How To Tease A Girl

If you want to know how to tease a girl in a manly way that makes you look awesome and builds up attraction for you, then here’s a massive list of word for word lines you can add to your seduction arsenal. In the world of seduction when you tease a girl and you’re putting her down, it’s called a “neg”.

Make sure you don’t go overboard when you tease a girl, the trick is to make fun of her a little but you don’t want to totally crush her confidence and destroy her soul. You just want to let her know that you’re not like every other chump and won’t turn into a spineless puppy dog just because she’s attractive. You are still the man and will put her back into her spot where needed.

1. Ultimate List Of Seduction Teases (Negs) – One Liners

  1. You’re the funniest girl I’ve met in the last 10 seconds!
  2. Aww… I like you just the way you are. Looking pretty and not saying one thing. Shhh… stay that way.
  3. Your hair looks shiny, it ain’t a wig, right? Or is it? Don’t worry, it looks nice anyway.
  4. Your hair looks long and gorgeous – are they extensions?
  5. I think your hair would look better if they are down.
  6. Are your nails made of acrylic? Oh, well they look good anyway.
  7. Your nose makes that funny jiggle when you laugh. Oh no, there it goes again!
  8. Is that your natural hair color. When she answers Yes, you reply with: Well, it’s not bad. When she replies NO, you retort with: So you changed it to that?
  9. I like the way you look. Beauty is universal but you have more character.
  10. Your smile is shaped like a U.
  11. Well at least you have a great looking body.
  12. You are almost as tall as me and I am amazingly fond of tall women. Are you wearing 4 inch stilettos?
  13. You have a very “interesting” physique.
  14. You may have drunk a little bit too much during the party last night!
  15. Your left eye looks great, definitely better than your right eye.
  16. Your eyeliner is spread too thick (and then wipe it off for her).
  17. Your palms are all sweaty it’s soaking wet.
  18. There are lints on your shirt, lemme get them off.
  19. Is that the dress you wore a week ago?
  20. The skirt you are wearing is pretty popular these days.
  21. Is that the sewer or did you drink too much alcohol?
  22. Is that shirt from The Gap because I have seen one similar to that from that store?
  23. Those shoes look really uncomfortable.
  24. Are you always like this?
  25. How do guys manage to hang out with you?
  26. With your attitude, you must have driven your parents crazy.
  27. You are a solipsistic ego queen (solipsistic refers to seeing oneself as the only reality)
  28. Hey, listen, I’m talking, geez.
  29. Methinks it is way too early in our relationship for you to be doing whatever you are doing.
  30. I was wondering where your ‘Off’ button is.
  31. I smell trouble when you are around.
  32. You’re a bad girl and you belong to a group of bad girls.
  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a dork back then.
  34. You are like my little sister, cute.
  35. You probably didn’t get enough attention as a child.
  36. Watching a boring chick flick is better than talking to you.
  37. Seeing you’re so clumsy is a sign we won’t be having nice things at all in the house.
  38. Is my math teacher your mother?
  39. How short are you?
  40. With that, you’re back to square one with me.
  41. You’re sure not a tourist?
  42. You really need to get out more.
  43. I don’t care who your last boy was, but he didn’t smack you enough.
  44. It shows in your physique that you work out…whenever there is time.
  45. (If she has large-sized boobies) Don’t be self-conscious. Implants will provide you buoyancy when you swim. You have a good chance to survive when we get lost at sea.
  46. Magnificent tan….forgot your sun block, didn’t you?
  47. Great, I think with a little bit of training you can be a successful stripper or a pole dancer.
  48. Whenever I see you, you remind me of my creepy ex.
  49. You seem way too good and polite for me…at least say ‘ shit’ and ‘fuck’ a few times so we can get move on to the R rated conversation.
  50. You smell like you just got from a perfume fight.
  51. (If she is wearing a shirt or dress with horizontal stripes) It must be true that when you wear vertical stripes, it helps you look thin”.
  52. It seems you are a high maintenance lady.
  53. That was a great small talk that we had.
  54. OMG, you’re one of THEM…
  55. You put on a great act, but I know, somewhere within you is a young lady who merely wants to be appreciated for who she is.
  56. (If she is carrying a bright orange bag) Is that an Ooompa Loompa bag?
  57. I feel like I can talk to you all night…instead of just listening.
  58. You have that mischievous look.
  59. Hello Miss Freckles.
  60. You’re a very lovely girl, but hey, this is the US and lovely is very ordinary.
  61. When she says “GET OVER YOURSELF or GET OVER IT, you need to start laughing, and say “OK, hold on 1 second. Concentrate and say: OK I’m done getting over myself, do you have any other tips for me?”.
  62. Ask the girl if she has gum, and if she says yes, tell her to chew it.
  63. Hey darling, have you taken out the garbage and ironed my clothes?
  64. Our children should possess your passion and affection plus my looks and last name.
  65. I just finished making our bed and it was a total mess again! We should definitely go back traditional vanilla sex.
  66. That’s it, I quit! You can keep the puppies.
  67. I may have to exchange you for an older, richer woman who is going to give me lots of money and straighten my credit score. At least sex was good for the both of us.
  68.  Hey, little brat! How are you doing lately?
  69. Please don’t get mad at me when I can’t reach you or visit you. The zoo keeper is new and he won’t let me in. Is there a way you can break away from your cage. Damn I miss you so much too.
  70. Your mom kept pestering me about your whereabouts. Why would you have to share my contact with her? Tell her the next time she’ll call, I’ll report her in the police.
  71. Every time you laugh, I laugh as well. Every time you speak or move, I become so excited. Now I perfectly understand what most people often say, that retards really make our day. Thank you so much for making my day.
  72. Another bad comment and you may be sleeping on the sofa later.
  73. OMG, you’re so annoying, I want a divorce!
  74. I may have to exchange you for an richer, older lady who is going to give me lots of money and straighten my credit score. At least our sex life would be good for the both of us.
  75. It’s obvious you totally missed me, but it’s ok dear, we’re back together now.
  76. (while introducing her to other people) This is Christine, my wife, who I met just one hour ago.
  77. What is made of plastic and makes every woman happy? a credit card extension of your credit card
  78. From what planet did you come from?
  79. I am looking for your off button, I can’t seem to find it
  80. How do I turn you off?
  81. We ought to find you a boyfriend.
  82. Your hair looks great, it makes your head look normal.
  83. You don’t fall into the category of women that I like.
  84. I don’t like you anymore.
  85. You’re just too… (just think of any adjective)
  86. You are so pretty I can’t look at you right now
  87. I always have to watch out for you.
  88. You are very annoying.
  89. You’re such a brat!
  90. You’re a dork.
  91. You are not within my circle of trust.
  92. We should dress up in costumes, go to Disney, and wrestle Mickey Mouse. Let me take a look at those muscles…Yeah you wrestle Mickey for sure.
  93. We should all dress up kids in school, join a chess tournament, you seduce the winner, and we take all his winnings and run.
  94. We can dress up like gangsters, form a dance group, join a break dance contest, and do the chicken dance.
  95. I noticed that you wear that blouse almost every day. Is it your new office uniform?
  96. I didn’t know you’re a drinker. Why didn’t you tell me that you’re a BEER DRINKING CHAMPION?
  97. I adore your body. How did you fit in that door?(Point towards a wide door)
  98. With your hair, you can make a shampoo commercial on the radio.
  99. I feel safe when I’m with you. With your muscles, who would dare touch me?
  100. Will you please hold your breath for a second? Thanks. I just need clean air.
  101. Honestly, you’re 50% stupid and 50% more stupid. Do the Math.
  102. Oh, you have talent at singing? You better keep it to yourself.
  103. I have to keep an eye on you. Everything here is expensive.
  104. When Mr. Webster saw you, he has finally defined the word UGLY.
  105. You look scared. I told you not to look at the mirror.
  106. Wow! Your face is indescribable.
  107. We are better as friends.
  108. Don’t worry. I’ll bribe someone to be your boyfriend.
  109. So what category do you fall? Reptile or amphibian?
  110. Everything was beautiful before you came.
  111. Your feet look amazing. Size 14 right?
  112. Nice t-shirt. I didn’t know there was quadruple extra large nowadays.
  113. Is it December already? Why are you wearing a Christmas tree on your head?
  114. Don’t be surprised if my mom treats you well. She’s an animal lover.
  115. You must have a genius trainer. My friend’s chimpanzee hasn’t learned how to talk until today. How did you do it?
  116. Help beautify the surroundings.  Stay locked up at home.
  117. I’ll take a short nap first. Please do wake me up when you’re done nagging.
  118. Why are you dressed up like that? Since when did we start celebrating Halloween on the 14th of February?
  119. I told my friends that clowns don’t need a lot of make up to look funny but they didn’t believe me. Can you show yourself to them please?
  120. Please, let your shoes retire. They have served you for decades.
  121. Nice make up. So which funeral parlor are you endorsing today?
  122. I brought your pantyhose in the laundry shop and they didn’t believe me when I told them that it was your undergarment. They marked it under carpet category so I paid extra. I guess you owe me big time.
  123. With freckles like yours, who needs a body paint?
  124. It’s your turn to shine. They are casting you in a horror movie so they can save money  from prosthetics. Your look is naturally convincing.
  125. You told me you stopped working out because you have no time. The fitness center called this morning and reminded you about the replacement you promised them about the weighing scale you broke.
  126. You don’t have to impress me every day of with you’re MOST TALKATIVE AWARD. I know you deserve it.
  127. If all God’s creations are beautiful, then who created you?
  128. Be careful with your chin. Why did you have to bring such a deadly weapon?
  129. Try to wear this scary mask. Let me see. Hmm… Not that scary. Now take it off. Now that one looks scarier.
  130. You should be thankful about your teeth being apart. At least, your mouth is well ventilated.
  131. You become a natural photogenic once your back is turned. It’s your best angle.
  132.  Please talk faster. I can only hold my breath for 40 seconds. Sorry, I forgot my gas mask.
  133. Roses are red, violets are blue, whenever I visit the Zoo, I remember you.
  134. Hydrophobia? Come on. Face your fear. Taking a shower won’t kill you.
  135. Your hair has many functions. See? I can place a bird’s eggs.
  136. You have a very remarkable IQ. It’s below sea level.
  137. So what’s the difference between a DREAM and a NIGHTMARE? When you had me, it was your DREAM come true. When I had you, I had my worst NIGHTMARE.
  138. If you were to die tomorrow, why not today?
  139. My question is, I have to say three good things about you. This is a no brainer. Well, the good things about you are er……Can I have the next question please?
  140. Hey, you know you blink a lot?
  141. Ha, you’re so cute, your nose wiggles when you’re talking to me!
  142. Hey, that girl was wearing your dress!
  143. Hey, let me finish my sentence and stop interrupting.
  144. Gross, did you just spit on me?
  145. Ok, I have no idea what you’re talking about right now.
  146. Gosh, you’re such a little shit!
  147. Are you challenging me? Little girl, I eat girls like you for breakfast.
  148. Wow, you do know the universe doesn’t revolve around you right?
  149. Who let you out of the cage?
  150. You embarrass your friends don’t you?
  151. Wow, you’re so smart, for a pretty girl!
  152. Hold up, that’s a trick question right?
  153. You’re shitting me right?
  154. Ha! Don’t start that shit on me!
  155. You’re such a little brat
  156. Don’t make me come and spank you
  157. You’re a freak!
  158. You dork!
  159. You moron.
  160. You retard!
  161. Don’t make me get one of those hats with a propeller on it and make you sit in the corner.
  162. You need a baby apron don’t you.
  163. See there? That’s where the stupid kids go.
  164. Note To Self: Avoid this girl, she’s scary.
  165. Wow, you have pretty eyes, especially the right one.
  166. Nice teeth! Are they really?
  167. You have one of the  best smiles I’ve seen today. Probably the 5th best I’ve seen in the past hour.
  168. Wow, you have such a tight body, you could almost be a stripper!
  169. You’re so cute, in a weird and creepy way!
  170. What’s that on your nose?
  171. You have the best weird features.
  172. Wow, you have such soft skin. I could rub it like toilet paper!
  173. I like your new hair style, reminds me of a waffle.
  174. I love your wig!
  175. Hey your hair is great, my mom had the same style 2 months ago!
  176. You have the best hair, it’s like a bird’s nest.
  177. Cool hair! Where did you get it from?
  178. You could be a hair model, but just the top bit.
  179. Wow, your hair color makes you look thinner!
  180. Your dress is awesome, makes you look thinner.
  181. I love your boots, everyone’s wearing them these days. I shall call you a sheep.
  182. Hey, my aunty was wearing that skirt too! It’s pretty.
  183. Cool shirt, my mom had the same one in the 70s!
  184. Man, you can dress this girl up, but just can’t take her anywhere!
  185. Aww… you’re shirt’s cut off from the bottom. You can’t afford a FULL shirt?
  186. Aww… looks like you need someone to take you shopping!
  187. Hey I love your shoes, my mom wore that last week!
  188. Sexy boots! I’m sure they were super nice when you first bought them.
  189. Wow high heels, are you a midget without them?
  190. Hey nice boots, I feel sorry for the homeless person you robbed.
  191. Damn, I can see why you wore that dress, but what were you smoking when you decided on those shoes?
  192. Nice nails! Where did you get them from?
  193. You have manly hands, in a nice way.
  194. It’s only been 3 minutes? Feels like you’ve been talking for an hour.
  195. Damn, you know talking to you is like pulling teeth!
  196. Hey hands off! Touching this shit ain’t for free honey.
  197. Stop touching me! You must be rich because I ain’t cheap you know.
  198. Hey hey! Stop touching me!
  199. Sorry I don’t touch to children.
  200. Wow, you’re old enough to be in here? Where did you get your fake ID?
  201. Damn, don’t you have to go to school tomorrow? It’s a bit late for you.
  202. Sorry sweetie. I can’t grant any of your wishes. I’m not a Genie in a bottle.
  203. Your mom warned me about your mouth. I should have listened to her. She knows best.
  204. Hey hands off stinky! I can smell you from here.
  205. Oh, you’re the kind of girl my mom told me to be careful of! Stay away from me
  206. You seem like trouble. My mom warned me about bad girls and she was talking about you!
  207. Sorry, this isn’t working out. I want a divorce, you’re just crazy.
  208. Awww… look what you did. I’m asking for a divorce before we even got a chance to get married!
  209. Wow you’re so cute, you remind me of snow flakes. They look nice for a second before they disappear.
  210. OMG! You must have driven your ex boyfriends nuts.
  211. OMG! You must have driven your mom crazy.
  212. Haha you laugh like a 4 year old!
  213. Wow, you’re really good at this, you’ve been talking to me for only a few seconds and already you have your hands on my wrist. I’m going to stay away from you!
  214. Wow you’re so gorgeous, it’s like you’re a little doll. Did you play with Barbie’s alot? Cos you look like her.
  215. OMG, you’re like a social grenade, you come in and kill the vibe.
  216. OMG, you just destroy things where ever you go don’t you? Like a pint sized wrecking ball.
  217. Wow, you’re sunglasses would be really cool if they didn’t make your face so wide.
  218. Hey nice sun glasses. Oh wait, you’re not blind are you?
  219. Ewww… you have sweaty palms!
  220. How cute, you reminded me of a smurf when you walk.
  221. Awww… your big gorgeous round eyes remind me of Pikachu.
  222. Geez, you’re so cute, like that cartoon deer? Bambi! That’s her name!
  223. You have big cute eyes. Reminds me of the pair of fluffy slippers my ex gf bought for me.
  224. You’re so sweet, I can’t stand to talk to you any longer!
  225. Hey, you remind me of Britney Spears before she shaved her head and lost her mind.
  226. Wow, your style reminds me of Paris Hilton on a budget. Look at those bags.
  227. Hey [her name], or was it Tammy? Or Angelina? Sorry, I’m bad with names you look at so similar.
  228. Hey do you work here? Great, can you get me some napkins?
  229. If I wasn’t gay, I’d be kissing you right now.
  230. Wow, I want to adopt you because you’re just so adorable!
  231. Sorry girl, I am going to put you in the FRIENDS ZONE. I’m out of your league, but we can still be friends.
  232. ARGH, that’s it! You’ve been demoted to hand holding only. NO MORE TOUCHING!
  233. Hey, you’re awesome! You’d be an awesome girlfriend of my girlfriend.
  234. You’re so perfect. I need to find a perfect guy for you. Oh wait, I think I saw a homeless guy outside breakdancing for change. I think you two would be a good match.
  235. You’re adorable, you’d be so perfect to be with my friend. I’ll introduce you later.
  236. My girlfriend won’t be very happy if she sees you flirting with me.
  237. I can so see it in your eyes you like me, too bad you’re not my type.
  238. We can only be friends if A. You don’t flirt with me. B. You stop looking at my ass C. You stop touching me. Otherwise there will be hell to pay!
  239. Oh wow, you’re so gorgeous! Too bad I only like cute girls. So we will never work out.
  240. I can see it already, sorry it’s not going to work out. I mean, you have long hair, I have short hair. You like blonde hair, I have brown hair. You wear a dress and I wear pants. We are just two different people.
  241. I like you but you’re too much of a “NICE GIRL” for me.
  242. I think we’re WAY TOO alike, that’s why it won’t work out. Opposites attract and you’re like a mini me!
  243. I know we can’t be together already. We’d argue all the time and you’d be wanting too much make up sex.
  244. I know we can’t be together already. We’d argue all the time and I’d just make you look bad.
  245. I know we can’t be together already. We’d argue all the time since you’re just a mini me wannabe.
  246. I’m so not good for you. I’m like toxic.
  247. Look, it’s not going to work out. I’m too independent and you’re way too clingy. I know you’d be texting me every 3 seconds asking me what I’m doing and scared that another girl would be flirting with me. It’ll be crazy and not healthy for the both of us.
  248. It’s just not going to work. I wouldn’t take your shit and you wouldn’t take mine. That’d be no fun.
  249. I know we should be together, but we can’t. We’d be way too cute and everyone would constantly look at us saying how perfect we are for each other. We’d simply never get anything productive done!
  250. We just can’t be together. We’ve known each other for less than 30 seconds and you’re starting to pick fights with me already. That’s why it’d never work out between us. But I guess the makeup sex would be good though.
  251. Wow, you’re such a little fiesty rabbit. I love the way you get mad it’s so cute.
  252. Ok, wow, I like you, but you’re way too high maintenance for me. I don’t think it’s going to work.
  253. Wow, you’re really sexy you know. And we could totally you know what. But that’s not the reason why I’m here. I just want to talk. Don’t get any ideas!
  254. Really, I believe you. But thousands wouldn’t.
  255. Oh is this your fun side? Let me know when that side of you comes out.
  256. Wow, for a second there I was almost having fun!
  257. You have a great face! You’d be a fantastic radio announcer!
  258. Wow, that’s the second time told me that in the past 30 minutes!
  259. That’s a great angle for you. It brings out your eyes. I’m your light.
  260. Oh do you smell that? It smells great. It’s not you.
  261. Wow, you know you’re throwing a lot of emotional baggage at me.
  262. Hey, come here and make yourself useful. Take a photo for us.
  263. Sorry tiger, we’re done.
  264. I admire your friends. They are able to put up with you.
  265. Are you always this controlling? You’re no longer in your office.
  266. Your so cute to be left in the zoo. I’ll just home train you.
  267. OMG! You’re so feisty. Who let you loose?
  268. You don’t go out that much do you?
  269. My horoscope tells me to be kind to animals so I guess it’s your lucky day today.
  270. That wine glass you hold doesn’t fit for you. Why don’t you get one of those baby sippy cups.
  271. You’re either a complete weirdo or a total freak, or a combination of both.
  272. Why are you here? This is not the retarded zone.
  273. Nice teeth, did you steal it from a zombie?
  274. Wow, you have such a nice smile. How many centuries have you practiced it in front of a mirror?
  275. Wow… you should work out.. all the time.
  276. Wow, the touch of your hands reminds me of a hardworking construction worker.
  277. I heard you placed second in last night’s beauty contest. I also heard there were only two candidates.
  278. My happy time begins when you go to sleep and my sad time begins when you wake up.
  279. I don’t think you’re old enough for this place. Look! (point to her butt) I can see your diapers from here.
  280. Stop looking at me using those puppy eyes. That won’t get you anywhere.
  281. Are you working here? Do you need some help? Why are you so annoying? Go mop the floor.
  282. We just can’t be together, you’re just too ordinary and boring.
  283. Hey behave yourself or I’m going to have to get daddy to spank you.
  284. Hey are you fighting with me? Bring it ON! (raise your fists in a cute way in front of you).
  285. Look, our relationship ain’t working, we need to file for divorce. You’re a control freak.
  286. (If she chuckles like a child) Do all of you in the family giggle like that? And without waiting for a reply immediately say: I was just playing with you (and then hug her). Your laugh is adorable. It’s silly, yet cute.
  287. Listen (girl’s name), I thought I had a real fun with you for 5 straight years but now it seems our relationship has gotten more depressing than a giraffe’s pussy. I know that you’d expect me to say this, yeah, we’re done!
  288. I know your favourite nursery rhyme, “Bitchy, Bitchy Spider” right?
  289. Did your shirt just shrink in the laundry?
  290. Hey, your roots are showing.
  291. What a cool nose you have. Are you an Eskimo?
  292. You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird.
  293. Oh, your dress and shoes don’t match. Is that what’s in today?
  294. I’d hate to see you in your Birthday Suit. It’d make me feel so sick.
  295. You’re a goof! Wow.
  296. You’re like the long lost sister of the Tele Tubbies.
  297. Your perfume smells familiar. i think I smelled that at a dollar store.
  298. I like your snake pants. I ran into a friend last night and she has a pair just like that.
  299. Do you always go to that much trouble to get dressed and look pretty just to shop for your groceries?
  300. When I first saw you it was love at first sight. I’m glad I took a second look.
  301. Red lipstick is awesome. That’s probably why you’re the 8th chick that I have seen wearing red lipstick in this bar.
  302. Hey, what is your opinion on (say anything)?
  303. Am I just gonna stare at your pretty face or are you going to tell me your name and number?
  304. Are you having a great time?
  305. Oh! I saw your photos today and you looked great. But I like the caption more, it said, “ Wanted : Reward: 1 Million Dollars”.
  306. I love you most when you’re sleeping because that’s the only time you shut up.
  307. They say that two heads are better than one but you look better without a head.
  308. I just want to remind you that I am not renewing our marriage contract. I’ve had enough.
  309. They say we have to travel light so I am leaving you. Got it?
  310. Don’t blame the menu if I didn’t eat a lot. I just can’t eat while facing you.
  311. I love waking up in the morning knowing you’re no longer around.
  312. Congratulations for a job well done! Next is the backyard, go clean up.
  313. Why did you touch me? I just got out from the shower!
  314. You’re so useful like the toilet paper I use after pooping.
  315. With that hair, you should look for a wealthy boyfriend who can afford a truckload of shampoo and conditioner.
  316. Did you miss your flight? Thank God, at least those passengers are safe.
  317. Nice teeth huh! I bet you ate all the margarine.
  318. You’re all yellow…pants, clothes, watch, and oh, even your teeth.
  319. Great! You can spell your name correctly. Tomorrow we’ll learn 1 +1.
  320. I can’t decide between your pocket and brain. Both of them are empty.
  321. I can’t send you to the local hospital. They are not admitting chimpanzees there. Sorry.
  322. Can I borrow your mouth for a minute? I can’t find my fly trap.
  323. Don’t be angry when people tease you that you are ugly because you really are ugly. Reality bites hard so bear the pain.
  324. Did you just come out from a septic tank? Your perfume smells like it.
  325. Don’t blame the dress for not looking good. Blame your mother for giving you that look.
  326. When God poured beauty on earth, I bet that you got drunk the night before and were hung over the next day. You missed everything.
  327. If I had to choose between beautiful and intelligent, I’ll choose intelligent. If I had to choose between you and the beautiful, I’ll be stupid if I’ll choose you.
  328. Hey, I saw you in the Cinderella movie! What a nice tail there huh and a cute mane as well, weren’t you the one dragging the magical pumpkin chariot things?
  329. I tried to call a while ago but the phone said “ …the Gorilla you’re calling is out of coverage area. Please try again later…”
  330. Two heads are better than one, provided the other one is not yours.
  331. Your eyes seem to love each other. They don’t want to be apart.
  332. Do you have a nose? Why do the pair of sunglasses you wear always fall down?
  333. Your nose has other functions. It can be a sanctuary for Gorillas.
  334. Our carpenter wants to borrow your teeth. He said he lost his hand saw.
  335. With that long chin you have, don’t be surprised if you’re stopped at the airport. You carry a very lethal weapon.
  336. I can say a million adjectives to you. You’re a million times ugly.
  337. Hey! What’s that smell?! There’s no need for you to clean the septic tank yourself.
  338. Don’t you know that your name is synonymous to ugly, stinky, and obese?
  339. I love your makeup, you can go trick or treating right now.
  340. You look famous! You look like Jar-Jar Binks from Star Wars!

2. Multi Liner Negs

2.1 Hypnosis

You: Let’s play hypnosis. Follow this swinging medallion (or necklace with a pendant). I will ask you something, you answer it, then ask the same question to me. Okay. Let’ begin. What’s your name?

Her: [her name]. What’s your name?

You: XYZ. How old are you?

Her: [her age]. How old are you?

You: ABC. What is your hobby?

Her: [her hobby]. What is your hobby?

You: [your hobby]. What are you doing right now?

Her: I’m watching the swinging medallion and talking. What do you do right now?

You: Well, can’t you see? I’m making you look so stupid.

2.2 You’re A Model?

You: So what do you do?

Her: I’m a model.

You: Oh, really, like a hand model.

2.3 Are You Hot?

You: Do you feel cold?

Her: Yeah, I’m cold.

You: It’s obvious, that you’re not hot!

2.4 Nice Nose

You: You have a nice nose.

Her: Really?! Thanks.

You: Well, I don’t have problems with big noses.

3. Negs To Her Friends

Use these lines and say it to the friends of the target.

  1. Is your friend always this annoying? How do you put up with her?
  2. Wow, this girl is so demanding and grabby, you should lock her up.
  3. Awww… she’s so cute. Is she house trained.
  4. Where is her OFF button? I need some peace and quite.
  5. I’m sorry I met this girl. I’m very, very sorry to meet her at all.

4. If She’s Responding In A Bored Way

  • Keep up the good work, you’re trying really hard to not smile.
  • Wow, you’re so interesting! Like my friend who was in a coma!
  • If you ‘re not into cute guys like me, just say so!







Witty Come-backs

You: [After she says that she did something incredible] I actually accept what you said as true you. However, a lot of people would not. Are you really that fun to be with? I want to know because I wouldn’t want to miss it. I’m really having a great time here. And [mention the girl’s name],you would definitely make a great event host or something. You would definitely pass as a radio personality with that face of yours.

You: You’re the fifth person to mention that today.

You: I smell something great. Oh ok, it’s me.

You: You can definitely make yourself useful by taking a picture of me and my friend.

You: I probably got the best spot in here, you provide me light.

Her: Have a nice day

You: We aren’t that close yet and I don’t even know you that well, and here you are already telling me what to do. Please tell me you won’t be that way when we get married.

Her: How old are you?

YOU:  15. I just look old.


YOU:  57. I just look young.


Her: I can see a lot of handsome guys around here.

You:  Yup, they’re so cute I’d go to bed with them.


Her: You pants look great!

You:  [Smiling] Glad you like them. But just because they look great does not mean I’ll take them off for you later tonight.


Her: You’re too young for me

You:  It’s a known fact that girls age quicker than boys. Great looking women peak at 17 and they start to decline when they reach 19. You’re 20 right? You’re already way beyond your prime.

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Situational Conversation

[If you spot a hot girl and she is with another person, you can run this line]

You: [Pointing to the girl you want] You are the good person and [pointing to the person she is with] You are obviously the bad person.


[If she starts to talk with another guy]

You: [In a mocking manner] You’re trying to make me jealous, aren’t you?


You: Wow! You’re already cheating on me?


[If she is humming to the tune of a song]

You:  That song is a bit old isn’t it. I didn’t know anyone still remembers that one.

Her: A lot of people like it

You: You don’t say. Either way, it would probably be best if you let the professionals do the singing.


[Whenever she says something negative about how she looks]

You: [Smiling] The truth is I was just about to say that too.


[When she seems disinterested and does not talk much]

You: Tone it down a bit. Are you always this vibrant and energetic?


[Whenever she is corny and a bit silly]

You: [Sarcastically] Thank heavens you look amazing, because that sense of humor….


You: [Sarcastically] That was really amazing. You should be awarded for that.


Quick neg hits

You: You’re not probably aware but you can be very interesting… at times. This is not one of those times.

You: You are so delightful. But, it’s reached the point that it’s getting nauseating

You: You’re amazing. Well….kind of amazing.

You: It’s strange that I am so anxious when I’m around you and I usually don’t feel like this when I’m around women. The only bad thing about this is you aren’t my type.

You: You’re cute, but you’re wicked. [Hug her and then say] Oops, don’t think I’m coming on to you because I am not.

You: Oh my goodness! You speak French. How cool is that? Oh how I wish I can talk to you right now.



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