniff at her hair and ask what perfume she wears.] There was a study done on animals and the way they smelled each other before they have sex. People are evolutionary connected, and that is why we also feel sexually aroused every time someone gets a whiff of our scent.

You: Animals such as tigers that bite at each other’s hairs while having sex. Hair pulling is definitely one effective sexual trigger don’t you think? [Deliberately place your hand on her neck, grab some of her hair, and gave it a gentle pull] [If she goes with it]

You: [Pull her hair down some more]. The most sensitive areas of the human body are usually concealed from direct physical contact. For instance, the part of the arm where it bends just opposite the elbow is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. [Teasingly bite her on that exact spot].

[Keep going]

You: You may not be aware of this but the most erotic part of the body is right here. [Pointing to the side of her neck.] Ask her to bite you on that spot. If she declines, give her the “puppy dog” disappointed look, look into her eyes, and say ‘Let’s test it out. Come, bite me here’] [After she bites you – if it is lame]

You: That is not the way to bite. This is how. [Give her the best neck bite you can do. Don’t make it too hard, but it has to be firmer than just a kiss.]

You: Ok, so now you see how to do it. Now, you try again. [Congratulate her after she does a better job the second time.]

68. Stalking Girlfriend

You: I honestly need your take on this. I think my ex might be stalking me. She is doing practically everything to impress me and probably just wants win me back. But I think it’s absolutely weird.

You: There was this one time when I was jogging and I saw her at a corner staring at me. It was really creepy.

Her: Really?

You: No, seriously! She is obviously doing everything to amaze me and it has gotten to a point where it’s almost ridiculous. A year ago, she was a bit flabby, but you ought to see her today. I guess she’s going to the gym now.

You: The thing is, I am not too hot on the idea of going out with her because again because I like adventurous women, and she was just too boring for me. You know?

You: By the way, are you adventurous?

69. New Girlfriend

You: My pal just got a new girlfriend, and my advice sort of helped him. Here what happened: He was at another friend’s place and he immediately calls me up and says “You would not believe this man, there is this amazingly good-looking girl and I think she lives near here and I want to hook up with her, so what am I going to say?

You: I said he can say practically anything as long as he finds a way to speak with her. He needs to be creative and discover what interests her.  After hearing this, he then puts down the phone. Later on, he called me up again and said it was a success and he will be going out with the girl the next day. I exclaimed ‘That’s great!’ He adds, ‘Your creative ploy actually worked.’ So I asked, ‘What did you say?’ and he replies ‘You can never guess what I actually did.’  To cut the long story short, my friend actually stole the girl’s cat! Yes, he stole her cat, brought it with him, drove down the road for a mile, and then called her and told her he found her cat! He instantly became her hero!

70. The Three Stooges

You: There was this one time when I was hanging out with some pals of mine and something crazy happened. There are 3 guys standing in a corner. They’re standing right there like they’re God’s gift to women. The guy on the left lifted his leg because it was probably itchy. With one foot raised he eventually lost his balance and he fell to the guy next to him who also lost his footing and all three fell like dominoes. It was so funny. They looked like the three stooges.

71. Prank:

You: Have you ever been involved with fabricated rumors and gossip? There was this friend of mine who said she heard a story regarding another friend who supposedly got into an auto accident. I was concerned so I immediately called our friend to check if he is alright, but he didn’t pick up his phone. After a few minutes, his girlfriend called and said ‘Did you call a while ago to ask about Tom’s car accident?’

You: [continuing] When I said ‘yes,’ she said Tom is in the hospital with most of his bones broken and unconscious. I don’t know, something didn’t add up, so I began to ask questions. That made me even more suspicious. Eventually, I discovered it was all a trick and nobody was really involved in any type of accident. I had been totally scammed.

72. Genuine unicorn

You: Have you heard about the real live unicorn that was found somewhere in Europe? Yes, it is true, no joke. It was actually a deer with a straight antler right smack in the middle of its head. And it can actually fly!

73. Kangaroo as a pet

You: I’m seriously considering getting a kangaroo as a pet. Yup, there have been a few reports of kangaroo sightings in different parts of the US which means we can provide a habitable place for this kind of animal. Once I am able to get one, I’ll teach it new tricks such as martial arts and all that crap so that I’d have something to protect me. I’ll also teach it manners so that I can use it to entertain guests.

74. Testosterone and the length of fingers

You: Let me take a look at your hand. A friend of mind told me that guys have more extended ring fingers and girls have lengthier index fingers. According to him, the length of the finger is based on the individual’s testosterone level.  Nevertheless, there are guys who have long index fingers and females with longer ring fingers.

75. Who listens better?

You: There has been a long running argument on who listens more, the males or the females. I have read about this experiment where a number of males underwent some brain scanning tests. It showed that when males listened, the part of the brain that deals with logic starts to process what is being heard while in the case of women, their brain processes other noises such as music.

76. Comfort feet

You: You can actually tell how comfortable and relaxed a person feels by simply looking at the angle of their feet. If their feet are pointed straight, it means they feel calm and confident. If their feet are positioned like an angle, the more they are oblique, the more uncomfortable a person feels.

77. Brain suck

[Put your hand on top of her head and create a sound as if you’re sucking water from a straw]

You: I need to know how you are as a person. I am now sucking all the information in your brain.  Hmm, amazing! Very fascinating!

78. Superhero name

You: If you want are thinking of what name you should take if you are a superhero, all you have to do is use your pet’s name, the first one that you ever had, and the name of your street. That’s how you determine your superhero name.

79. Looking optimistic all the time

You: Are you aware that you can actually assess a person by the way he carries herself. For example, majority of people who maintain a positive outlook in life usually go around with their head held high. On the other hand, cynical people always look down. In reality, we are always able to communicate with other people without uttering a single word. For example, individuals who are not at ease would show signs of being tense and totally out of synch.

You: They say 93 percent of communication is through body language. So what we say is only seven percent of communication.

80. Starting a band

You: HI y’all, I am trying to complete my band. By any chance, can you sing?

Her: Yea. I sing

You: Awesome, you can be our reserve vocalist. [Turn to the other girl] Can you play any musical instrument like for example a guitar?

You: Hold on, I don’t have your names yet.

Them: [Give names]

You: What? Those names won’t cut it when you’re in a band. Let’s change them. You can be Alicia and the other one can be Britney. Cool? Great! [High five them].

You: Wait a minute, this early I want to let you know that being a member of a band isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be. For instance, which among the two of you is willing to cook for me and wash my clothes? No one? If that’s the case, I may need to fire you both this early. However, you can still be part of my groupies.

81. Thinking of what to buy for your little sister

You: Hey, I need your help on something. My sister’s birthday is right around the corner and I still cannot decide on what to give her as a gift. I was thinking of a Barbie doll but she already has a lot of those. What can you suggest? What do you like the most as a gift when you were still young?

Routine 3 – Build Rapport by Asking Questions

1. If money wasn’t a problem, what would you be doing with your life and why?

2. If you were given the chance to have superpowers, what special power would you choose and why?

3. What were you really scared of when you were still a child?

4. As a child, what did you dreamt to be? Considering that you did not end up as a (mention what she dreamt of), what made you decide to change course?

Obviously, these types of inquiries allow you to dig deeper into her innermost feelings and emotions. Her answers would be based on things that she really cares about, stuff that she is emotionally attached to. They do not deal with figures and other inanimate stuff, but more on how she feels about certain things in her life. And that is exactly the objective of these queries, to entice her to come out in the open and get more comfortable with you.

The thing is, men have become used to and more interested in talking about sports statistics and other ‘manly’ stuff like beer and women while women are more attuned to conversations that deal with sentiments and passion. This means that if you’re out to get more women interested in you, you should ask questions that would elicit her views and outlooks on stuff that involves emotions.

Flick Rating

I know you love movies, especially chick flicks like Jerry Maguire or Erin Brokovich. So, if you are to rate your life as if you are rating a movie, how would you score your life? Would you classify your life as action, comedy, romance, or horror? (If she gives her life a low rating say) Oh my, that’s a movie I would not want to watch. Let’s transform it into a romantic comedy then.

Life’s Passions

You: What thing in life are you passionate about?

Girl: I love to travel. If I had lots of money, I would travel around the world. How about you?

You: Oh me, I love anything that deals with interpersonal values.

Girl: Whoa, that sounds deep? What in tarnation is that?

You: Well, it’s the science that has something to do with managing relationships with other people on a deeper level. For example, I usually have a few questions that I throw at people which help me ascertain if they are passionate or not about certain things. The truth is a love meeting people who are passionate in life, in living. It is always refreshing and invigorating to meet someone with the same mindset as me. It’s as if I am going back to my roots. (At this point, you are sowing the seeds of interest towards you and you are also prepping her up for another more sexual routine in a subtle manner)

Girl: “What are these questions?”



“The truth is I can’t stand women who do not know how to cook, women who do not even exert any effort to learn to cook. This dilemma may have been spawned by the fact that a large percentage of women nowadays are so obsessed and driven by their professional careers many have become terrified of falling into the housewife persona. I’ve heard a lot of women nowadays are so desperate in becoming career employees they actually never learn how to cook even the simplest dishes. I’m pretty sure you’re not one of them, are you?

I love hanging out with chicks who love adventure. How about you? Do you love going on escapades?

What can you consider as the weirdest and wildest thing that you have done in your entire life?

If you were given the chance, what special power do you want and what would you use it for?

If, by any chance, you chanced upon a million dollars right now by accident, how would you spend it?

Ok, this is for real now. If some supreme being is about to give you super powers, what super power would you choose? I would choose the power to fly, so that I can take you where you wanna be. C’mon let’s fly together (Grab he hand as you stretch your other arm as if you are about to fly). Oh my goodness, you can’t fly.

Do you like children? How do you act when you’re around children? How about animals? What animal in particular do you like? Describe yourself as a kid?


What animals do you like? What kind of pets do you want to keep? Most females love cats. You may not be aware but men are like cats. They usually leave and go wandering elsewhere as their owners ponder as to where they are back home. Male cats get female cats pregnant and they only come back when they need to do something which is, sex. Yes, you can get mad at cats every once in a while, but you can never do away with them because they are so cuddly and cute and they can make you feel happy and contented when they are around.

If you were to become an animal, what would you choose to be?

If you could actually travel anywhere in the world and take me along with you, where would you go and why?

What do you really want to get out of life?

As far as you can remember, what is the best birthday gift that you have ever received?

What is keeping you busy? What do you do to relax and have fun?

If you were given a free day to go anywhere and do whatever you wish, where would you go and what would you do?

Would you consider yourself a daddy’s girl or someone who is more attached to her mom?



What do you consider as the one thing which can make life really worth living?

If you were given the chance to be anybody in life, what would you choose to be? And please, being a princess is out of the menu. LOL

Best Qualities

Enumerate what you think are three of your best qualities excluding anything pertaining to your physical attributes.


I love hanging out with people who I consider as interesting and it seems that you have more in you than what is outwardly obvious. Most likely you have something more to offer.

Beauty is Ordinary

Yup, you are really pretty, but physical beauty is quite common these days. Everywhere I go, I can see plenty of pretty women around, some born with it, some enhanced by science and cosmetics. In reality, what really matters is what is inside a person and what she strives be, keeping a positive energy around her. You strike me as a very positive person with the way you smile and all. You must be a very good person.



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