How To Come Back From Rejection & Dealing With Shit Tests

1. The Rejection Hook

Sometimes even the best seducer has their off days. If you feel as if you cannot gain momentum in a conversation and feel like leaving, throw this line in at the end and walk away. It’s amazing how effective it is.

Her: Get lost loser!

You: I didn’t notice this before but you had a aura about you that was pretty sexy. Anyway, it was a pleasure chatting I have to go find my friend. Bye.

Then start walking away.

You may be amazed how often a girl will track you down later.

2. Shoe Compliment

This one is great, if you meet a girl who is a total bitch and just blows you off when opening, try this line.

Her: Get lost loser!

You: Oh… that’s harsh… I was just coming over to compliment you on your shoes. They looked really pretty and reminded me of my cousin who passed away last month.

Then walk away.

That line is totally unexpected and she wouldn’t know what to say. In fact, often the woman will feel like as if she has been a total bitch to you for no reason, and realize it. This sets you up for another opportunity to take.

3. How Old Are You Test?

Her: So how old are you?

You: Too young for you. I’m 13, my fake ID is amazing.


You: Way too old for you. I’m 55. I age well don’t I?

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You: You’re way too old for me. Did you know girls age faster than boys? In fact, most female models peak at 17 and by 19 are past their prime. So that means you’re way over the hill

4. Jealousy Test

Her: There’s so many cute guys in this club!

You: Yeah, I’d fuck most of them too.


Her: (starts chatting to some other guy)

You: Hey, are you cheating on me already?

5. What Do You Do Test?

Her: So what do you do for a living?

You: I grow trees for a living.


You: I’m a 10th dan black belt at Pinpong Karate.


You: I’m a garbage collector.

6. I Don’t Like Your… XYZ

Her: I don’t like your shirt/pants.

You: Hey, just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean I’m going to take them off for you.

7. Singalong Queen

Her: Blah blah singing along…

You: Who sings this?

Her: Blah blah

You: Yeah, you probably just want to let them sing. It sounds better.

8. Argh my XYZ Looks Bad Test

Her: Argh, I hate my hair today it’s horrible.

You: I didn’t want to mention it earlier, but you’re right. At least it takes the focus off your ass.

9. Boring Test

Do this is if she’s acting really boring and non responsive.

You: Wow, are you always this expressive and energetic? Don’t be nervous around me, it’s ok!

10. Saying Stupid Shit Test

If the girls says stupid shit then you say:

You: Haha, wow it’s a good thing you have your looks.


You: Hey, my dog can juggle.

Her: What?

You: Oh I thought we were talking about shit that didn’t matter.

11. If The Girl Already Has A Boyfriend

Her: I have a boyfriend.

You: Wow, this is really amazing! You just met but you’re already telling your problems. Ok, I’m here for you… Keep going. (tilt your head and look sympathetic)


You: Cool! Tell him to buy our first round of drinks.


You: That’s OK. I am not that jealous type anyway.


You: That wasn’t what I asked.


You: Whoa, chill! I didn’t say I was your boyfriend, did I?


You: I’m not your boyfriend…yet.


You: Me too! Let’s compare.


You: Then I guess we’ll be discrete.


You: Do you want another?


You: So does my girlfriend!


You: So you need to ask for his permission to speak to me?


You: Perfect. I just happen to have no morals

12. If She Asks You “What do you do?”

Her: So what do you do?

You: I’m a disposable lighter salesman.


You: Well, this is not to impress you or something…. but…I’m Batman.


You: Nothing. I quit drugs years ago.


You: Define “do” first.


You: I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to tell you that.


You: The real question should be…What don’t I do.


You: White slave trade.


You: Brunnettes, mostly.


You: I play Russian roulette with blanks professionally.

13. If she asks, “Are you a player?”

Her: Are you a player?

You: I used to be, but those days are behind me.


You: Nope. And you just lost 5 cool points for even thinking that.


You: Nah, I’m the coach.


You: Well, the world’s biggest and over a billion served.


You: No, I haven’t played football in over a year.


You: Yes, I’m a professional scrabble player.


You: Why? Are you attracted to that kind of guy?

14. If she says, “You’re weird.”

Her: You’re weird.

You: I never claimed to be like other guys.


You: Define normal?


You: You too…you’re cute but too normal. Everyone is different therefore everyone is weird.


You: And you’re the same as everyone else. Look, you’re cute and all but beauty isn’t everything, and you seem to be very boring.


You: I’m limited edition.

15. If she says, “you’re a jerk!”

You: I’m sorry. My aunt died recently. I’m sorry for taking it out on you.


You: It was just a joke… take a chill pill!


You: Stop yelling at me for being honest! Girls always say they what they want an honest guy, so I try to be one but you just yell at me. You girls are so full of crap!(Walk away).

16. If she says, “Fark you.”

You: Please do!


You:  Oh… that’s too much to ask but if you want me to…


You: Maybe as your birthday gift.


Your: (Pat her on shoulder) We all have fantasies.


You: What, like, right now?


You: Buy me dinner first!


You: Actually, I’m good for now. But I can call you later if you want.


You: Is that all you wanted from me? I don’t even want see your face anymore. (leave)


You: May I borrow your lipstick? I like to look pretty before I get farked.

17. What Do You Think Of Me?

Her: What do you think  of me?

You: Let me get another drink.

18. Why Are You Talking To Me?

Her: Why are you talking to me?

You: Oh, I forgot there was no-talking policy here.

19. If She Asks You To Do Her A Favor

You: I think you have me confused with every other guy you’ve met.


You: Does this always work for you?

19.1 If she asks you to hand to her something like bag of chips or a bottle of soda

You: Here! (pretend that you are handing the food/beverage then suddenly eat or drink it).

20. Are You Gay?

Her: Are you gay?

You: No, but my boyfriend is.


You: Oh well, that’s ok. I would be embarrassed if someone I knew saw me taking out both of you.


You: Sorry but I wasn’t asking if you have a boyfriend. What I wanted to know was if your friend over there is single.






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